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I was very happy to reach 1,000,000 page views, so as a special extra chapter, Ill be posting the story of the heroines that arrived until this chapter.

There are 5 stories in total, and the order will be Kuromueina ⇒ Isis ⇒ Sieglinde ⇒ Lilia ⇒ Alice.

This times chapter is dedicated to our precious harbinger of death, Isis.

Still feeling drowsy that morning, I felt my body being gently rocked.

I feel like Im being slowly rocked on a cradle, and as my consciousness slowly awakens, I feel a soft touch on my cheek just before I completely wake up.

[……Kaito…… Its morning……]

[Hnnn…… Isis-san Good morning.]

Feeling the touch of her kiss on my cheek, I felt happiness as I opened my eyes, seeing Isis-sans face with a gentle smile on her lips.

[……Good morning…… Breakfast…… is ready.]

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[Thank you. Ill get up now.]


Hearing her sweet and gentle voice, I sit up and look at Isis-san.

Isis-san has her long hair in a ponytail and is wearing a white ruffled apron, adding a homely vibe to her usual cuteness, making her even more attractive than usual.

After thanking Isis-san for waking me up, I went to the bathroom to wash my face before heading to the kitchen.

Thereupon, Isis-san is waiting for me, along with a simple but very tasty looking breakfast on the table that she had prepared.

After saying our thanks for the food we are about to eat at the dining table today, we began to eat our food, and the gentle flavors of the food slowly seeped into my body as I woke up from sleep.

Its already half a year since we came back to my world, and Isis-sans cooking skills have been improving, making me look forward to eating these days.

[Ah, thats right, Isis-san. Would you like to go to the amusement park with me today]

[……Amusement park]

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[Yes. Errr, how should I say this…… Its like a place filled with playground equipment.]

[……That…… sounds like fun…… but……]

Hearing my words as we ate, Isis-san glanced at me with a confused expression on her face and moved her gaze.

Her gaze led to the TV in the living room with a not so serious news program, but a slightly occult program instead, showing a content that seems to be some sort of seven wonders within our city.

And on the programs title card placed on the bottom of the screen, the segment was titled “Bizarre! The Diagonal Crossing Engulfed in Silence!”.

The content of the show is about an incident that actually happened two months ago…… where people disappeared from a crowded diagonal crossing in the middle of the day.

Incidentally, it seems that all the people who were there said “I dont know why, but I felt like I was going to die when I was there”……

Yep. It was actually because of…… Isis-san.

Two months ago, Isis-san and I were out shopping for clothes when we passed through that diagonal crossing.

The power of Isis-sans magic power of death is just as effective in this world as it is in that world but…… If Isis-san is in a good mood, its power is weakened.

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To be more specific, if Isis-san is truly happy, the effect of her magic power of death will weaken to the extent that it would only frighten others who are a bit distant from her.

So, it wasnt a problem at first. Even when she was doing stuff like waiting for the traffic light to change colors, the other people would instinctively keep a distance away from her to keep themselves from being uncomfortable…… However, that happened exactly because Isis-sans magic power of death had weakened.

Isis-san is a ridiculously beautiful girl, and shes naturally quite the eye-catcher…… In a sense, it was inevitable that those who were in a position where the influence of her magic power of death couldnt reach would have their eyes attention stolen away by Isis-san.

And thats when a little group of delinquent-ish described me, the one who was holding hands with Isis-san as a “dull fellow”.

Im well aware that Im quite dull compared to Isis-sans good looks, and I wasnt particularly concerned about it on my part but…… When she recognized it as me, being treated like a fool, Isis-san got angry and her magic power of death intensely spread out…… And at that moment, the people in the surrounding area began fleeing like scattering spiderlings.

Immediately noticing that they were running, I also started running away with the people holding Isis-sans hand, but I didnt notice that Isis-san was the cause so…… Isis-san is terribly concerned about what happened to me, and that she got me in trouble.

[……I will…… get Kaito in trouble…… again.]

