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Chapter 1234 - Preparing for the Participation in the Wedding Ceremony ①

On a sunny afternoon, I stood in front of an establishment that had the appearance of a high-end store.

Well, though I say that, this is only the second time Ive come to this store…… Its a clothing store for the nobility, where I came to buy clothes before heading to the Six Kings Festival with Lilia-san.

Last time, I ended up having Alice make the clothes for me, so the only clothes I purchased there were gifts for Lilia-san and Sieg-san, but this time, I came to buy clothes for myself.

My purpose is to buy a set of formal wear for Mitsunaga-kuns wedding ceremony. It might be obvious, but the main actors at that wedding are Mitsunaga-kun and Cattleya-san, not me.

Lilia-san told me that its against manners to wear more luxurious clothes than the main actors at a nobles wedding, and after the participants are told in advance what rank of clothing they will wear, they would then prepare their clothing.

The clothes that Alice made for me are very good, but as they use a lot of rare materials, they are very expensive…… And so, I cant use the clothes that she made for me at the Six Kings Festival.

That being the case, I asked Lilia-san if I could wear the formal wear she bought for me when I first came to this world, that one before I attended the barbecue party with Kuro, but she said that the design of that outfit was mainstream two years ago and somewhat out of fashion now, so she recommended that I buy a new one.

It wouldnt have mattered if it was an ordinary wedding, but since many nobles would be attending this wedding…… She said the attention to me would be strangely high, so I should prepare something with the latest fashion.

I could have had Alice make an outfit for me again, but then I remembered that I ended up not really buying my own clothes in this store before, so I went to visit today.

It would have been nice if Lilia-san could have come with me, but unfortunately, her work schedule didnt allow it. However, in her place……

[……T- This place is big, isnt it I- Is it really alright Wont they already take our money just by entering the store]

[Hina-chan, as expected, they wouldnt do something like that. However, its true that the store is so luxurious that it stands out among the high-end brands…… I guess thats to be expected from an establishment catered to nobles.]

I brought Aoi-chan and Hina-chan, who are also planning to attend Mitsunaga-kuns wedding. They were also planning to buy clothes…… dresses for the ceremony, so this was perfect timing.

[Well then, lets go in. Lilia-san said that if we tell them that we are attending a wedding and show them the paper that describes what Mitsunaga-kun and Cattleya-san will wear, they will help us find just the right clothes for us.]

[Im glad we can leave it to them. Im honestly not familiar with the fashion trends in this world.]

[……Aoi-senpai, doesnt that sound as if youre sensitive to the fashion trends in our world]

[Hina-chan You trying to imply something]

[I- I didnt say anything though!]

They are both blooming high school girls, so I think they would know a lot about trends…… At least, they should know more about it than I do.

[Aoi-chan has this image around her that feels like she knows a lot about high-end brands……]

[Hmmm, I did have several of them…… but Im a student after all. Wearing too much brand-name stuff just feels like youre being gaudy……]

[Aoi-senpai certainly didnt wear much brand-name clothes. Well, I wasnt really interested in brands either, so I guess it would just be that bag I got for my birthday.]

[My stuff were gifted to me too, like my purse and watch.]

……Speaking of which, I sometimes forget it, but Aoi-chan is the young lady of the Kusunoki Group, one of the largest companies in Japan, while Hina-chan has a grandfather who is a congressman, parents who are doctors, while her older brother, her other brother that isnt Akira…… Her familys eldest son is a lawyer, so both of them are members of elite families and generally speaking, theyre members of the high-class society.

[Hearing both of your stories, I somehow feel like your families really must have been rich.]

[Well, the both of us arent really that great.]

[Yes, and over here, Kaito-sans assets are overwhelmingly greater……]

[Even with that, I myself isnt really that great……]

[Ahaha, were all the same~~]

While happily conversing with my two kouhais, we walked in and were greeted by the clerk with a beautiful bow.

[Thank you for visiting. Oya I see Customer-sama had come to visit for the second time.]

[Ahh, you remember me.]

[Of course, we remember you. We are honored that you have visited us again. What kind of items are you looking for today]

Speaking of which, I remembered how Pandora-san took the role of a clerk in this store before, so I guess this place is Alice…… or rather, someone among the Phantasmal King Camps shop huh

Could that be the reason why The clerk seemed to know at first glance that I had only been here once two years ago and immediately knew it was my second visit to the store.

……Pandora-san wont appear this time, right Back then, she showed herself to greet me, so as expected, she wont suddenly appear, right…… Unnn. Since Aoi-chan and Hina-chan are also here with me today, lets tell Alice to not let her come over here.

Serious-senpai : [The kouhais sure are getting a good amount of screen time since the Afterstory huh. Or was it that they were just neglected too much in the main story]

: [Well, their lack of appearance still cant compete with Seigi-san though.]

Serious-senpai : [……Seriously, I wonder how many chapters would it take for his reappearance since that time back in Hydra……]-

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