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As I announced, I'll be posting the First Anniversary Extra Chapter from now on.

The order will be:


The Visitor's Beginnings Part 1 : Encounter

The Visitor's Beginnings Part 2 : The Birth of the Phantasmal King

The Visitor's Beginnings Part 3 : Beneath the Radiant Sun


Isekai Travel for Two Part 1 : Amusement Park

Isekai Travel for Two Part 2 : Lock On – Hawaii

Isekai Travel for Two Part 3 : Wedding Rehearsal for Two

Shallow Vernal

The God of Creation Wants to Pamper


Dance Beneath the Moonlit Night Once More


Proclamation : Maid Prohibition


I Want Nothing But to Love my Child

……and so, letsa go.

The night sky is filled with stars. In the harbor illuminated with light, another ship had come to dock their ship.

How long has it been since the human species expanded their range of activity beyond the stars and into space

Trade with other planets is flourishing, and technology and civilization continuously developing without stop. However, everything has been automated, the number of fields that do not require human hands continues to increase, and the products that have been created are becoming saturated.

You can get what you want without having to work for it, and you can be given something without trying to get it. A world where enviousness and competition are no longer necessary…… The world had indeed greatly developed.

But a world where desire has disappeared…… a world where there are fewer and fewer people who are willing to move on their own…… was also a world slowly moving towards its destruction.

An orbital elevator connects the stars and the cosmic skies. The elevator is controlled by magic-operated machines, and even though there is no life form working there, it is running smoothly everyday.

As if gravity didn't exist, a small shadow clad in a black robe walked up to the wall of the orbital elevator.

Strangely enough, neither the people living on the ground nor the magic-operated machines guarding the elevator seems to be aware of the shadow.

When the shadow reached the middle of the orbital elevator, at an altitude where no living organism could ever move, she sat on the wall of the orbital elevator and began to look at the scenery.

Her golden hair peeked out from between her black robes, and her blue eyes stared out at the world. That shadow…… No, that girl's eyes were very cold as she stared at the world, and I could even see a hint of resignation in them.

It was ridiculous to count the number of years that had passed since the girl had been transformed into a monster beyond the realm of humanity.

She had already changed her name and appearance countless times. At times, she fought alongside courageous students who were fighting against evil for some reason, and at other times, she played the role of the villain, being the vanguard sent against the agents of justice.

As she does all sorts of things, the girl matches with the era as a member of its society, accumulating many bonds…… and losing many of those bonds.

She had met a staggering amount of people. She has mastered every field of technology she can think of. She had traveled the world many times.

But still, the curse left behind by her best friend still haunts her mind…… and she still hadn't found what she was looking for.

And this is something she understood herself. She clearly understands that what she was looking for "isn't something that she can ever find in this world"…… Yes, she had already been left disappointed by this world.

It was clear in her mind that within the people of today, who have forgotten how to compete with each other and only accept what is given to them, she cannot possibly find the person she seeks.

That is why the girl decided to leave this world. What she was looking for couldn't be found in this world, so she decided to look for another world.

After taking in the view from the orbital elevator, the girl activated the now-lost "true magic".

On this day, the girl who once saved the world from a powerful Evil God and left her name in the legend disappeared. Turning her eyes away from the slow demise of the world she once lived……

In a space that only a girl can enter, built on the border between dimensions, a lot of tombs had been lined up. They were the graves of the people she had formed bonds with. People who now remained only in her memory.

As she kept watch over the world, she also saw off the deaths of many loved ones. Then, when the relatives of her loved ones ceased to exist or the person was forgotten by the world, she quietly retrieved their graves and preserved them.

That is how this place was built. A graveyard containing only the ashes of those who had formed a bond with her…… That was what this place is.

[……Everyone, I'm sorry. I've given up on this world. I'll never find what I'm looking for in this world…… so I'm going to another world.]

Silently facing a tombstone, the girl quietly muttered. Of course, she received no reply, and her voice only echoed in that large space.

[I know it's selfish of me, but I want everyone to follow me…… "as a part of me"……]

As the girl muttered, a number of lights shot out from her body, each one reaching out into a gravestone.

[With Ἑκατόγχειρες…… I'll have everyone's ashen remains within my body……]

The lights soundlessly brought the ashes out of the tombstones towards the girl. Each time one of the ashes entered her body, her power, which was already strong, increased. And when all the ashes were taken in, the magic power within her body swelled several times over.

[……Now then, let's go.]

