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By the way, when I heard that Makina-san was the God of my world, I felt some doubts in my mind. That is, I don't feel that she is as powerful as Shiro-san.

Although I felt that she was rather dangerous, I didn't feel the same unfathomable feeling I had when I first met Shiro-san.

[Ahaha, that couldn't be helped. I'm trying to keep my power as low as possible so that Shallow Vernal won't find out. Moreover, if I were to release even a small amount of power, this space might not be able to withstand the pressure and become "squished".]


Squished She's saying it all cutesy, but it means that Makina-san's power is so strong that if she tries to release even a little bit of it, this space we're in would be crushed, right The heck is that, that's scary.

Also, she was able to naturally read my mind, but I guess that's a standard ability in the eyes of Gods like Shiro-san.

[Ahh, sorry, I hope I didn't scare you. Don't worry. Even if I possessed such power, I wouldn't hurt my child. No, I actually want to make this space more sturdy, but that would increase the risk of being noticed by Shallow Vernal.]

[I- I see.]

[Unnn…… Even though she was trying to be roundabout in saying it, she was complaining at me. Even though in a way, I'm also a victim……]

After muttering this, Makina-san sat down on the edge of the skyscraper with natural movements.

[Would my child want to sit on a chair instead]

[I- I guess so. A chair or something like that would be great.]

Even if people say that this was a dream, it would still take me a bit of courage to sit on the edge of a skyscraper. Fortunately, there is no wind or anything like that. so there's no problem standing above a high place like this, so I'll take her suggestion here.

After Makina lightly waved her hand, a wooden chair appeared in front of me, to which I sat down on.

[Ahh, since we're at it, how about we have some meal This place we're in is something like a dream, so you won't be able to fill up your stomach, but you can still enjoy the taste.]

[Eh Ah, yes. Thank you.]

[Well then, I have a special treat for you……]

Saying that with a smile, Makina-san took what seemed to be a paper bag out of nowhere and handed it to me.

When I heard that a God has prepared a meal for me, I felt rather awe-inspired…… but I wonder how should I say this Inside the paper bag were two individually wrapped round packages, a drink and fries…… Unnn Arehh That's weird…… No matter how I look at this, this looks like a burger set from a chain restaurant.

No, I think this definitely would be delicious, and I like it too but…… This is the special treat How should I say this…… This God sure feels like a commoner.

[Eh A- Arehh That won't do That's my favorite though…… Would you prefer something else]

[Ah, no, I was just a little surprised.]

It's not that I don't like burgers, it's just that I really was surprised. I thought that since a God is preparing a meal, it would be made up of fancy food that I've never seen before……

[Fancy food…… How about some wagyu steak!]


I had thought of this before…… I feel like she's much more like a commoner than I imagined. Thinking of steak when she hears the words "fancy food',' she's surprisingly approachable.

How should I say this…… I could feel how dangerous she was, making me feel sweaty from nervousness…… but I don't think she's a bad person.

In fact, even though I can't remember her right now, she seems to be an acquaintance of mine…… so I'm sure she's a good person.

[……Thank you. I'll have a bite then.]

[Unnn, unnn, don't hesitate to ask for more, okay]

The way she smiled, looking like she was having fun, doesn't exude the dignity of a God, but she looked somewhat cute.

[……Haahhh…… My child as he's eating is also cute.]

However, I still feel that strange chill from time to time……

Thinking about this, I took a burger out of the paper bag and ate it. Since I usually eat the food prepared by the chef, it had been a long time since I had eaten a burger.

No, if I ask someone like Alice perhaps, I think they'd be able to make it for me, so if I want to eat a burger again, I think it's a good idea to ask them.

[Ahh, speaking of which, my child…… I hadn't yet fulfilled my primary purpose for bringing you here.]

[Eh Your primary purpose]

[Unnn…… Though I say that, it will just be quick, my child.]




When I tilted my head at her sudden words of thanks, Makina-san spoke with a gentle smile.

[I had been wanting to thank my child in person. It's taken me a long time to do this though.]

[Errr…… What exactly are you thanking me for]

[For saving my precious "best friend".]

[……Best friend]

[Let's see. Since we're having a meal anyways, let's talk about it again…… My past, without obscuring anything.]

After saying this, Makina-san looked up at the cloudy sky and slowly began to tell her story. The story of a certain world, where a young girl…… and an extremely familiar "girl who was once known as hero" lives……

: [How about you stop!!! I don't care if it's about Iris or Makina…… but when it comes to me…… Erhem, to Alice-chan, can you stop talking about her past without her knowledge!!! Ahh, I can already imagine the pleasant smile they're going to direct Alice-chan later…… Why don't you consider Alice-chan's feelings!]-

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