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[……Dragon Carnival What's that]

[Umu, to put it simply, it's a tournament held in the presence of the King. Once a year, the Dragons under Magnawell-sama's command conduct a mock battle before his presence to show off their abilities. The only difference is that the Dragon Carnival is only open to young dragons, those under a thousand year old.]

[Heehhh…… Such a thing exists huh.]

[It's an opportunity for young dragons to show their abilities to the King. Thus, everyone is excited for the event.]

Listening to the words Frea-san said as she puffed out smoke, I thought about it. A battle between young dragons, it would definitely be quite an intense fight. If it's dragons younger than a millenium, there's definitely going to be quite a few of them and it's going to be quite a battle.

However, I'm not really sure why Frea-san came to tell me about that.

[My comrade. I was thinking of inviting you to the Dragon Carnival.]

[Errr…… I appreciate the offer, but is it something that I could just be a part of]

[It's basically an event that occurs in private and isn't really disclosed to the outside world…… but this time, with Magnawell-sama's permission, a special seat for a spectator had been prepared. There were two reasons for this: first is that we wanted my comrade to be able to see the passionate battle between dragons. Second is that we have heard that my comrade has been greeting the Six Kings' executives.]

[Ahh, does that mean……]

[Indeed. Since all the Four Great Demon Dragons will be present at the Dragon Carnival, we thought it would be the perfect time to settle my comrade's business.]

I see, this is an excellent suggestion. I was currently in the process of greeting and thanking the Six Kings' executives, and was currently going greeting the World King's executives, Seven Princesses in order, but there isn't really any rule that says I have to keep on greeting them in that order.

Besides, I'm currently waiting for a date convenient for the next member of the Seven Princesses, so I can finish greeting the Four Great Demon Dragons first.

If they are all in one place, I won't have to go around everywhere so it will be like killing two birds with one stone.

[I'm glad to hear that. In that case, please let me participate.]

[Yeah, well then, here's the schedule and location……]

[Ahh, I'm sorry. Please wait a moment.]


Thinking about a certain someone, I interrupted Frea-san as she was speaking. In a way, it can be said that this is also a good opportunity.

[……Frea-san. I'll ask Magnawell-san about this, but would it be possible to get "one more" seat in the audience]

[Fumu. It's no problem. There is no need to ask Magnawell-sama about this, I can arrange that much at my discretion…… Is there someone you would like to invite]

[Yes. Actually……]

After seeing Frea-san off, I walked through the corridor to Lilia-san's office. When I arrived at the office, Luna-san seemed to be out of the office and Lilia-san was alone at her desk.

[Lilia-san, do you have a moment]

[Yes, it's alright. Is something the matter]

[I just want to ask if Lilia-san had free time……]

When I told her about the date Frea-san had told me, Lilia-san thought about it for a moment before she nodded.

[……I could adjust my schedule if it's on that day, but is there something going on]

[Yes, I actually just received an invitation from Frea-san to the Dragon Carnival, so I was wondering if Lilia-san would be interested in going with me……]


[You see, I promised you back then that I'd introduce you to Magnawell-san, so I was thinking that this would be a good opportunity.]



Hearing my words, Lilia-san didn't say anything for some reason, so I tilted my head in wonder. After a moment, surprise could be seen on Lilia-san's face.

Ahh, I see…… Her mind had just caught up with the situation huh……

[D- D- D- D- Dragon Carnival! C- C- Could that be that one in the legends……]

[I don't know whether it's in legends or not, but it's the Dragon Carnival.]

[I- I've heard that only Dragon King-sama's subordinates are allowed near the site of the event……]

[Yes. I heard that Frea-san had thoughtfully prepared a special viewing area for us. Hearing that, I asked if I could take Lilia-san along if you're available, and she agreed, so I invited you———]

[I'm going! I'm definitely going!]

[————Wait, Lilia-san!]

[As expected of Kaito-san! I never thought I would be able to participate in the legendary Dragon Carnival!]

Before I knew it, Lilia-san, who was supposed to have been sitting in the chair behind her desk earlier, was standing right in front of me, holding my hands with a big smile on her face.

Unnn, I knew that the dragon enthusiast Lilia-san would definitely be happy when she heard about this, and I'm glad I invited her because I can introduce her to Magnawell-san, which I've always wanted to do.

All's well that ends well but…… This girl, she just moved at a speed that I can't even perceive as if it's the most obvious thing in the world, didn't she Luna-san said she has gotten outrageously stronger in the last two years, and it looks like she's right.

Serious-senpai : [……Errr, could I see this as an introduction to the Four Great Demon Dragons the start of date with Lilia arc]

: [You can.]

Serious-senpai : [……It seems like hell would start again huh.]

: [Isn't it always hell for Serious-senpai]

Serious-senpai : [……Guess you're right.]

T/N: Translated Hazure yesterday, so only one chapter today. That aside, I've finally caught up with the latest arc huh…… I should start deciding my next novel already.-

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