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Cento and Cien were discussing how to find Kaito so that they could greet him and apologize for troubling him.

[The city is too big to randomly search for him……]

[Don't worry, we can just use Wide-Area Detection Magic.]

[Wide-Area Detection I've heard that Miyama Kaito-sama's blessing from Shallow Vernal nullifies most magic though……]

Hearing Cien mention searching Detection Magic, Cento tilted her head and asked.

[In that case, we can just track that Elf that's with him.]

[I see! In that case, I'm counting on you, Cien.]

[Unnn, leave it to me.]

Even though they're twins, Cento and Cien have their own magic systems they specialize in, and Cien is basically better at using Wide-Area Detection Magic. After nodding with a smile to Cento's words about leaving the Wide-Area Detection to her, Cien created a magic circle around her feet and attempted to cast Wide-Area Detection Magic————– "but she immediately fell to her knees after".

[Cien! What's wrong! Are you alright!]

[…….Urkkk…… Khaaakk……]

Seeing Cien collapse on her knees, pale and profusely sweating, Cento rushed over to her.

[I- I forgot…… That person stands beside Miyama Kaito-sama……]

[Cien What in the world……]

[The moment I activated the Detection Magic, before I could get any information, "they interfered with my magic formula and forcibly canceled it", and even "traced it back to me"…… T- Their technique was on another level that before I knew it, I felt like a knife was being held to my neck…… Scary……]

[Eh T- That means……]

Cien is one of the most powerful beings in the world, considered superior even among Count-ranks, and for her to describe someone as being on another level, considering their current situation, Cento immediately guessed what was going on.

As if to affirm her thoughts, a high-pitched voice came from behind them.

[Well, sorry about that. I knew it would be you two, but I just reacted on reflex. What happened earlier wasn't intentional.]

[ [ ! ] ]

The two of them couldn't help but straighten their backs…… As for being that easily appeared behind them without being noticed by two high Count-ranks, they don't need to hear the sound of chains in their robe to know who it is.

[……P- Phantasmal King-sama.]

[B- By no means d- do we mean any harm……]

[Yes, I know that. I understand that you weren't trying to harm Kaito-san or anything like that. So, what do you want]

The two of them were frightened by Alice's appearance as the Phantasmal King, but Alice knew that the two of them weren't trying to harm Kaito.

Rather, Alice's body, with its vast amount of combat experience, reflexively disarmed and dealt with the Wide-Area Detection Magic that was released in an attempt to find Kaito.

Bluntly speaking, Alice had already conjectured exactly what the two of them were looking Kaito for…… but for the time being, she wanted to hear it from them, so she showed herself to them.

Looking at each other once, Cento and Cien told Alice that they wanted to apologize for not recognizing Kaito and greeting him…… and for the trouble Tre had caused him.

Hearing this, Alice paused for a moment before speaking.

[……I understand what you're saying. That in itself isn't really something I mind. However, hmmm…… I'd like you to refrain from doing that for now.]

[Does that mean it would be inconvenient for Miyama Kaito-sama]

[I mean, you do realize that Kaito-san is in the middle of a date, right If I tell him what's going on, he'll most probably say he'll meet you two, and I'm sure Sieg-san will agree to that…… but you've already taken up a lot of his time today.]

In fact, as Alice said, if she told Kaito what was going on, he would meet them, and Sieglinde would also recommend that he do so.

However, after they finished their greeting to Funf, their date was often interrupted by the successive encounters and contacting the two of them, so Alice wanted to let the two of them spend some time together.

[……Let's see. I'll arrange a place where you can talk to Kaito-san at a later date. How about you apologize and say your greetings to him at that time]

[Ah, yes. Our apologies for having Phantasmal King-sama mind us.]

[It is also not our intention to trouble Miyama Kaito-sama.]

[That's settled then. I'll contact you later…… Ahh, I also don't think you need to apologize for Tre, because Kaito-san doesn't really mind her antics. In fact, I think he would just tilt his head at you if you apologized.]

When they heard what Alice had said, Cento and Cien looked at each other with a slightly surprised expression on their faces.

[……I- Is that so]

[H- However, Esteemed Sister Tre had that personality……]

[No, it's seriously okay. She isn't even on the level that Kaito-san considers as "a weird person". He knows a lot of people that are worse than that…..]

[ [ ……………… ] ]

Cento and Cien wondered how that would make it any better, but they couldn't say anything about it and only had indescribable expressions on their faces.

Serious-senpai : [……Isn't this a rather hellish development for me]-

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