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Escaping from the situation where I was being subjected to a very sweet, yet a one-sided shame play, I continued eating with Kuro.

Ive been thinking about various plans for today, but I figured if I was going to go out with Kuro, it would be better if we dont go to a formal restaurant, and instead, we could go have fun together when we go eating while walking around street stalls.

[Ahh, Kaito-kun. Look, theyre selling “impact fruits” over there.]

[What the heck is with that dangerous sounding name……]

Hearing the name of something that sounds like it would attack me with shockwaves if I touch it, I looked at the one Kuro was pointing at, and there was a beautiful blue circular fruit being sold.

Around the stall selling this impact fruit, people who seemed to be customers were swinging hammers at the impact fruit…… What the heck are they doing, thats scary.

[Its a very hard fruit, but the stronger the strike you deal towards it, the more tender and tasty it becomes.]

[Heehhh~~ I see. So thats why everyone is hitting it with a hammer huh.]

In short, it seems to be a fruit that you can eat if you “give” it “impact”. I dont know if I should say that its to be expected from the other world or not but, thats an interesting food.

I was a little curious, so I tried buying it, but it was really hard like a cannonball, and although I expected it was hard, holding it now makes me doubt if this fruit could even be eaten at all.

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[Errr, so I just hit this with a hammer]

[You dont need to.]


The stall seems to be lending out hammers, so I thought Id follow the others and use the hammer to make the impact fruit softer. but Kuro brightly smiled and took the fruit from my hand.

Thereupon, Kuro brings her other hand next to the fruit, and after bringing her middle finger next to her thumb……


[ ! ]

Immediately afterwards, something that sounded like a gunshot rang out…… Eh That just now… Was that a finger flick The level of impact sounded really different from what a finger flick was supposed to do though……

Thereupon, Kuro hands over the impact fruit to the surprised me.

[Here, its probably soft enough to break down on your hands.]

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[A- Amazing…… Or rather, it made a really amazing sound just now…… I thought the fruit would be torn apart to pieces.]

[Ahaha, I made sure to properly control my strength, so its alright.]

E- Even that explosion sounding finger flick was her controlling her strength huh…… Kuros really amazing.

And thus, when I picked up the impact fruit that was handed to me, it was indeed soft like jiggly mochi, unlike the time when I was holding it earlier.

When I tore it in pieces with my hands at Kuros urging, I found that it tasted like a mochi or a manjuu in terms of texture, but tasted like a light fruit just like pears…… It feels like Im eating a pear-flavored mochi, but combined with its refreshing texture, it tastes quite delicious.

[Indeed, its quite unusual but…… its delicious.]

[Right~~, isnt it delicious…… Ahh, Kaito-kun, dont move for a bit.]


As I was savoring the refreshing sensation of the juice seeping out of the fruit even though it has a texture like a mochi, Kuro seemed to have noticed something and told me not to move, and when I tilted my head…… She put her hand on my shoulder, and leaning her body forward, she gave me a lick on my cheek.


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[Youve got fruit juice on your cheek.]

What the heck is with this dream-like situation My thoughts can catch up with the situation for a moment, but the feeling of being licked is so vivid on my cheek that I cant look at Kuros face properly.

I- I somehow feels like steam is literally going to come out of my ears today.

It was currently lunchtime, but I was feeling rather stuffed from all the food I ate as we walked, so we went straight to the stalls for a snack and then, sat down on a bench in the plaza with Kuro to take some rest.

With spontaneous movement, I found Kuro already sitting on my lap…… Which, in itself, was something I already experienced yesterday, but theres one important issue here.

Kuro isnt wearing her usual half-pants now, but a pleated skirt, and dont misunderstand, seeing a girl who doesnt usually wear skirts, wearing one makes me feel like she looks even cuter than usual, but when a girl like that is sitting on my lap like this…… I could clearly feel Kuros ass through her thin skirt, and it was truly a tremendously destructive force striking right into my reasoning.

To be specific, I couldnt move as if I were completely turned to stone too, because I felt like if I moved, a certain part of my body would react and turn into a stone instead, so I was trying to make an effort in not moving and keeping my mind free from obstructive thoughts.

What were doing in this plaza isnt taking a rest anymore, but an endurance battle that challenges the limits of my mind, and just as I desperately try to endure it, Kuro pushes me further.

[……Today was really fun. When Im with Kaito-kun, even the things I see all the time seem to be shining…… It makes me feel really happy.]