After she quietly muttered, the girl activated the magic technique that she had been studying for many years…… and crossed over to another world. All that was left was that big empty space with nothing in it…… that space that seemed to represent what was within her heart.

In the garden of a large house that can already be called a mansion, towering over a corner of the vast Demon Realm….. the figures of Demons amicably chatting can be seen.

[……Alright, just like that. It seems like Zwei is also getting stronger and stronger huh!]

[Yes! Thank you for your guidance, Megiddo-sama.]

"Don't you feel anything strange in your body Megiddo might be a bit rough, so I'm a little worried."

[I'm alright. Thank you for your concern, Lillywood-sama.]

In that place, the family of Demons gathered around a Demon.

[……Zwei…… got really…… stronger.]

"That's right. She's young and growing fast."

[Hmm~~ I was also surprised that Master Megiddo was able to properly teach her.]

[Oi, you said something, Ozma]

[No, no, I didn't say anything!]

They were happily discussing the growth of their youngest member, the magic doll Zwei. The place they were in was very peaceful, which was unusual considering they were in the conflict-ridden Demon Realm, where the weak become prey and the strong survives.

[Everyone, tea has been prepared.]

Ein, who insists that she is Kuromueina's servant, has prepared enough tea for everyone…… everyone except for Magnawell, whose stature is too big for him to drink tea. Everyone pleasantly chatted while drinking their tea.

[……Speaking of which…… Ein…… Where's Kuromueina]

[Kuromu-sama has left to quell a major conflict in the south. I'm sure she'll be back soon.]

[What! Oi, oi…… It would have been great if she brought me along.]

"If you go there, you'll only cause more damage……"

The head of their family, Kuromueina, was undoubtedly the strongest in the Demon Realm, but she had no interest in ruling the Demon Realm.

She basically doesn't get involved in the struggle for supremacy in the Demon Realm, respecting the will of each individual. This time, however, she had been asked to help a minority race involved in a conflict in the south, and was on her way to suppress it.

With Kuromueina's strength, it was easy to suppress whatever conflict it may be, so her family didn't seem to be particularly worried about her, and just went about their day as usual.

However, their carefree thoughts were suddenly shattered.

[! ……What…… this magic power……]

"I- I don't know! It just suddenly appeared inside the wards I set up!"

"For even Lillywood to not detect what it is…… Moreover, for that thing to have this much magic power."

[Ahh, I know. Strong…… Whatever that is, it's strong.]

All of them were strong people, so they noticed. Something with extraordinary magic power had suddenly appeared nearby……

[……We don't know if that thing's hostile or not, but I don't think we can overlook it.]

After hearing Ein's words, the girls left their seats at once.

[Ozma! You stay here and protect Zwei!]

[I'd really like to join though…… Well, roger that. Please take care over there.]


Leaving Ozma to guard the weaker Zwei, the six Demons, including Ein, headed towards the place where they detected the being with huge magic power.

In the blink of an eye, the six arrived at their destination and found a large plume of smoke, as if something had crashed there.

They could feel a huge amount of magic power was flowing from the center of the smoke, and they're certain that the being they're looking for was there.

[……Ahh, this will be great. Since that being has this much magic power, that would mean it would be powerful, right]

"Megiddo, pin down your killing intent…… Don't provoke them."

[To hell with that. I don't know how that thing did it, but if that's inside Lillywood's wards…… That makes that thing an invader, right]

As the battle maniac Megiddo lets out his intimidating killing intent, the others vigilantly stare at the center of the smoke.

In midst of this tense, skin-piercing tension, a doltish and slack voice resounded.

[……Haahhh…… How the heck could this happen Should I be happy that I succeeded for the time being, or should I be saddened by the fact that there are only non-humans around here…… I can't fall in love with anyone who isn't human, probably because I'm used to be human~~]

[ [ [ [ [ [ ! ] ] ] ] ] ]

Yes, a voice echoed…… "above Megiddo's head".

Before they knew it, a blonde girl clad in black robe was standing over Megiddo's head, muttering to herself with a somewhat dazed expression on her face.

[……Who the heck are you]



Without responding to Megiddo's question, the girls disappeared again and stood in front of the girls…… "with a knife in each hand, ready for battle"……

[Looks like she's up for it huh]


With a cool expression on her face even when she stands before Megiddo's killing intent, the girl quietly lowers her posture and takes a stance…… and a battle that would shake the heavens and earth had begun.

Serious-senpai : [It's my…… tuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrn!!!]-

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