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Chapter 1235 - Preparing for the Participation in the Wedding Ceremony ②

I handed the clerk the paper that Lilia-san wrote for me. Although the peerage that Mitsunaga-kun received is that of a Viscount, this wedding involves a princess, Cattleya-san…… In other words, someone from the royal family, the ceremony will be of a higher grade than a normal viscounts wedding and will be equivalent to a counts wedding ceremony.

Well, I dont know which clothes would fit an event like that, so it would be best to just leave that up to the clerk.

Incidentally, since mens and womens clothes are sold in different areas, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan were also accompanied by different clerks and moved to the section where dresses and other items are sold.

In the midst of all this, I was answering a questionnaire handed to me by the clerk…… asking me questions about my height, weight, favorite colors, preferred fabrics, and other things.

I guess that in a store of this size, they probably have quite a variety of clothes and are using this as a reference when making their selection. They did say that I could leave blank items that I dont want to write down, so it doesnt seem to be that important……

With this in mind, I fill in 170cm in the “Height” column. No, well, my correct height is 169.6cm…… but you see, it would be easier for the clerk to understand if I wrote 170cm, because it would be easier to write without the decimals. Yes, this is just my consideration. Im just being considerate.

I hand the clerk the paper with this excuse in my mind.

[Please allow me to look…… Oya]

[Ahh, did I forget to write something]

[No, thats not it. I saw that your height was listed as 170cm, but you looked taller than that, so I couldnt help but exclaim. My apologies.]

[Ahh, n- no…… D- Does it look that way]

[Yes, was it perhaps because of your smart and dignified appearance I had this personal impression that you looked about 175cm in height…… Oops, please excuse me. Well then, please wait a moment while I go and find you some clothes.]

……I see…… I see, it looked like I was 175cm tall huh! W- Well, I guess it cant be helped, 5cm is on the level of a measurement error, so its not impossible for people to think Im 175cm.

However, unnn…… For the time being, lets just “buy the most expensive one among the ones the clerk would present to me”.

N- No, I could tell. I could tell, okay! I know that what she said was just lip service. When I was filling out the form, she saw that I was a little hesitant when I filled up my height and saw that I had a complex about my height.

Its part of the sales talk to make the customers feel good about shopping in their establishment…… I know that, of course.

……Well, but since it felt nice being told I was 175cm, and since I was definitely gonna buy my outfit here anyway, it wouldnt matter if the cost was a little more expensive.

As I was thinking about this, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan, who were looking at dresses from a distance…… seemed to have a not-so-good look on their faces…… To be more specific, it kinda looked like the face Sieg-san had in this store back then.

The clerk seemed to still be selecting clothes for me, so I approached the two of them.

[You two dont look so good……]

[Ahh, Kaito-senpai…… Well, umm, I was already prepared for this but……]

[I guess this is to be expected of a store catering the nobles. Even when we were looking for lower-grade outfits, they were barely within our budget and our options werent that much…… No, Hina-chan and I arent nobles, so we dont really need dresses that much…… but considering that we would be acting alongside Lilia-san and Kaito-san, I was thinking we should get something befitting……]

The two have only been Adventurers for a short time, and even though they do their fair share of quests, they dont earn enough money to afford luxuries.

And so, when it comes to shopping at noble-oriented stores, its understandable that the items here would be tough on their purse.

Thinking that much, I called out to the clerk who was with the two of them.

[Excuse me, please help me find a nice dress for these two. I will handle the payment.]



[Just allow me to give presents to my cute kouhais sometimes…… Look, I might not be that great, but I fortunately have a lot of money.]

[Uuuuu, b- but……]

[Since theres a great opportunity, I also want to see you two in a beautiful dress. Well, you should at least depend on me at times like this.]

After lightly patting them both on the head, I returned to the mens clothing section. In fact, this time, since were not buying the highest grade of clothing, this would be easy for the wallet.

Rather, I dont really have a chance to spend my money unless I take opportunities like this to spend it. I surprisingly dont buy expensive things that much…… I think the sake I bought at Kaori-sans place was the most expensive Ive bought in a long time

Well, anyhow, this will give the both of them options and they can choose the clothes they like.

When I returned to the mens clothing section, the clerk laid out the clothes she had chosen.

[The designs you see here are whats in fashion lately.]

[Are these patterns]

[Indeed. There are also these buttons. Nowadays, the most popular buttons are……]

Listening to the clerk who explained in detail, it seemed that there were trends in patterns and embroidery on jackets, as well as in the size and shape of buttons.

To be honest, it didnt seem to have as many obvious features as a womans dress, and I wasnt sure which one would be the best even though she had presented to me all these types that were available…… so I just bought the most expensive one she recommended.

Serious-senpai : [Isnt this protagonist getting better and better at handling women……]

: [Rather, Kaito-san has always been good with younger or shy women. On the other hand, it somehow feels like hes slightly weak against older, onee-san types.]

Serious-senpai : [Simply put, hes strong when he gets the offensive, and weak when hes on the receiving end Hes got a special effect against those who are younger, lonely, or in a special position, or if theyre not confident in themselves…… or if hes against Alice.]

: [……Why did Alice-chan get a special mention…… I dont know the reason why…… but the fact that Kaito-san is by far overwhelmingly stronger on this matter than Alice-chan…… is something I cant refute.]-

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