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It took us about three and a half hours to get to Okayama by bullet train. I haven't visited this place since Mom died…… If I were to be asked if being in Okayama Station makes me feel nostalgic or not…… Arehh Have I always felt like this Have I always felt like this

H- Hmmm. I guess I didn't feel that nostalgic huh. Well, it's been more than a decade since I've last came here, so it's probably natural that I don't remember this place that much.

We could have checked into the hotel where we were going to stay and drop off our luggages…… but since we can use our magic box in this world like normal, we can just check in later.

So, we decided to go to one of our destinations…… One of the most famous parks in Okayama, "Brazilian Park Washuzan Highland".

Why is there a "Brazilian Park" in its name even though we're in Japan From my dim memory, I think it's because they have Samba Shows over there. According to Mom, "when one thinks of Okayama's amusement parks, it has to be this place". Incidentally, I think Dad fearfully said "Hey, why don't we just go to Tivoli Park instead" back then.

Incidentally, Washuzan Highland…… According to my research on the internet, it says that it's only open until 5:00 pm on weekdays. It's a pity that there are no fireworks or night parades but…… of the eight daily show events, "two of them are Samba shows".

In addition, there are two shows, so half of the day's shows are either about Samba or Brazil. How should I say this…… It feels like they're quite passionate about that subject huh.

By the way, one thing that shocked me when I looked at the Washuzan Highland's website was that if I exclude the cafes inside the park, the only places we can choose to eat at are and …… Couldn't they make this place a little more Brazilian-ish

Well, let's just leave it at that and change trains. Let's see, from what the All-knowing Internet-kun says…… The closest station is Kojima station, which is about a 30-minute ride from Okayama through Seto-Ôhashi Line.

While I was doing some research, I learned about the existence of a tourist train called "La Malle De Bois", but I decided that we would take the regular train this time, considering the possibility that we might get confused when changing trains. I'd like to try riding it some other time, when we have the chance though.

[Kaito-kun! Look at these, these "kibi-dangos" are really delicious!]

(T/N: Kibi-Dango / Millet Dumplings)

[Y- You've already started snacking around huh…… By the way, I recommend you try out the "Ote Manjuus".]

[I'll get some!]

[That's fast!]

Click to open image >>


Click to open image >>

*Ote Manjuu*

Ote Manjuu is a manjuu with a thin skin filled with red bean paste, but it isn't too sweet. Whenever we go to Okayama, I used to beg Mom to buy some for me……

I mean, there are quite a few more souvenirs being sold here that I don't know about…… Okayama Rolls Something like this exists huh……

As I was thinking about this, Kuro, who had bought some ote manjuus, came back and we moved to the Seto-Ôhashi Line's train stop.

On the way, Kuro was talking about a new baby castella again…… It would be great if she tries to fit the flavor of the kibi-dango and the ote manjuus in it, but the way she was staring at those fishes called "mamakari", as if she wants to gobble it up, is making me feel slightly uneasy.

(T/N: Japanese Scaled Sardines / Mamakari)

After taking the train to Kojima Station, we took a 5-minute bus ride…… and arrived at our destination, Washuzan Highland.

[Ohh, so this is an amusement park huh! Uwahhh~~ Amazing!]

[Kuro, I know how you feel, but we have to buy our tickets over there first.]


Smiling at Kuro's excitement, we headed for the ticket booth. Fumufumu, 3800 yen for adults huh…… People over 60 years old could get in just by paying 500 yen for a life-time entrance card though. Well, putting aside telling them her real age, it's not like I can tell them that Kuro is over 60 years old with the way she looks, so I'll just buy two adult tickets.

(T/N: Author-san wrote 2800 yen here instead of 3800, which is the official ticket price written on Washuzan Highland's official site.)


[Two adult free pass please.]

[Sir, we have a cheaper separate pass for "elementary school children", so would you like to avail that for the young miss instead]


Kuro's face turned serious. W- Well, Kuro is indeed petite, so some people might see her as an elementary schooler……

[……Two adults.]


Deciding to pretend that I didn't notice how Kuro, whose shoulders seem to be trembling, seemed to want to say something, I quickly bought our free pass.

Then, panicking for a bit, I pulled Kuro's hand and headed for the entrance gate…… and heard a disgruntled voice.

[……I'm an adult.]

[N- No, you know that the attendant didn't mean to offend you……]

[I'm an adult…… I'm older than Kaito-kun.]

[I know! I've always known that! Okay Come on, let's get that smile back on our face……]


In that world, Kuro is a very famous person, so no one would dare treat her like a child.

Was that the reason why As if she was very displeased with being treated like a child at the ticket booth, Kuro's cheeks puffed up like a squirrel. Well, how should I say this…… I guess she thinks she's showing how angry she was…… but she just looked cute instead.

[Come on, Kuro. We're on a date, so let's enjoy it.]

[U- Unnn. Since Kaito-kun clearly knows it……]

[Yeah, Kuro is a charming, mature lady, right]

[R- Really Ehehe, I'm very happy to hear you say that, Kaito-kun.]

With a bashful smile on her face, Kuro said. Her mood seems to have improved. The changes in her expressions looked so adorable that I wanted to hug her…… As expected, I'm having second thoughts doing that in a place like this, so let's hold back.

A- Anyway, let's get back on track and enjoy the amusement park.

~~ Family's Deliberation overhearing that Kuro is being treated as a child ~~

Ein : [Death Penalty.]

Zwei : [A scolding, then Death Penalty.]

Vier : [Death Penalty.]

Razelia : [Neener! Neener!]

Sechs : [Imprisonment.]

Acht : [A knuckle slammed on the head.]

Eval : [A scolding.]

A Certain Zealot working in a Duchy : [Death Penalty.]

T/N: 80/271-

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