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The first date after Kuro and I became lovers began…… And my head was already on the verge of boiling right from the start.

[Ehehe, a date with Kaito-kun……]

With a happy smile on her face, Kuro is snugly holding my arm.

Its not just something like were holding hands, but shes literally hugging my arm…… So it was inevitable that Kuros small but certainly swelling twin hills are pressed against me, making my heart beat unreasonably fast.

[Kaito-kun Could it be that youre nervous]

[Eh Ahh, yeah…… I- Ive never had a girlfriend before…… errr, so I was thinking about what I should do.]

I tell Kuro, who apparently thought I was nervous, about how I honestly feel.

Of course, Im also nervous because I can feel the softness of her breasts in my arm, but Im even more nervous about our date itself.

Ive been so nervous about having her as my new girlfriend that I feel like the date plan that I had originally made was slipping out of my mind.

[……I was wondering what kind of things we should do now that were lovers……]

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[Kaito-kun was also my first lover, so I honestly dont know.]

Hearing my words, Kuro had a bashful smile on her face, and while still hugging my arm…… she spontaneously intertwined her fingers with mine.

[……However. I think something like this is already fine with me.]


[Being together with Kaito-kun makes me really happy. What about you, Kaito-kun]

[Im also…… Yes. Im happy.]

Nodding to Kuro, who was giving me a gentle, embracing look and spoke to me with a charming smile that seemed to suck me in, making me blush a bit.

When Im with Kuro, I feel calm and at ease, but I also get nervous seeing her cute and vulnerable gestures.

Shes boisterous and warm, and whenever I turn to her and see Kuros smile…… I feel relieved.

Perhaps, no, Im sure…… This is the feeling of happiness.

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[Im sure that it will be alright. There certainly may be lots of things we dont know and we dont understand because its our first time. However, thats just because “we dont know yet”.]


[Then, lets just hang out like this, talk about all sorts of stuff, laugh together…… and learn a little bit more together…… Okay]


Somehow, even after we ended up being lovers, I still couldnt compete with Kuro.

However, I dont feel uncomfortable about it, and in fact, it greatly fills me with happiness.

When I thought she was innocently fawning on me, she sensed my anxiety and would gently push my back forward.

She seems childish, yet mature, innocent, yet I could feel her deep and soft affection. I think thats what is most attractive about Kuro.

Yep. Lets just stop thinking about stuff too much.

For now, Im going to enjoy these happy moments to the fullest……

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[Alright! Well then, how about we depart]


When I squeezed Kuros hand back a little tighter, she responded with a big smile, as warm as the sun, with her cheeks blushing red.

Bringing Kuro, who likes to eat sweet stuff while walking, not towards the street filled with carts lined up, but to a slightly trendy street with several confectionaries and restaurants.

Its a street that Sieg-san had told me about before, and I thought this would be a good place to go out with Kuro.

[Fuwaaahhh…… Kaito-kun, look, look! That one is really tasty!]

[Ahaha, it certainly looks tasty. It looks kind of unusual though, I wonder what that is]

[Its that. Thin layers of candy were being piled up together. It tastes really great and melts on the mouth.]


When I entered the small candy shop, I saw Kuro, who has a sweet tooth, pull my arm along as her eyes sparkled and began looking inside.

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The candy that Kuro told me was translucent and wave-shaped, and seemed to be a thin pieces of candy.

In addition to that pile of sweets, all the pastries in the store look colorful and delicious.

[However, if its Kuro, I guess it isnt that rare for you to see them huh]

[Thats not the case. Even though I know of this place, Im having fun looking at them like this…… And since Im together with you, Kaito-kun, they look a lot tastier than usual.]

Although Kuro seemed to know a lot of things, it feels like a fresh experience for her and shes really enjoying it, as she really looks like shes having fun while looking at every sweets with a smile on her face.

With Kuros assets, its easy for her to buy all the products in the store, but if she does that, other customers wont be able to eat them, so Kuro ended up only buying the sweets she liked first.

[Ahh, Kuro, Ill pay for it.]

[Eh But I probably have a lot more money than……]

[But still, errr, w- were on a date, and as a man, I want to at least look better…… A- Anyway, Ill pay for this one.]

[Ahh, unnn!]

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She looked confused when I offered to pay back in the Red Bear Sandwich shop before, but she seemed to have understood my intentions today, and agreed with a bright smile on her face.

After we bought some candy and left the store, with a smile on her face, Kuro took out a candy from her bag and held it out to me.

[Here, Kaito-kun. Ill feed you some.]

[Eh! W- Wait….. Kuro]

[Here, quickly, ahhn.]

[……Errr, a- ahhn.]

Not being able to refuse Kuro, who was offering me sweets with a happy smile on her face, I had the pleasure and embarrassment of being fed sweets by a little girl in the middle of a public street.

I clearly felt Kuros soft fingers in my mouth, the sweetness of the candy and the feeling of her fingers on my lips.

As I felt the heat rise up on my face again, I dont know if I should have expected this or not, as Kuro looked at me expectantly and opened her mouth.


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No matter how I think about it, she looks like she also wants me to feed her. As expected, even someone like me could understand that much.

H- How should I say this, to be honest, rather than having her feed me…… Im feeling more nervous feeding her instead……

Feeling my hands slightly trembling and the sound of my gulp being awfully loud, I take a candy out of the bag and bring it to Kuros small mouth.


[ ! ]

And then, Kuro ate it far more vigorously than I thought she would, as I felt my fingers, all the way to the first joint, go inside Kuros mouth.

Feeling the moist, yet warm sensation on my fingertips, I felt shivers spread from my fingertips to my entire body…… Feeling that so-called hair-raising experience, I slowly tried to pull my finger out of Kuros mouth.


[ ~ ~ ! ]

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The moment my finger leaves her mouth, Kuro gives my fingertips one final lick, as if she didnt want my fingers to leave her mouth.

Feeling as if I had just been struck on my head with a hammer, I turned to Kuro with a face that looked like it was about to release steam, only to see her looking slightly embarrassed as her cheeks were dyed red while she stared into my eyes.

[……It tastes better than when I eat them myself.]

[I- I- Is that so……]

[We still have lots here, so lets take turns feeding each other!]


We still have lots there! Is that so…… I- Indeed, they look small individually, and we bought quite an amount…… so if Im going to roughly estimate it, there were still at least 10 candies in the bag.

This means that Ill still have to experience this heavenly feeling and hellish embarrassment at least five times from now on……

Most importantly, Kuro may have a Recognition Inhibition Magic, but I dont have it…… And were doing this in a pretty big and busy street…… Eh What the heck is this shame play

Dear Mom, Dad——- Since weve become lovers now, as expected, Im much more excited about going on a date with Kuro than before, and I cant help but feel my heart skip a beat at her every gesture. However, even though Im nervous and cant calm down at all——– As expected, Im still feeling happy.

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I want to hit him! Just hitting walls isnt enough!

Im sorry, everyone~ I feel like Im going to go crazy first……

I think receptive young girls are the best, you can feel her breasts, be her lover, and feed each other Kaito, go explode…… No, why dont you just go die!-

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