[U- Unnn. Im also having a lot of fun with Kuro by my side.]

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If she tells me such a thing with a very cute smile on her face, it feels like my faint sense of reason I have left would be torn off right now.

[Ahh, speaking of which! Kaito-kun, Shiro told me about it……]

[Eh That kinda makes me have a bad premonition……]

Something Shiro-san said Moreover, youre going to tell me that at a time like this That would probably be something that is totally not alright, huh

Its that pattern where the pure Kuro is taking the airhead goddess at her words…… W- What in the world is she going to say now Im already at the limits of my reasoning here, so Id like it if you dont make too many dangerous statements……

[She said that the goal of the date is the “hotel”! So, I made sure to tell Ein that Im going to stay for the night!]


As I thought, I knew it was something like that huh! Or rather, Shiro-san, didnt I tell you last time that you were completely wrong with that perception! Why are you still spreading it then!!!

[K- K- Kuro! D- D- Do you even know what youre talking about]

[……Ehh What Im talking about, doesnt that just mean Im going to stay in the night together with Kaito-kun]

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I thought that perhaps, its because shes not familiar with the romantic side of things, but I knew that Kuro didnt know what it meant.

She was probably imagining something wholesome like a normal sleepover…… I- I need to clear up this misunderstanding as soon as possible……

[Errr, Kuro, when someone speaks about staying together in a hotel…… I- I- In short, it holds the same implication as bringing someone to an inn……]


If I avoid directly talking about it and telling about it in a roundabout way, even though Kuro isnt familiar with the romantic side of things, she has lived for a long time, as when I told her that, she immediately grasps the meaning and blushes.

And then, she shyly begins to fidget, and the movement of her butt clearly transmits the luscious feeling right directly towards my lap.

[……I- I- Is that so…… I- I- I didnt know at all……]

Ah, what should I do, Kuro is just too cute.

Seeing her acting bashful isnt something I usually see, but it was so cute that its so cute that it could even kill people, and the gesture of her index fingers touching each other in front of her breasts makes me gulp the saliva in my throat and the reasoning in my mind is already about to disappear like flickering lights.

I thought that it would be really bad to continue with t- this conversation, so I was about to speak and change the subject but…… Kuro wont let me off the hook.

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[……H- However…… ummm…… If its…… with Kaito-kun…… Doing it with Kaito-kun…… i- is fine with me, you know]

[ ~ ~ ! ]

[Hyaahhh! K- Kaito-kun!]

Im dead. She completely killed me…… That line is completely foul.

I couldnt hold on to my reasoning anymore and hugged Kuro from behind as tight as I could.

Kuros body twitched in reaction, but she didnt seem to be resisting as she let me hug her body, making me feel Kuros soft warmth filling my whole body.

Still feeling the warmth of her body, my hand is heading to the bulges of Kuros breas……. No, wait right there, you freaking b*stard!!!

This is our first date, remember! Moreover, were outside in the middle of the day!!! No matter how much Kuro loves you and may have been accepting you, you cant just give in to your desires here!!!

Be patient, use all your remaining mental strength to get through…… Kuro has never been in a relationship before, and Im her first boyfriend. She must be feeling uneasy right now. Shes slightly trembling, so I have to pull myself together here!

I shouldnt get carried away with my desires and take our time developing our relationship properly……

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[K- Kuro…… Im really glad that youre feeling that way, and its making me love you more. However, didnt we say that we will take our time and learn things together, so lets take it slow and not rush it.]

[Kaito-kun…… Unnn. Thanks. Actually, I was a little scared……]

[Dont worry, Ill continue to be with Kuro……]

[Unnn…… Kaito-kun, I love you.]

While laying her hand over my own as I hug her from behind, Kuro tightly hugs my arm.

The feeling of the deepening connections within our hearts and the sense of happiness…… A little bit, really just a little bit, I longed for the day when what Kuro had just said would come true.

Dear Mom, Dad——- I knew that there would be a lot of fumbling with various stuff after you become lovers with someone, but with Kuro by my side, I believe I could handle it. This way, we can deepen our bond and love for each other, and little by little, with each step we accumulated——- I hope we can have a deeper relationship.

Kaitos mind must have been made from Orichalcon…… This guy endured that much…

And then, theres one more chapter left of Kuros rainbow-vomiting date.

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For those of you who have been spitting up rainbows, and to Serious-senpai, please dont worry.

…………… “The next one would be centered around Isis.”

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