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After chatting with each other while taking a break, we decided that it was time to part ways after a few more dances. Ariel-san was also running an errand for a friend, so she would probably want to deliver the seeds she bought to her as soon as possible.

[Gratitude again…… In other words, thanks for today, Kaito. It was a fun time…… In other words, it was a lot of fun to dance with you, so when we get the chance, let's dance again.]

[I also had fun.]

[A token of my gratitude…… In other words, it may not be much, but accept this as my thanks.]

[This is————–]

After handing over the thank-you gift with a gentle smile, Ariel-san left with a small wave of her hand. She was a person with a unique atmosphere, but I can say without a doubt that this was a good encounter.

Even though I must have felt tired from dancing, my body strangely feels light and a little refreshed. If we had the chance, just as Ariel-san said, I hope we can dance together again.

When I got back home, I took out the thank-you gift that Ariel-san gave me from my magic box as I walked through the corridor to the dining room of Lilia-san's mansion.

It was an unusual fruit called "sky-blue grapes", and since it had an unusual color, I thought of asking the chef what fruit this was.

Even if it looks like the grapes back in my world, these grapes might need special preparation to taste good or something like that……

[Oya If it isn't Miyama-sama.]

[Luna-san, Lilia-san…… Are you about to go out]

Hearing their voices, I turned around and saw Lilia-san and Luna-san with several bags. Because they looked like they were going somewhere, I asked them about it, to which Lilia-san nodded and explained.

[Yes, I'm on my way to inspect the stores I run.]

[I see. Good work out there.]

In addition to the Flying Dragon Flight that she owned, Lilia-san also had several other stores, which are the sources of income for the Albert Duchy that don't possess their own territory. They've recently purchased a large amount of jewelry from Isis-san, so they have created a jewelry store as well.

(T/N: Albert Duchy has their own land in the royal capital, but they don't have their own territory. Like, a city or town of their own.)

[It seems like Miyama-sama had just returned huh…… Oya That's the "Sky Grapes", isn't it That's another very rare item you have……]

[These grapes were given to me as a gift earlier, but are they valuable]

Tilting my head at Luna-san's words, I asked her back. I thought for a moment that I may have received something outrageous again…… but from how Lilia-san and Luna-san looks like, it doesn't seem to be that bad.

[It isn't very common in the Symphonia Kingdom. Sky Grapes can only be harvested in the mountains at very high altitudes, so in the Human Realm, they are only grown in some areas of the Archlesia Empire.]

[As Luna said, there are only a few areas where they cultivated, and although Sky Grapes are delicious and refreshing when eaten as they are, the wine made from Sky Grapes is more popular, so Sky Grapes themselves weren't often seen.]

I see, it's a rare grape that is only grown in a few areas, but it's not a legendary fruit, and seems to be a commonly distributed product.

It seems that it can also be eaten as it is, so I'll try eating them later. It apparently has a refreshing taste, so I'm looking forward to eating it.

[By the way, Miyama-sama, you said it was a gift…… Who gave it to you]

[Eh Ahh, I got it from someone I just met today named Ariel-san……]

[ [ ………………… ] ]

Arehh What is this, the air seems to be frozen…… and then, Lilia-san suddenly collapsed on her knees.

[My Lady!]

[……This guy…… Seriously, I just turned my gaze away for a few moments…… I thought that since he'd be meeting them in order…… The me who got relieved…… was an idiot!!!]

Looking at Lilia-san who was slumped down with her hands on the floor, my past experience made me guess what her reaction meant.

[……Ummm, Luna-san, could it be……]

[Yes, there is a flower that grows only in high-altitude mountains, just like these Sky Grapes. It was known as the Sky Flower, and the Spirit of that flower is a very famous person. She's one of World King-sama's executive subordinates, the Seven Princesses, the "Sky Flower Princess Ariel"-sama.]

[……I…… I see……]

What a blunder. For Ariel-san to be one of the Six Kings' executives…… I thought she was just an ordinary dancer. There's a possibility that she's a different person with just the same name…… but based on my past experiences, I don't think that would be the case huh.

[As expected of Miyama-sama. Announcing the person you were going to meet beforehand to catch My Lady off guard, and when she least expects it, you suddenly dealt a surprise attack. Before this burning intention to strike at My Lady's stomach at any costs, this unworthy Lunamaria is filled with admiration.]

[I have no such intentions, okay! This was completely beyond my control! I'm begging you, stop stirring things up here!!!]

[Kai~~ to~~ saaaaaan~~]


When I saw Lilia-san standing up with a voice that seemed to echo from beneath the pits of hell, I couldn't help but stand straight. I'm scared…… Really scared……

[I have something to talk with you. Something really important.]

[……N- No, ummm, don't Lilia-san still have to go inspect stores……]

[Luna, please tell them I'll be late. I have to make sure I talk to Kaito-san here. I have to sternly remind him to make sure that the identity of the person he is getting to know is correct!]


I've faced a lot of things since I came into this world. There have been times when I've been terribly afraid…… If I were to rank all the memories of my experiences in this world, Lilia-san's anger would certainly be in the top 3.

I think I can understand now why Dr. Vier was afraid of Zwei-san's scoldings. How should I say this…… I hope this ends as soon as possible. The scolding, I mean.

【Sky Flower Princess, Ariel】

She is the Spirit of the Sky Flower that blooms only near the top of a high altitude mountain, and is one of the World King's executives, the Seven Princesses. She loves freedom and dancing, and has a character as elusive as a cloud.

Since she, along with the other subordinates of the World King, doesn't use Information Concealment Magic, one can usually recognize her if you see her on the street, but to begin with, she doesn't appear much in crowded cities.

(It's been about a hundred years since Ariel has been to Symphonia's royal capital)-

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