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There's something I've been thinking about for a while. The people who lent me a hand in my match against Shiro-san…… Even though it would be difficult to thank everyone, I would like to directly thank the executives of each of the Six Kings' camps, which can be considered as their representatives.

It took me a while, but I had already bought a few souvenirs and thanked everyone I knew.

As for the rest of the people I've never met, I'll have to ask a fellow executive or their King to introduce me to them.

It would be hard for Kuro's side since they don't consider any of Kuro's followers as executives, but of the people I've never met, I heard that Funf-san is one of the oldest members and played an active role in the battle against the God Realm. Regarding her, I'm thinking of meeting her with Sieg-san on her day off, and I will thank her then.

As I knew everyone, I had already thanked the War King's executive subordinates, the Five Generals. As for Isis-san, I have already thanked Iris-san for her help, and as for Polaris-san, the newcomer who recently joined the group, she hasn't participated in the battle with the God Realm.

So, there is no need to ask again about the War King and Death King camp.

The remaining camps would be the Dragon King, the World King, and the Phantasmal King's camps…… As for the Dragon King's executives, the Four Great Demon Dragons, I'm already acquainted with Fafnir-san and Frea-san, so there are two among them that I've never met.

I've never met any of the Seven Princesses other than Camellia-san, so there are six here.

As for the Phantasmal King's executives, the Ten Demons, I've never met any of them except for Pandora-san and Catastro-san, so I'm not acquainted with eight of them…… In this situation, I think it would be better to meet with the side that has the most people first, so I'll thank the Ten Demons first.

Moreover, Alice is always around, so it's easy to ask her for an introduction.

With that in mind, I told Alice that I wanted to meet her executives in person and thank them for their support…… but for some reason, Alice had this really complicated expression on her face.

Eh What's with that response

[……I see, I could understand how you feel, Kaito-san. But even so, I'd like to give you a suggestion.]


[……How about you just ignore my executives Well, I don't think they need to be thanked or anything.]

[No, there's no way I could do that. Even if they were doing it for themselves, they still helped me in that battle……]

[I see, well, if that's what Kaito-san wants…… Haahhh……]

Hmmm, seriously, what's with her reaction Rather than affirmation or rejection, it feels like there's resignation mixed with her voice……

As I tilted my head at Alice's unexpected reaction, she took out something that looked like a magic tool and spoke.

[……Pandora, get over here ASAP.]

Seconds after Alice talked through the magic tool, Pandora-san appeared in the room and looking at me once, she bowed her head.

Arehh Doesn't the atmosphere around Pandora-san feel kinda different She look kinda sharp……

As I was thinking about this, looking as if she understood my doubts, Alice glanced at me before explaining.

[Ahh~~ I kind of understand what Kaito-san is thinking, so I'll explain…… This girl, she's actually excellent. Her personality is usually outrageous, but that's because she's just showing her true colors when she senses that the atmosphere was lax to some extent, but she'll get serious when need be. Moreover, I don't need to tell her in advance that "this stuff's serious" or anything like that, as she can already tell from my voice and the atmosphere around me when I called her. As for her capabilities, putting aside their combat power, I feel like she's on the same level with Ein-san.]

[That's amazing……]

It's amazing, but for Alice to just naturally attach Ein-san's name with "all-around excellence"…… No, well, I guess it's amazing how much I can understand that……

And I guess that goes for Pandora-san too. She must be really skillful if Alice is saying that much. It was just that her perversion was just too much that that part of her was standing out too much, but there's no doubt that she's incredibly talented to be called the Head of Phantasmal King's billions of subordinates.

Come to think of it, Alice once said that "if only her sexual inclinations were normal, she would have nothing to complain about", so I guess she really is amazing.

However, arehh The excellent Pandora-san heard Alice's voice and decided that "today's matter is serious" Isn't that strange

[……Shalltear-sama, what seems to be the matter]

[Kaito-san wants to personally thank you for that matter back then, and he wants to be introduced to the executives.]


Yes, I was just asking to be introduced to the Ten Demons. That shouldn't be anything that could be considered as an emergency…… but why is it that Pandora-san also has that complicated expression on her face

[……I see, Shalltear-sama. It might be impertinent of me, but I have a suggestion.]

[Say it.]

[I will now depart, and "sealing up half of them and drown them in the sea", so why don't we have "someone stand in" for them until Miyama-sama finishes his greetings]

[That's a very attractive proposal.]

Wait a moment there! What the heck are you two talking about with such serious expressions on your faces Eh I'm starting to feel freaking uneasy here…… are the Ten Demons really that dangerous

I do remember hearing from Alice a little bit about how many of them have bug-level loyalty but…… Eh Are they on the level that you're even hesitating to make them meet me!

Serious-senpai : [Choosing to meet the pervert group first, isn't that like starting with the climax……]

: [Seriously, can't we just temporarily quarantine some of these perverts……]-

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