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Chapter 1249 - Night Market

After 15 minutes of sleeping on Illness-sans lap, she gently shook me awake as she had first declared.

After that, I went back to my room, but my eyes were a little clearer from the short time I had slept, so I didnt feel like going to bed right away.

Though I say that, it was already quite late, and I wasnt sure what I was going to do at this time of the day.

If I had to name one, I would have liked to have had a little more time to chat with Illness-san, but we couldnt just talk for too long while were in that state, having just come out of the bath, so that was a little disappointing.

Anyhow, Im a little bored, but I dont know what to do…… Hmmm, thanks to Illness-san, Im feeling relaxed, so while Im in this calm state, it might not be a bad idea to have a light evening drink.

Im not particularly fond of alcohol, so I rarely drink alone…… but its okay once in a while. Theres also the option of going to Iris-sans bar, but I really plan on just having a few…… 1 or two drinks before going to bed, so I dont really need to go all the way to the bar.

With this in mind, I was just about to take a bottle of alcohol out of my magic box when I heard a discreet knock on the door.

[Yes, come in.]

[Excuse my intrusioooon.]

[Arehh Illness-san]

It was Illness-san, dressed in her maid uniform, who came in pushing a cart. On the cart was a bottle of what looked like liquor and a few bite-sized snacks……

[……Perhaps you had an inkling of what I was thinking]

[No~~ Its a beautiful moonlit night toniiiiiight, so I thought it might be a good idea to have an evening driiiiink, so I just brought it here to suggest it to Kaito-samaaaa.]

[I see…… I was just thinking of having an evening drink, so your timing was so perfect.]

[Oyaaa, thats just great, isnt iiiiit]

Well, maybe Illness-san really knows what Im thinking, but be that as it may, her timing really is just right.

I was going to have a drink, and I was also thinking that I would have liked to talk a little more with Illness-san so……

[Illness-san, since were at it, why dont we drink together]

[In that caaaaase, Id be happy to join youuuu.]

[Yes. The seat by the window should be good. We can see the moon well there…… Its also the same seat we had before we went to the bath.]

[Thats riiiiight.]

I sat down at the window seat I was sitting on before I went to the bath, and after Illness-san poured two glasses of alcohol and put the snacks on the table, she took the seat across mine.

[Well then, how about we have a toast]


The clinking of glasses echoes in the quiet space as we make a light toast. The alcohol Illness-san brought wasnt wine, but a champagne-like drink with a light, refreshing taste that fits the atmosphere of the moment.

With the moonlight shining in the window, Illness-san was looking my way with a gentle smile on her lips…… How should I say this…… Its a very nice atmosphere.

[Speaking of which, I remember we drank wine together when this house was first built.]

[Yeeees. It was a veryyyyyy enjoyable tiiiiiime.]

[Its a good memory for me too. How should I say this…… I feel naturally relaxed when I talk with Illness-san…… I wonder why I dont have a basis or reason for this, but I somehow feel relaxed when Im with you.]

[It also feels veryyyyy comfortable for meeeee. Howeveeeeer, if you ask me if my heart is relaaaaaxed, such a question might make me tilt my head a biiiiiit.]


Saying that, Illness-san suddenly smiled, not her usual mature one, but a slightly mischievous smile.

[Facing Kaito-sama like thiiiiiis somehow makes me feel a little embarrassed.

[Eh Is that so It somehow doesnt feel like that at all…… You seem as calm as usual……]

[Kaito-sama is fantastic after aaaaaaall. Facing each other like thiiiiis, I couldnt help but feel a little conscious about our current situatiooooon.]

[C- Could it be, are you teasing me]

[Kuhihi, oh my, I wonder about thaaaat Its not that I mean to speak any lie thouuuugh. Its just thaaaaaat, I dont know all of my feelings myseeeeelf, so its a bit difficult for me to describe.]

I was a little flustered by the words I didnt expect, but Illness-san replied calmly in a gentle voice. How should I say this…… I guess she seems to be more relaxed than me.

At least, I dont feel that shes embarrassed, but I also understand that she isnt the kind of person who lies and teases. In that case, were these her true feelings Hmmm, I cant read that much detail with my Sympathy Magic, so Im not really sure.

[But indeeeeeed…… Theres ooooone thing I can say with certaintyyyyy.]

[What is it]

[Im sure that the time I spend with you now, Kaito-samaaaa, is a time filled with happiness for meeeeeee.]

[……Illness-san. Yes, youre right. Im very happy to spend peaceful time like this with Illness-san, and thats enough for me.]


I somehow feel this is something related to her self-interest, but when Illness-san said that she was happy to spend time with me, Im aware of how high her tension was.

Well, I was really happy that Illness-san thought so…… so I guess it cant be helped.

Serious-senpai : [Theyre just flirting!!! Even after all that time passed, theyre still flirting…… Nghhh, it hurts…… Theyre like this when theyre still not lovers yet, what the heck is with this sweetness level……]-

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