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The green demon that easily knocks down the aspirations down to hell…… It was quite an abominable story, but I had a feeling that one day, this day would come.

As soon as I became friends with Raz-san, I've been receiving vegetables from her farm every now and then. I knew it was inevitable that bell peppers would appear, and I was wondering if I would be able to accept it without looking uneasy.

Fortunately or unfortunately, no bell peppers had ever been given to me in the past, so I may have been a little careless…… But I didn't expect that it would show here……

With the situation like this, there are only two options for me to choose from. 

One is to honestly tell them that I hate bell peppers…… The benefits of this option goes without saying. Raz-san and Tir-san aren't the kind of people who would force me to do something I don't want, and if I choose this option, I can avoid the situation where I eat bell peppers.

However, what makes me hesitate to do this…… is my petty pride. Even if the two of them were actually older than me, telling two people who look younger than me that "I hate bell pepper, so I won't eat it"…… I honestly don't want to say it. This petty desire of mine to look good just won't go away.

In that case, the second option…… is to not tell them that I don't like bell peppers and just endure it while eating them. The advantage of this option is that I can protect my petty pride. The disadvantage is that I have to eat the bell pepper.

At first glance, it seems like the advantage is small compared to the disadvantages, but picking this option makes it so that I don't brush away Tir-san's consideration, so it's a difficult decision to make.

Should I be honest with my dislike of bell peppers or keep silent about it…… As my mind was feeling troubled by what is truly the ultimate challenge…… A helping hand came from someone I hadn't expected.

[Tir, that won't do. Kaitokun-san slightly dislike bell pepper-san. That's why, you should take out something else.]

[Aya! R- Really]

[Y- Yes, well, that's right. I guess you could say that I slightly, or rather, just a tinsy little bit…… dislike it.]

[I'm sorry about that. In that case, how about tomatoes]

[……Ah, yes, I like tomatoes.]

Yes, Raz-san rebuked Tir-san…… Arehh Have I told Raz-san that I don't like bell peppers No, I shouldn't have told her…… I mean, I've been trying to keep this secret from being known by others as much as possible.

[……Raz-san, errr, how is it that, ummm, you knew that I don't like bell peppers]

[Errr. Kuromu-sama told me before……]

[Kuro did]

When I tilted my head, Raz-san told me about her previous interaction with Kuro.

It happened about two years ago. When Razelia-san was working in the field. While Razelia was working in her field as usual, Kuromueina visited her and told her about Kaito.

[I think Raz will also get along well with Kaito-kun, and there will be opportunities to give him presents like vegetables or such things.]

[Yes! Raz also wants for Kaitokun-san to eat the vegetables I made!]

[Unnn. Raz's vegetables are really delicious and I'm sure Kaito-kun will like them…… but there's one thing I want you to be mindful about.]

[Something I need to be mindful of]

[It's not that Kaito-kun can't eat them, but he doesn't like the taste of bell peppers. That's why, when you give Kaito-kun vegetables, I'd like it if you don't put bell peppers in them. Of course, with how kind Kaito-kun is, if you give him bell peppers, I'm sure he'll accept it with a smile, but I don't think it's good to unreasonably make him eat something he doesn't like.]

[Ayaya, so that's the case. Raz doesn't like meat either, so I know how he feels! I understand. I'll make sure that Kaitokun-san doesn't give him bell pepper-san.]

[Unnn, thank you.]

Razelia remembered about having such a brief exchange.

……Ah, I'm falling in love with her all over again. What a perfect consideration, she has.

Anticipating that Raz-san would give me vegetables, for her to have talked about this beforehand…… So that's why there had never been bell peppers in the vegetables that Raz-san had given me.

Moreover, by not saying that I can't eat bell peppers, and saying that I just slightly dislike bell peppers instead…… It makes them think that "I can eat it, but I don't like it very much", which protects my petty pride.

And to top it off, probably quite a while ago…… It seemed like she had told Raz-san as soon as she found out about my dislike for bell peppers, but she didn't tell me about it, something I would have been thankful to her, and was just secretly supporting me instead.

If it hadn't been for this exchange, I wouldn't have known that Kuro had told Raz-san about it.

To be honest, I'm a little, no, I'm really moved. If I had to describe it, it was just as I had said earlier. I'm falling in love with her all over again.

No, seriously…… As long as baby castellas aren't involved, Kuro is an impeccable lover. Unnn, seriously…… as long as baby castellas aren't involved……

Makina : [……We don't need any goal to arrive in. We just need to keep going. As long as we don't stop, the path will continue…… I will not stop, so as long as you all, my children, don't stop, I will be there with you all…… That's why…… You don't have to st———–]

Serious-senpai / : [ [ No, you stop already! ] ]-

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