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[……Then, the countries in this story are modeled after the cities in the Demon Realm then]

[……Unnn…… Theres a large city in the East…… where the materials needed to make Illumination Magic tools were numerous…… so it was called…… The City without a Night.]

The 8th day of the Earth month. Having become lovers with Isis-san, I came to her castle and was reading books with her.

Since our relationship has developed from friends to lovers, I guess Ive really become more relaxed by her side, so Im able to come to visit Isis-san more casually than before.

Like this, Im less likely to be surprised or nervous about sudden things, so I was finally able to calmly interact with her…… Making me feel like Ive become more mature of a man……



[……A- Are you alright]

[Y- Y- Yes! I- I- Im alright.]

……I take back my previous statement. The sweet tone of her whispered in my ear, making my blood rise through my head…… Its like I really dont have the composure of an adult.

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Now that Isis-san has become my girlfriend, she has been more aggressive in her attempts with skinship…… In the end, we have gained more opportunities to be in close contact with each other, or rather, she has begun getting so close with me in a state with clear defenselessness, which makes me nervous.

I mean, even now…… Errr, how should I say this…… The two of us were wrapped up in a single blanket, in a position that is very mentally straining for me.

[……Kaito…… Are you not cold]

[Yes. Or rather, it feels warm…… What about you, Isis-san]

[……Because Kaito is by my side…… not just my body…… my heart…… also feel warm.]

It all started when Isis-san prepared a blanket out of concern for me, a human.

With Shiro-sans blessing, even in this ice castle, I didnt feel freezing cold, and at most, I feel that the temperature is a bit cool…… But not wanting to disrespect her kindness, I accepted the blanket…… It was good if it was just that but…… Isis-san snuggled up to me as usual, wrapping herself in the same blanket.

The warmth of Isis-sans body and the warmth of the blanket itself, and on top of that, Isis-sans face is right next to mine, so I could occasionally feel the warmth of her breath on my ear with each of her exhales…… I dont even know which one of those is causing my face to get hot anymore.

However, I may be feeling embarrassed being in this situation…… but of course, Im also feeling happier being held in her embrace.

I dont know how to say this and its hard to put it into words, but as if our hearts are connected with each other, even though were not doing anything special, I feel like Im surrounded by an overflowing amount of happiness just by being with her.

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Im just going to stay at Isis-sans castle for one night this time.

Of course, as a healthy young man, those kinds of stuff…… How should I say this, tasting every nook and cranny of Isis-sans body…… is something I have imagined, but I desperately pushed that down.

No, Im going to be honest here…… Even if I were to do so, Isis-san would probably happily receive me but…… Well, how should I say this, I feel like this is just some meager vanity of mine.

Its not like Im saying that pure and honest relationships are supreme, but I feel like it was too soon for that especially since it has only been a few days since we started dating.

Isis-san doesnt have a lifespan, and maybe its partly because shes already lived tens of thousands of years…… The same was also true for Kuro, but I feel like their love is so pure and straightforward.

She wholeheartedly affirms me, making me feel happy as we pass our time together…… Maybe thats why, as far as that aspect is concerned, shes always been willing to respond to me if I wanted to. That means, its safe to say that the timing for that is up to me.

……And because of that, to be honest, thats something that is very difficult for me to reach my hand to. Before her really pure affection, theres no way that the virgin me would know the timing for that.

Even though its too soon, I dont want it to seem like thats the goal, though I said that though, I definitely dont think I can bear being stuck in endless meandering…… Thats something I just dont want to stay the same.

F- For the time being though, I guess I will just wait for the right moment…… Perhaps, when that kind of mood appears, that moment will naturally come…… I think I can do it…… It would be great if I can do it……

[……Kaito…… Here.]

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[Thank you very much.]

[……Is it tasty]

[Yes. It tastes even better than the last time I ate.]

Shaking off these slightly agonizing thoughts, I eat the food that is gently offered to me.

I guess it has become the usual or perhaps, even a custom, as Isis-san is feeding me food again this time, and even though I feel embarrassed, I felt happy.

Moreover, the taste of the food is obviously more refined than before, making me feel so happy that Im almost in tears thinking that Isis-san, who basically doesnt need to eat, worked hard to practice cooking.

[……Im most…… glad that Kaito…… had come to see me.]


[……Kaitos favorite food…… Favorite things…… I want…… to know more.]


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Different from Kuros love that seems to draw me and drag me along, Isis-san feels gentle and devoted.

How should I say this… Its making me feel…… that Im a really happy person.

Although Im still confused by some stuff because Im still unfamiliar with having a lover, I still feel that this is happiness…… Well, I guess Im slowly learning it……

[……Kaito…… Are we going to bath…… together]


However, reality is ruthless and didnt let me slowly learn about things.

Taking a bath Together with Isis-san Even the last time we went together was too much for me, making me feel like my reasoning was about to slip away…… And shes asking to do that now that were currently lovers Im not sure if I can stand that for a minute……

But if I say no here, Isis-san will probably become sad. The time when Ive become Isis-sans boyfriend…… or rather, the time when I fell in love with Isis-san is also the time when the option of refusing her invitation disappeared.

[I want to go together too!!!]


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[……Kuromueina…… Welcome.]

With her black coat flapping behind her, Kuro appears out of nowhere…… S- Since when is she here!

Ill repeat it again because its important, but reality is ruthless.

I dont have the confidence to endure it even just with Isis-san…… but youre telling me that Kuro is also going to join The heck is this, are they trying to kill me

[Isis, good evening…… Yes, here, a souvenir.]

[……Thanks…… Kuromueina…… are you also…… going to take a bath…… together]

[Unnn. Id love to, but is that no good]

[……No…… I feel happy…… if Kuromueina also joins…… Lets go take a bath…… the three of us.]

Leaving the confused me behind in the conversation, Kuro and Isis-san exchanged words with a cheerful expression on their faces.

[Hey, hey, Isis. Lets wash Kaito-kun together.]

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[……Unnn…… Lets heal…… Kaitos tiredness…… together.]

The both of them kinda look really happy though! Doesnt this look like I cant say no to this anymore!

I heard from someone, that as long as one is alive, their life would be filled with trials and tribulations…… But I guess you could say my troubles are quite luxurious huh.

Im even starting to think that it would be easier to just take the offensive and reach my hands towards their bodies but…… thats no good. That is an important act, not only for me, but also for Kuro and Isis-san. I cant just do it because Im swept away by the situation.

My body is trembling…… Is this because Im trembling from excitement In front of Kuro and Isis-san as they happily talked, the door to the bathroom looked awfully heavy…… B- Bring it on! I- Ill show you! Ill definitely go through this ordeal!!!

Dear Mom, Dad—— I came to visit Isis-sans house again, and Im about to get into another mixed bath, making me feel like it would push my reason to the limits again. Lets do our best… Ill show you my best. After this sleepover is over—— I guess Ill go invite Alice to go eat yakiniku……

: [ Somehow, why do I feel like a blessing from God is about to descend! ]

And thus, the mixed bath chapter is about to come again, and this time, he have flowers in both of his hands.

Doesnt this look like an oyakodon (Even though the parent just raised the child)…… Kaito, seriously, can you go explode Im begging you, please go explode.

The source of this content is lightno_vel_w_orl_d.com

T/N: Not sure if theres someone who doesnt know about oyakodon slang, but just in case, oyakodon literally means “parent-and-child rice bowl”, so the oyakodon here means 3p.

T/N: 50/235-

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