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After a short flight on Frea-san's back, the venue soon came into view. Rather, it would be more accurate to say that I saw many dragons flying in the sky.

Looking closely, I can see that there are quite a few dragons on the ground as well, and they're gathered in a vast area of open wilderness and various mountains.

[……T- That's quite a lot of dragons, isn't it]

[Yes, they also have quite a variety. There are lots of Dread Tails, High Metal Dragons, and even Ancient Dragons that were rarely seen…… I'm really moved!]

Lilia-san seemed to be extremely happy, or rather, her eyes were glittering so much that it's as if she was looking at a treasure trove. I don't know much about dragons though, so I only thought about the discovery that there are many different kinds of dragons.

……Ahh, I found a dragon I know. That's a Gun Rock Dragon…… Unnn, personally looking at it, it really looked just like that sad creature I created. It's so similar that I can understand why Megiddo-san and the others misunderstood.

Just like Megiddo-san said, I think the name of that sad creature should be Winged Gun Rock Dragon……

As I was thinking about this, Frea-san lowered her altitude and landed in a corner of the open wilderness, so Lilia-san and I got off her back. Thereupon, Frea-san used Humanization Magic to become humanoid again.

I can communicate with her even in her dragon form, but Lilia-san couldn't, so I guess she's taking her into consideration.

[Fumu…… The other members of the Four Great Demon Dragons…… It seems like only Fafnir has arrived. It seems like we got here a little too early.]

Hearing Frea-san's words, I looked around and there certainly weren't dragons that had fit the description Lilia-san told me earlier. Both Eingana-san and Grandiereus-san are huge, over a kilometer in length, so if they were here, we would have known immediately.

I could see some rather large dragons around us, but as expected, I couldn't see any dragons that were over a kilometer in size.

Also, it seemed that Magnawell-san also hadn't arrived yet, but I guess it couldn't be helped. In fact, we came here much earlier than the event's starting time.

The purpose of our early arrival was to finish greeting Eingana-san and Grandiereus-san before the Dragon Carnival started.

It was a bit of a miscalculation that the two hadn't arrived yet though……

[However, they should be here soon. I'm sure neither of them would be so disrespectful as to arrive after Magnawell-san, and since they'll need to speak to their squad, I'm sure they'll be here early.]

[Yes. I'm in no particular hurry either, so if I'm unable to greet them, I can just do that afterwards.]

[Umu…… Well then, my apologies, but my comrade, Duchess Lilia, even though Eingana and Grandiereus have yet to arrive, would you mind if I joined with the Crimson Fang for a bit I would also like to give a word to the younger members of the group.]

[Ah, yes. It's alright.]

[I also don't have any problem with that.]

Saying this, Lilia-san and I followed Frea-san and walked to the place where the Crimson Fang were gathered. While looking at the various dragons along the way, Looking at the various dragons along the way, I decided to ask her about something that I had been curious about.

[……Frea-san, are all of Magnawell-san's subordinates dragons]

[No, that isn't the case. Magnawell-sama also had subordinates other than dragons…… However, in terms of percentage, dragons are overwhelmingly more numerous. About 60-70% should be dragons.]

[Fumu fumu.]

[……I could tell what my comrade wanted to ask. "What about the rest of Dragon King's subordinates"…… It's just that they had a different day scheduled for them. The Dragon Carnival is only for dragons, but young non-dragons will also have the opportunity to show off their skills before Magnawell-sama.]

Well, I suppose it's inevitable. If only the dragons had such an opportunity, there would definitely be complaints.

[Incidentally, some of the squad leaders leading the younger ones aren't dragons…… Speak of the devil.]

Hearing Frea-san's words, I moved my gaze and saw a tiger beastman-like being in front of us. Judging from the conversation earlier, she must be one of the squad leaders.

Seeing us……. or rather, seeing Frea-san, the tiger beastman gave a 90° bow.

[Sis! Thank you for your hard work!!!]

[Yeah, is everything alright]


[I see, then, I'm sorry, but can you gather the troops I'd like to have a word with them before the event starts.]


……Shes got quite the loud voice. She's rather hot-blooded.

[Everyone, attention!!!]

With the tiger beastman's exclamation, the dragons that were flying in the sky and were waiting in various other places gathered at great speed, and with unified and orderly movement, they lined up in order of body size.

It's like they were a well-trained army…… No, I guess their position is also like an army huh

[Sis has something to tell you all! You all better listen carefully!!!]

After exclaiming this, the tiger beastman bowed and turned over her place to Frea-san, who stepped forwards and calmly announced.

[……It seems like everyone has good expressions on their faces. There are some among you who are participating for the first time, while some, due to age, who are participating for the last time. However, I'm not going to tell you how to be prepared now that you all are standing right before the event.]

Her voice wasn't loud at all, but I could feel the tension in the air, sounding profound and heavy.

[In these days of peace, this is a rare opportunity for you to experience something close to real combat. There's nothing better than achieving a good result…… but it doesn't matter if you lose in this mock battle. Losing here isn't a shame, fighting here allows you to gain experience. It's not a shame to be defeated, but it's a shame not to learn from the experience. Therefore, I have a challenge for all of you. Go to the Dragon Carnival, and no matter what it is, learn at least one thing that will help you grow to a better future.]

After saying this with great emphasis, Frea-san smiled.

[Holding that task in your heart, you should know what I will say to you afterwards. I have always told you to be challengers. If you keep that in mind, I have nothing more to say to you other than this…… Ignite the flames within your heart, challenge with all of your soul!]

As Frea-san concluded her words, the dragons roared so loudly that the earth shook. Frea-san encouragement seemed to have given them the perfect amount of fighting spirit, and I could feel their tremendous enthusiasm.

In the midst of all this, the tiger beastman claps her hands once.

[You all took Sis' words to heart Now, each of you get to work on your preparations. It would be a great humiliation to be defeated because of insufficient preparation and being unable to perform to your full potential. To prevent that from happening, make sure your mind and body are sharpened before the event! Well then, dismissed!]

After happily smiling, looking at the dragons dispersing after hearing the tiger beastman's words, Frea-san lightly beckoned the tiger beastman to come over.

[……Also tell this to the other squad leaders. It's good to have a passionate heart, but in some cases, their fighting spirit could lead them spiralling out of control. If you see anyone who is too overwhelmed, indirectly call out to them. You and the other squad leaders are more qualified than I am to give such direct guidance.]


[I'm counting on you.]

As Frea-san lightly tapped the shoulder of the bowing tiger beastman with a smile, she somehow looked very big.

By asking them to support the others, she isn't only taking care of the younger generation, but also making her squad leaders look good in their eyes. I mean, her actions and words really are very cool.

The second Character Rough Draft of Volume 12 is now available in the Activity Report.

『――That's whhhhhy, I'm telling youuuuu that you're wroooooong…… Hidden Technique, Aesir.』

T/N: Might not be able to post a chapter tomorrow. I will translate the new Hazure chapter.-

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