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Alice, who was resting her exhausted body after her regular training with Makina, looked as if she suddenly thought of something and spoke.

[Speaking of which, Makina. Can I ask you something]

[Unnn What is it]

[There are a lot of World Creators, right…… So within those World Creators, how strong is Makina]


When Alice, curious about the other World Creators, asked, Makina brought her hand on her chin and groaned.

[……That's a tough question. In the first place, there are hardly any fights occurring between those who were Beyond Omniscience and Omnipotent. At that level, even if we do fight, it would be rare for a decisive outcome to occur. At any rate, it would be just like a game of rock-paper-scissors, where one may be stronger than this, but weaker than that, and when they really do battle, they'll be fighting each other for tens or hundreds of thousands of years…… Thus, unless there's a really good reason, we try to avoid fighting as much as possible.]

[I see, when the Six Kings seriously fight against each other, it certainly takes quite a few years, and if it were a fight of a higher class, the scale would be even greater.]

[Unnn. A battle between two Omniscient and Omnipotent beings would basically just be a battle of endurance. They fight for a certain amount of time, and then, they'd make a contract with each other and call a truce. I'm stronger than Omniscient and Omnipotent beings, so I can beat most of them if we fight…… But even if that's so, I really don't want to fight because it would take an inordinate amount of time. On the other hand, those who have the power to quickly settle the battles, which would normally take an enormous amount of time, are clearly superior to the rest.]


Hearing Makina's words, what came to Alice's mind was the Shallow Vernal's Epilogue.

On the contrary, unless one has such a clear and unusual power, it's hard to say who is stronger among the World Creators.

Thereupon, Makina turned serious and calmly spoke.

[……Based on that premise, there are only "two people" I can say with certainty that "I would never be able to win in a fight"…… You know one of them already, right Yes, it's Shallow Vernal.]

[And the other one is]

[……The Absolute, who once ruled over many multiple worlds and was the only one among the World Creators to be given the name "Ultimate"…… "The Ultimate God, Nebula". She was also known as the "Almightyslayer Nebula".]

(T/N: Just like how people call who kill dragons "dragonslayer", Nebula is a person who kills the almighty.)

[……The Ultimate God…… Nebula……]

Alice also muttered with a serious expression on her face at the gravely spoken words. Just from the fact that her name was spoken, the air around them seemed to grow heavier.

[Shallow Vernal is the strongest…… Or rather, the results prove that she is clearly an outlier. But if Shallow Vernal were to be excluded, I think Nebula was definitely what you could call the strongest.]

[……From what you just said, it means that she has some kind of special ability, right]

[Unnn. Nebula had the power "that encompassed everything"…… To put it really simply, Nebula was "absolutely superior" compared to all abilities and all beings. When confronted, it was similar to confronting Nebula, with every being within her…… For example, if the opponent was omniscient and omnipotent, encompassing their omniscience and omnipotence, Nebula would "always be a completely superior version of themselves". All power was impenetrable to Nebula, and all power was encompassed within Nebula. If an Omniscient and Omnipotent being were to fight her, it would be easy for her to "encompass it within herself and deprive them of their omniscience and omnipotence".]

[Ahh, I see…… That is why she's the Almightyslayer huh.]

Being always absolutely superior to all other beings and abilities…… Hearing the ability that really is to be expected from what you would call the Absolute, Alice looked a little surprised, but she felt that having that kind of power, it wouldn't be surprising for her to stand at the top of the Omniscient and Omnipotent beings.

[……Nebula was a God without a world of her own, but with her power, she had subdued literally as many World Creators as the stars in the sky and reigned at the top of many worlds. Well, I suppose you could say she's literally the most powerful being.]

[……Ahh~~ sorry if I guessed it wrong. However, with the way you "describe everything in past tense"……]

[I told you, right That "results prove" that Shallow Vernal is the strongest…… That's right. Shallow Vernal had brought Nebula to her end. In fact, it was because the Absolute Nebula couldn't do anything about her that Shallow Vernal was feared by many World Creators.]

[……I see, good grief, there really is always someone better than you.]

[As expected though, comparing oneself to the outliers Shallow Vernal and Nebula is out of the question. They're a little too much on a different level than the rest. Well, I suppose that answers Alice's question]

[Yes, I learned a lot. Thanks.]

While Makina was answering Alice's question…… In the Sanctuary, the highest peak of the God Realm, Shallow Vernal was drinking tea in front of a certain being.

[……In short, what…… Shallow Vernal, is this what you wanna say Me…… The Absolute me…… to become beneath…… that inferior creature named Miyama Kaito]

[Rather than that, I want you to be his "watchdog".]

[T- That isn't…… any different…… Treating me like a dog, you're really good at pissing me off, aren't you]

[Thank you.]

[That's not a compliment!!!]

Without seeming to be particularly bothered by how angry the person in front of her clearly is, Shallow Vernal spoke.

[Anyway, with that being the case, do you agree ……"Nebula".]

Serious-senpai : [……Come on, bring it on! This is great! It's coming!!! Since the start of the afterstory, I could finally smell a hint of proper seriousness coming!!!]

: [……I wonder if it really would No, well…… If you want to dream, feel free to dream all you want…… but to be honest though, seeing Serious-senpai getting that excited, I feel like I could already see the result.]

Serious-senpai : [Stop with the meta statements!!!]-

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