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After the conversation with Funf-san was over, Sieg-san and I headed to the city for sightseeing as we planned.

It was no surprise, but the atmosphere around the city was very different from the royal capital of Symphonia Kingdom.

The Symphonia Kingdom was more like a medieval fantasy town straight out of my imagination, but this city seemed a bit more modern.

First of all, the roads are well-maintained, and although I don't know what they're made of, I get the impression that they're like the asphalt roads I've often seen in Japan.

I also get the impression that the size of the buildings varies quite a bit, but I think this is due to the fact that the people who live there vary greatly in body size compared to other people.

[……Amazing. It looks like a more advanced and functional cityscape than even the Hydra Kingdom.]

[Indeed, the whole place seems to be smartly organized. I think it's because it's an economic city with a lot of top trading companies.]

[I also think that's one of the reasons. It's possible that it's because there are so many of them here that it's easy to gather the most advanced technologies.]

It seemed that Sieg-san had also never been to the Demon Realm much before, as she was moving her gaze with interest.

[Sieg-san, you haven't been to the Demon Realm much]

[That's right. Putting aside if it's within the Human Realm, if one wants to go to the Demon Realm, they will need a certain amount of money to travel, and it simply takes days. Teleportation from Human Realm to the Demon Realm is quite expensive, and people usually go through a gate to get there.]

[Teleportation Magic Tools certainly are also expensive.]

[Yes. When it comes to those magic tools that can be used to teleport from Human Realm to the Demon Realm, it's something that is very hard for ordinary people to acquire…… is what I'd like to say, but it's perplexing how it seems to be within my reach now.]

Saying this, Sieg-san wryly smiled. The reason for this was her pet, the Rainbow Dragon, Sela. Alice apparently likes to use Sela's Rainbow Diamonds as a material and often buys it from Sieg-san.

Setting aside whether the things I heard were the truth or not, like her having no money because she's a King who had the greatest amount of employees to pay, it seems that a lot of money came into Sieg-san as Alice was able to buy them at a very high price.

[……It's the first time I've ever had too much money and not enough ways to spend it. I'm living in Lili's house and I don't have any hobbies that require spending money.]

[What about buying a Teleportation Magic Tool]

[Indeed, considering that I will often be visiting Funf-sama's place in the future…… That might be a good idea.]

[Then, since we're in the city that is home to the world's largest magic tool trading company, why don't we take a look]

[Fufu, I guess you're right. Let's go.]

After smiling at my suggestion, Sieg-san held my hand with a happy expression on her face. It's probably not my imagination that she looked a little excited.

In any case, I've also been looking forward to going on a date with Sieg-san, so I guess I'm also very excited……

I had visited this place before to buy the magic crystal for the music boxes, but as expected of the headquarters of a large trading company, it was a very large building that could be seen even from a distance.

As we happily chatted, we reached the front of the store directly managed by the Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company, adjacent to their headquarters…… and saw two girls at the entrance with flustered expressions on their faces


[Found her]

[No…… Ahh, geez! She slipped away again!]

[Why is it that even though Esteemed Sister can't fight, she's so good at secretly moving away…… She even slipped through my Detection Magic,  and I can't find her at all.]

[She shouldn't have gotten very far though, so let's hurry and find her.]

The two of them really looked like each other, making me wonder if they're twins, but one had reddish-purple hair tied in a right side-tail, while the other had bluish-purple hair tied in a left side-tail. Their clothes were very distinctive, resembling kimonos, and they each carried a large katana at their waist.

From what I heard, they seemed to be looking for someone, and when they suddenly noticed us, they flusteredly rushed over to us.

[Excuse me, have you seen a tall woman with a purple ponytail]

[No, I didn't see her.]

[Neither have I.]

[I see…… I'm sorry for the abrupt question.]

I wasn't really paying that much attention to the people we pass by, but I don't remember seeing a tall woman. It seems like Sieg-san also didn't see anyone fitting their description.

As her shoulders slightly slumped at our words, the woman with the reddish-purple hair lowered her head, while the woman with bluish-purple hair was looking at us, looking as if she was thinking about something.

[……For the time being, I think we should look in the opposite direction of where they came from…… What's the matter, Cien]

[……I feel like I've seen him somewhere before…… Errr, where was it again]

[Rather than thinking about that, we still need to find Esteemed Sister Tre!]

[You're right….. Sorry, Cento. Let's hurry.]

When the woman with bluish-purple hair, named Cien, looked like she was trying to remember something when she saw me, was approached by the woman with reddish-purple hair, named Cento, after a brief pause, they bowed to us and left.

[……I wonder if they lost sight of someone they knew]

[Perhaps…… Even so, those two are incredibly powerful.]

[Eh Is that so]

[Yes, I think they're probably around high Count-rank…… However, I don't think I've heard of their names. If they're that strong, I don't think it's strange if they're famous but…… Well, there's a chance that they're famous in the Demon Realm and I just don't know about them……]

While tilting my head at the strange encounter, I regained my composure and we walked into the store.

~ ~ Extra : The Battle compatibility of the Six Kings' Executives against Vier ~ ~

Because of Vier's tremendous resilience, she won't wear down in a normal fight. In order to wear Vier down, except in cases where "Vier herself is in a really bad condition", the minimum requirement is enough firepower to wipe out her defenses with a single blow.

Even if Vier gets worn down to a certain degree after recovering herself, within the short time between self-recovery→magic power recovery, it's effective to erase them again and gradually wear Vier down.

【War King's Five Warlords】

It's a very good matchup, and with their high firepower, they have plenty of effective strikes against Vier. They are accustomed to long term battles, so they are more likely to be able to push and win in the end.

【Four Great Demon Dragons】

They also have a lot of high-powered attacks, so there is a good chance that they will be able to fight to their advantage.

【Ten Demons】

With the exception of a few such as Pandora, they are extremely incompatible. Vier herself has tremendous resistance to status effects, and on top of that , she's a master of Recovery Magic, so any tricks they use are nearly useless. More than half of the time, there is no way for them to win.

【Seven Princesses】

They're a terrible matchup, and with the exception of Camellia, there is no way for them to win against Vier. In the first place, for the Seven Princesses, whose main strategy is to counter, Vier, with her extremely low offensive ability and extremely high other abilities, is their natural enemy.

However, since many of them are still excellent at recovering magic power, though not as good as Vier, it's highly likely that it would take a tremendous number of days for their battle to conclude.


More than anyone else, Iris, who specializes in firepower, is Vier's natural enemy. Whenever she recovers, she can repeatedly wipe her out with a single blow, and then hit her with sealing techniques in the time it takes for her to recover from the loss of her magic power, so there's no way for Vier to win against Iris.-

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