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Thanks to Tre-san, I was able to get to know Cento-san and Cien-san, and our conversation was very lively. This was partly due to Tre-san's high communipower.

Tre-san herself seemed to be extremely having fun, and I could tell that she was really enjoying our conversation even without using my Sympathy Magic, which naturally made me smile. I guess she's also similar to Raz-san in this respect.

As we were happily chatting like that, Tre-san seemed to have suddenly remembered something and spoke.

[That's right! Kaito…… Take that out]

[……Take what out]

[Fufufu, don't underestimate my information network, okay I know it, you know The present Kaito received on your birthday from Kuromu-sama was that state-of-the-art magic tool that was very popular at the festival hosted by Shalltear-sama!!!]


She was talking about that VR game that you can play with those stuffed costumes. I often play with Aoi-chan and Hina-chan, and it seems that Tre-san wants to play that game.

[Due to unavoidable circumstances, I wasn't able to play it during the Six Kings Festival……]

[……You just had too much fun at the other attractions and weren't able to make it in time to play it, right]

[Isn't it because, despite Cento and my repeated warnings, you wouldn't stop playing other attractions]

[And that's unavoidable circumstances!]

In the end, she wasn't able to push through unavoidable circumstances…… Her mentality!

Well, putting that aside, now that the brief greeting was over, I guess we could play. Moreover, since there were four of us, including me, the number of stuffed costumes were just right.

I've heard that I can get more stuffed costumes if I ask Alice or Kuro, but I haven't gotten any more yet because if we can get four people in there at the same time, we'll have enough if we take turns playing.

Anyway, I agreed to Tre-san's request and took out the VR game magic tools and the costumes from my magic box.

[……My apologies for Esteemed Sister Tre.]

[No, don't worry about it. Playing with others is also fun for me after all.]

[If that's what you say…… Esteemed Sister Tre too, make sure to properly tha———– You're already in costume!]

When I moved my gaze to what surprised Cento-san, I found that before I knew it, Tre-san had already gone into a connected costume…… She's really fast. Was she really looking forward to playing it

Perhaps because the VR space that reproduced the atmosphere of a Metropolitan Expressway was an unusual sight for them, the three of them looked around with great interest.

This was also the reaction Lilia-san and the others had when I played with them. In a way, it could be said that this is a precious view, allowing you to see the other world with your own eyes.

Then, after explaining the game as clearly as possible to the three of them who had never played a racing game before, when we were about to go for a round, a confident Tre-san leaned against her car and smiled.

[Fufufu, how about it, Kaito Why don't we have a match]

I don't know if it's because she's taller than me or not, but her pose leaning against the car with her arms crossed looked really good-looking. Frustrating it may be, she looks cool

Her pose aside…… a match

[Me and Tre-san ……Wouldn't it be better if we just played a round as a test first]

She looks really good-looking with that pose…… but she's a complete amateur, isn't she Why the heck does she look that confident

No, well, there are people like Lilia-san who are faster than me even in their first game, and perhaps, she was just hiding her abilities in that tennis game before, and she actually has great kinetic vision.

[Fufu, you'll regret it if you underestimate me, you know If you become negligent…… by the time you got around the second corner, you won't be able to see me in your mirror, you know]


She's rousing things up with taunts huh. It seems like she really had some kind of plan…… But since I have the overwhelming advantage of playing experience, I don't think I'll lose so easily.

And thus, this challenge from the beginner Tre-san…… There's no way that I'd refuse.

[Alright. I'll accept your challenge.]

[Now you're talking……. No, let's start the coolest race ever……]

Seriously, if it's just the appearance, she's getting a full 100. She looks attractive with a ponytail, and her casual outfit really suits the atmosphere.

The vehicle she chose has a lot of horsepower, but is difficult to control and is designed for experts…… But if I'm not careful against such a vehicle, she may end up leaving me behind in the dust.

Getting into my favorite BC96, which I've been using since the first time Alice and I played, and headed for the start point of the race.

The finish line after the mid-distance race. Alighting from her vehicle, Tre-san gives me a daring smile.

[……It was a good race, wasn't it]

[No, Tre-san! I feel like I've said this before, but aren't you in the very last place!!!]

She looked like she accomplished something really amazing, but putting me aside, Cento-san and Cien-san also completely left her behind.

In fact, she didn't seem to be able to handle her vehicle at all, already crashing on a wall at the first corner……

[Did I tell you…… That by the time you got around the second corner, I would disappear from your mirror……]

[I thought you were going to overtake me!]

How should I say this…… She's really an amazing person.

Pan~~(八 °ω°) ( °ω°八)Pan~~

Pann~~(八 °ω°) ( °ω°八)Pann~~

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 【47 consecutive chapters done】

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧【Next chapter would be the 900th chapter】-

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