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After talking with Iris and gathering her thoughts to some extent, Alice came to the space where she usually trained with Makina.

At first, Eden brought her to that space, but since the training has become a regular thing, she has been given the tools to enter this space, so she can come here on her own.

[Makina, there's something I'd like to ask…… Unnn]

Alice arrived at the white space as usual, but immediately stiffened when she saw the scene in front of her.

There she found Makina, lying with her back to her, holding the huge stuffed animal that Alice had made to resemble the stuffed cat costume she wears in her miscellaneous goods store.

Next to Makina, there was a sign that said "I'm tired. Console me.".

[……What is this From what I see, this will lead to a troublesome development.]

(……So, what's the matter, Makina)

[……If you know that you're talking with someone who can read minds, I wonder if it's a good idea to make a joke about reversing your inner thoughts and what you're actually saying……]

As the sign says, it seems like Makina was tired, as her voice was lacking in energy and her tsukkomi was lacking in sharpness. Letting out a sigh, Alice spoke.

[Haahhh…… So, what's the matter]

[I'm currently overwhelmed by the outrageousness of the world.]

[What in the world is this "outrageous person" saying now……]

Looking really astounded, Alice inwardly thought that she had come to a troublesome time. Anyhow, she felt that she had to recover Makina's tension to proceed.

Since she went to the trouble of writing "console me" on the sign, she must have some kind of request for Alice.

[In the end, what did you mean with "console me"]

[……Make me takoyakis.]


Immediately after letting out a big sigh at Makina's request, the ingredients for takoyaki and special cooking utensils appeared in front of Alice.

Inwardly thinking that if Makina wanted to eat takoyaki, she could have just created the finished product, Alice picked up the ingredients.

[……I want a lot of aonori flakes.]

[And there, she started making all sorts of requests……]

Alice, looking like she found it really troublesome, accelerated the time to complete the cooking in an instant, put the freshly made takoyaki in a container and offered it to Makina.

[Here, it's cooked.]

When Makina heard Alice's voice, turning around and raising her upper body…… she opened her mouth.





Makina opened her mouth, looking like a baby bird asking for food…… Seeing that she was in full spoiled mode, Alice let out her biggest sigh so far and threw a takoyaki into Makina's mouth.

Thereupon, Makina eats it and swallows it with relish, and opens her mouth again so Alice can throw in another takoyaki…… After repeating this three times, Makina finally got up and firmly clenched her first.

[Alright, I'm fully recovered!]

[……Just like usual, your tension could still be cheaply recovered.]

While Alice was amazed about how Makina was revitalized after eating three pieces of takoyaki, Makina took the container of takoyaki from Alice———

[So, Alice. What did you want to ask]

[Ahh~~ It's about that Ultimate God Nebula that you told me a while ago.]

[……That's the same reason I was tired though……]

[That means that Nebula really is the real one huh……]

Even though the development was troublesome in the start, once Makina recovered, the conversation progressed quickly, with Makina answering Alice's hypothesis and explaining the situation on Makina's side.

When she finished speaking, Alice put her hand on her chin and looked like she was thinking about something.

[……Even though I've already predicted this, Epilogue really is nonsensical.]

[You said it.]

[But then again, does that mean that she wasn't just acting like a good person]

[Unnn. I've been wondering about that too, so I've been investigating with my Omniscience and asking the Gods I know…… but she's apparently been like that for a long time. The name "Almightyslater" sounds very intense, but in reality, even if you pick a fight with Nebula and lost, she would almost always let you off the hook, saying "If you want to be the one sitting on this throne, you can come challenge me again anytime".]


[I've heard that Nebula's unforgiving to those who harm her subordinates…… those who were under her patronage, but other than them, she was really generous and kind. It seems that she was well-liked by her subordinates.]

[I see…… I considered the possibility that she was so good at acting that I couldn't even see through her, but she really is just a good person at heart huh……]

After nodding in understanding with Makina's words, Alice continued asking Makina a few questions before she left that space.

Late at night, when the moon was high in the sky, Nebula, who was sitting on the branch of the World Tree, moved her gaze…… and saw Alice on the roof, beckoning her to her side.

Tilting her head, wondering what Alice's intentions were, Nebula jumped from her branch and went near Alice.

[……Alice-san Is something the matter]

[Yes, just a bit…… I'm going straight to the point, but you…… you're the Ultimate God Nebula, right]


……Hearing the words Alice calmly spoke, Nebula looked astonished.

Serious-senpai : [It's here! The serious development!!!]

: [……You're just kidding, right, Serious-senpai…… After all the development that happened, you still haven't given up on that ……I guess your perseverance, not giving up on things, may have been your strongest point.]-

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