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I finished my conversation with Eingana-san, but Grandiereus-san still hadn't arrived yet, so since there was an opportunity, we decided to visit Fafnir-san as well.

Fafnir-san, just like Frea-san and Eingana-san, seemed to be giving encouragement to his unit, Tempest Wings.

[It's important to be able to switch between stillness and motion, know when to be a gentle breeze, and know when to be a raging storm. Always be aware of not only your opponent's situation, but also of yourself and your surroundings, and take the best possible action at any given moment. It's easy to put it into words, but few make it possible. You don't have to be perfect, but keeping in mind to stand beside perfection at all times, go ahead and do your best.]

I had somehow imagined it, but it seemed like Frea-san's unit were passionate, always filled with the desire to improve themselves. Eingana-san's unit was the intellectual type, always keeping emphasis on knowledge. Meanwhile, Fanfir-san's unit seemed to have a good balance.

If that's the case, I wonder if Grandierues-san's unit places importance on defense

We watched Fafnir-san's pep talk for a while, and when it was over, it seemed like Fafnir-san had noticed us as he flew towards us.

[……If it isn't Miyama-dono and Lilia-dono. I bid you welcome.]

[Hello, Fafnir-san.]

[Fafnir-sama, it's a pleasure to meet you today.]

Fafnir-san is already acquainted with Lilia-san and I. I even rode behind his back when Sieg-san and I went to Rigforeshia and during the Six Kings Festival.

Hmmm, even so, looking at Fafnir-san again, he kinda looks small when compared to Eingana-san.

No, Fafnir-san is also a very large, being over 100 meters long, but compared to Eingana-san, Magnawell-san, and although I haven't met him yet, Grandiereus-san, whose size is second only to Magnawell-san, I could really feel the difference.

And being within such an environment, I could now understand why Frea-san was so concerned about her height. The environment is clearly so unusual that even someone over 100m looks small, so someone who is 4m 80cm would certainly feel a huge difference with her surroundings. It would be unreasonable to tell her not to worry about it. 

[……It seems like Grandiereus still hasn't arrived.]

[He's the kind of guy who lets things run its course. He'll most probably come a little later, when the event is about to start. I'm sure he won't come after Magnawell-sama though.]

Hearing Frea-san's words, Fafnir-san also replied with a light sigh.

As we chatted with Fafnir-san for a while, the ground started rumbling. It felt rather different from Magnawell-san's footsteps though.

[Mhmm, it seems like he has arrived.]

As I moved my gaze in response to Frea-san's words, the ground greatly shook and an extremely huge dragon came out of the ground.

He had an overwhelmingly huge body, 10km in length, having no wings, and protrusions on his back…… He was a dragon that looked somewhat like a stegosaurus…… So he's Grandiereus-san huh……

When Grandiereus-san came out of the ground, a huge hole opened up where he came out from, but the hole was closed when the ground shook greatly again, as if he had used some kind of magic.

After notifying Fafnir-san, I walked towards Grandiereus-san with Frea-san and Lilia-san, and heard a resounding voice.

"En~cou~rage~ment~ Unnn~…… Just~ try~ not~ to~ get~ hurt~ too~ bad~ly~ and~ do~ your~ best~."

T- That was extremely slow of a voice…… It sounded like he was stretching out every syllable, but it sounded like he was telling them to hang in there and make sure not to get seriously hurt.

It was a very light encouragement compared to the three of us so far. As I was thinking about this, we arrived at the hill nearby Grandiereus-san's face.

[Grandiereus, you have a moment]

"Unnn~ Nidz~veld~ What's~ the~ mat~ter~"

[There is someone I would like to introduce you to. This is my comrade, Miyama Kaito and Duchess Lilia Albert.]

After Frea-san's introduction, Grandiereus-san turned his huge face towards us……

[Nice to meet you, I'm Miyama Kaito.]

[I'm Lilia Albert.]

"I'm~ Qua~ker~ Gran~die~reus~. I'm~ in~ your~ care~."

……I already understood this, but he spoke really slowly! Also, it's very difficult to catch his words. It seems that his name is "Quaker Grandiereus".

Incidentally, as a side note, Fafnir-san's full name is apparently "Tornadia Fafnir".

[Grandiereus-san, thank you for your cooperation in that battle in the God Realm back then.]

"That~ bat~tle~ in~ the~ God~ Realm~, was~ it~ Ahh~, I~ re~mem~ber~ now~, that~ bat~tle~ huh~. You~ did~n't~ real~ly~ have~ to~ wor~ry~ a~bout~ it~, but~ I'll~ ac~cept~ your~ gra~ti~tude~. We've~ al~so~ been~ told~ by~ Mag~na~well~-sa~ma~, so~ if~ you~ need~ a~ny~thing~ else~, just~ let~ me~ know~ and~ I'll~ help~ you~ out~, you~ know~"

……Long sentences were quite tough. By the time he finished his sentences, I felt like I might have forgetten about what we were originally talking about.

Serious-senpai : [Speaking of which, just like the way Kaito recognizes Bell and Lynn's cries, are there any other foreshadowing lines that Author-san put up but haven't recovered]

: [They're apparently quite common, you know For example, there's that time when Information Concealment magic was first brought up. After Kaito-san had barbecue for the first time with Kuro-san and her family, Lilia-san and the others were unable to hear Ein-san's name. But after Kaito-san received Shallow Vernal-sama's blessing, "the other people's Information Concealment Magic were rendered useless by him", and since then, there have been no more situations where the people around Kaito-san couldn't hear when he spoke about someone.]

Serious-senpai : [Ahh~~ Now that you mentioned it, situations where Kaito couldn't speak about other people's information have disappeared huh…… It's kinda like a hidden setting, so it's rather interesting.]-

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