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In the God Realm, where the sky is blue even in the middle of the night in the Human Realm and God Realm, the pinnacle of two worlds, Shallow Vernal and Eden, are facing each other.

[So, Shallow Vernal What do you want to talk about]

[I thought this is something I'd let you know…… I've decided to create a guard dog at Kaito-san's home.]

[You created a guard dog]

[Yes, Alice and I would be paying attention to his home when Kaito-san is around, but I thought it would be good to have something to protect the house while Kaito-san is away.]

[……Fumu, I see, I understand what you mean.]

Honestly speaking, it was hard to believe that anyone would be so foolish as to try to touch Kaito's home even in his absence, but Eden nodded, understanding the reasoning in Shallow Vernal's words.

At the same time, by taking the trouble of telling this information to her, Eden expected that Shallow Vernal was creating a being that would make her be wary if she suddenly met them.

After all, although Kaito's mansion isn't that great of a level from the point of view of Eden and Shallow Vernal, it's a house full of talented people who can be said to be among the best in the standards of Trinia, so there wouldn't have been any point in creating a watchdog that is below their level.

[Being that Kaito-san had a World Tree in his garden, I thought of having a Spirit dwell within it and have it become Kaito-san's guard dog.]

[I see that you have already made it. Is it a newly created being]

[No, I didn't.]

After shaking his head in response to Eden's question, Shallow Vernal paused for a moment before she spoke.

[……I'm able to resurrect beings that I've brought to an end with my Epilogue.]

[Yes, you did mention that before. I see, that is to say, among the beings you've brought to an end with Epilogue…… those you've eliminated in the past, you've chosen someone suitable huh…… Would that…… be alright]

[What do you mean]

[The beings you've brought to an end back then, they would be just like you and I, World Creators…… No, even if they aren't World Creators, they would still be omnipotent beings. Thus, they should be beings that know they're strong…… Many of them would have peculiar personalities at best, or egotistical at worst. Would that watch dog you made be alright]

[I think her abilities have no shortcomings. Before the time I've acquired a clear sense of self, she was one of the most memorable among the beings I've brought to their end.]

Hearing Shallow Vernal's words, Eden looked a little surprised.

[……The you back then Someone you remembered from when you weren't interested in anything Who…… in the world is that]

[Her name is Nebula.]


When she heard the name Shallow Vernal told her, Eden looked astonished.

[……Nebula A- Are you talking about that being who ruled many multiverses, the one called the Ultimate God…… T- That Nebula]

[I dunno I don't really know that much, but she did have that exceptionally powerful ability that left an impression in my memory.]


As if she couldn't accept reality, Eden put her fingers to her temples and looked up at the sky. Even though she was also someone with an exceptionally powerful ability, even she was shocked by the content of Shallow Vernal's words, her mind needing some time to catch up.

A little later, however, Eden-san noticed something and flusteredly spoke.

[P- Please wait! This world is much smaller than the other worlds. If you were to bring her main body to this world, it wouldn't be able to withstand her power and this would be crushed. Nebula possesses power that is an order of magnitude greater than mine. It's like you're trying to cram a sea in a cup! I don't think this world would be able to withstand……]

[Ahh, it's alright. I've "downgraded her".]


[Well, like I said, I've reduced Nebula's power to "Quasi-Omnipotence" and restricted that unique skill of hers.]

[…………………..Errr, please wait a moment. I can't keep up with what's happening…… I- Is such a thing even possible]

While Eden asked back with her hands on her head, as if she's trying to suppress a headache, Shallow Vernal spoke with a matter-of-factly tone.

[When I resurrect someone I've brought their story to an end with Epilogue, I'm able to "rewrite their very being as I want"…… Have I not mentioned it before]

[That's the first time I heard that…… I mean, you can do just about anything you want huh…… That ability of yours……]

Not only is it a power that could absolutely bring any story to its end, where no being or ability can resist, but once she brings their story to its end, Shallow Vernal can rewrite the story as she wishes. Moreover, the fact that she can alter the being of the Ultimate God herself, Nebula, means that no one can resist her alteration.

Looking away from Shallow Vernal and turning towards the blue skies over the God Realm, Eden had a distant look in her eyes.

[……I don't wanna deal with these outliers anymore…… Good grief, restrain yourself.]


Ignoring Shallow Vernal, who tilted her head at her, Eden continued to stare at the blue sky with an exhausted expression on her face.

(……When this matter ends, let's eat something tasty with Alice. Let's recreate the bazaar we went to that day, and eat some takoyaki together…… Ahh, that's right, let's invite my beloved child too…… My heart needs some healing.)

Serious-senpai : [……A development where it's Eden who got a stomach ache. As expected, the airhead goddess really is on a different level huh……]-

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