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Chapter 1211 - Duke-rank and Maid-Rank ⑥

After conveying the information to Ozma-san and Agni-san, the War Kings subordinates, the next place we went to was Yggfresis. After the recent Harmonic Symphony and the tea party after that, I feel like Ive been coming here a lot lately.

Since were here, I guess that means the next place were visiting would be the World Kings subordinates…… With it already settled that Lillie-san would be one of them, I wonder who the other one would be

Ive never really seen the World Kings subordinates in battle, so I dont remember hearing about who the most powerful in their group is.

[……Hey, Alice. Is the strongest one among the World Kings subordinates Lillie-san]

[No, the strongest isnt Lillie-san. Among the World Kings subordinates, theres one older and stronger than Lillie-san……]

[Older than Lillie-san Are you talking about Camellia-san]

[Oya You heard about her Ahh, I guess you heard about it from Lillywood-san huh.]

I had heard from Lillywood-san at the tea party that Camellia-san was her first subordinate, and Lillie-san came after her, so I was able to guess who Alice was referring to when she talked about them being older than Lillie-san.

Even so, just by saying that, its surprising that Alice could guess where I got that information from.

The conversation I had with Lillywood-san at that time was done through my Sympathy Magic and not spoken out loud, so she must have guessed that just now.

[Camellia-san was that strong huh. No, I did hear that shes called Earths Mighty Fist or something like that but……]

[In terms of attack power, shes at a level that would be counted among the top even among the Count-ranks. Of course, it isnt that her defense is negligible, and being a Spirit, whose strong point is their defense, both of Camellia-sans offense and defense are at a very high level.]


Its difficult to imagine that the gentle and simple Camellia-san is so strong, but I guess thats to be expected for one of the World Kings Executives.

As we were having such a conversation, we arrived at Lillywood-sans castle…… at the foot of the World Tree, and at that moment, I saw Camellia-san at the entrance, sweeping with a broom.

[Camellia-san, hello.]

[Oya Kaito-san…… Also, Shalltear-sama Do you have business with Lillywood-sama]

[Ahh, no, were here for Camellia-san this time.]

[For me Yes, what is it]

[Well, I dont mind saying it here, but Im hungry, so Id like something to eat.]


[Eh Ah, yes. Well then, please come this way.]

I astoundedly looked at Alice, who said she was hungry even when we just ate sweets at Zwei-sans place, but Camellia-san just went along with the flow and nodded, leading us to the reception room.

Camellia-san herself said that shes easily pressured, so she probably ends up being easily swayed by such outrageous behavior. Well, Im also easily swayed by others, so I understand how she feels.

[The only thing I could prepare immediately were tarts but……]

[Thats more than enough. Im sorry for this idiots strange request, Camellia-san.]

[N- No, please dont worry about it.]

Wryly smiling at my words, Camellia-san placed a cup of tea and an apple tart in front of me and Alice…… Another cup of tea, my fourth cup today…… I wonder how many cups of tea am I going to have by the end of the day

Also, unlike Alice, Im already full from all the tea and sweets I have eaten so far, and with a tarts volume, its quite hard for me to eat it.

Well, since Camellia-san went out of her way to serve it, I intend to consume it without leaving leftovers behind……

[So, Shalltear-sama, what is your business with me]

[Ahh, Camellia-san, I now certify you as a Duke-rank.]


[Well then, from now on, please continue to do your best as a Duke-level, High-ranking Demon.]

[Eh Eeehhhh! P- Please wait a moment. I completely dont understand the situation…… I mean, its not that Ive suddenly become stronger recently or anything like that, you know Also, it seems to me that it would complicate things if the Head Lillie-sama is disregarded and I were to become a Duke-rank……]

How should I say this…… Camellia-sans reaction is very refreshing. Thats supposed to be the case, right You would usually get shaken when you hear that youre going to be a Duke-rank, and youd be asking why this happened.

So far, Funf-san and Zwei-san seemed to have heard from Kuro about the revision of the Peerage system in passing, and Ozma-san originally expected to be raised to Duke-rank. Meanwhile, Agni-san was surprised, but I dont know if its just her character or not, but it seemed like she just solemnly accepted it.

[Ahh, dont worry about it, I will be raising Lillie-san to Duke-rank too. Or rather, Im going to adjust the overall Peerage rankings. Were raising a few people from other camps as well.]

[……I- I see, so that was the case. H- However, is it really alright to raise me to Duke-rank]

[Ability-wise, youre quite qualified. Rather, weve already decided things here, so I wont accept any objections.]

[Ahh, yes…… I understand.]

I see…… I dont know if it was because she herself had said or not…… but Camellia-san really seemed to be easily pressured.

Serious-senpai : [There certainly isnt anyone who has been truly surprised so far.]

: [Senpai, you seem carefree.]

Serious-senpai : [Well, I dont sense any sweetness from this arc after all. Oi, stop that! Can you not look pissed off when I looked carefree!]

: [When the Peerage Certification ends, I wish there will be lots of sweetness to come.]

Serious-senpai : [Can you stop casting the worst curse of all!!!]-

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