[I dont think thats a bother at all. Its nothing compared to the happiness of being able to go on a date with Isis-san.]


[And you see, if Isis-san is happy, your magic power of death is weakened…… As long as I can make Isis-san happy all day long, there shouldnt be any problem, right]

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Telling her my heartfelt thoughts with a smile on my face, Isis-san happily smiled.

Moreover, to begin with, rather than being a bother…… Even the fact that Im able to live alone with Isis-san like this, thanks to the jewels she brought to this world, I feel like Im the one indebted to her instead.

After breakfast, we departed by car and arrived at the amusement park just before it opened.

It should have been a weekday today, but the place was surprisingly crowded with people.

While entwining my fingers with Isis-san…… the so-called “holding hands with fingers interlocked”, I bought our tickets and entered the park.

[……Amazing…… Its so big.]

[Yes, this is quite the famous amusement park…… Now then, Isis-san. Where shall we start]


Holding out the pamphlet so that Isis-san, who was surprised after seeing the amusement park for the first time, could see it, I asked her where to start.

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As usual, people dont come close to the 1-meter perimeter, but even as a weekday, the place is fairly busy…… So being in this situation isnt strange.

[……Oi, that girl is really cute.]

[Youre right~~ Its like shes a doll!]

[A foreigner Is that fellow her boyfriend He doesnt look too gre——-!]

The moment a group of several men and women noticed us and we overheard such a conversation……. I sensed Isis-sans mood get a little bad.

The moment I thought it would turn bad, I strongly pulled Isis-sans body with the hand holding hers, and holding her body within my embrace, I stole her lips.


Feeling Isis-sans soft and sweet lips, her beautiful red eyes widened in surprise, but she quickly closed them and leaned her body against me.

After enjoying that few seconds of happiness, as if the two of us were the only people in the world, I let go of her lips.

[……Fuaahh…… Kaito]

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[Isis-san, please dont worry about what the other people think…… Today, right now, dont think about anyone else…… Please only look at me! Please only think of me!]

To be honest, saying this line feels very embarrassing, especially since we were now obviously attracting lots of attention and high-pitched squeals from people around us.

However, in order to enjoy todays date with Isis-san, I have to make sure that shes happy all day long…… To achieve that, this level of shame is cheap.

Hearing my words I told her while looking straight into her eyes, Isis-san nodded, her eyes became a bit moist and her cheeks dyed red.

[……Unnn…… I will only…… look at Kaito.]

Hugging Isis-sans body tightly as she adorably told me that, we decided to stop being the other peoples attraction and start heading towards the attractions of the place itself, keeping our bodies even closer than before.

I knew it was the right choice to go on a weekday, as we didnt have to wait in line for any of the attractions, and we were able to smoothly enjoy them.

While we went around riding the coffee cup, merry-go-round, roller coaster and other standard attractions, Isis-san had a really happy smile on her face and was hugging my arm tightly.

[……Kaito…… Its really…… fun…… Im really…… happy.]

[Im also having fun and happy because Isis-san is here with me.]

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Since the fact that this is an amusement park originally filled with couples and families, Im glad that it hasnt developed into a bone-chilling situation since the first incident.

Of course, Isis-sans appearance is eye-catching, but because of the fact that shes flirting a lot with me, we didnt hear anyone voicing out any disparaging comments towards me.

Riding attractions one after another, when the park was beginning to turn reddish-blue in the evening, I decided to ride the Ferris wheel with Isis-san.

Being a famous amusement park, they also have a very big Ferris wheel…… Walking into the gondola with Isis-san, we sit next to each other.

[……Its really…… beautiful.]

[They have a really great view of the area.]

Seeing Isis full of admiration for the beautiful scenery that can be seen from the Ferris wheel with a smile on her, I smiled too.

Isis-san stares at the scenery with sparkling eyes for a little while, then slowly leans back against me.

[……Kaito….. Thank you…… Ive never been…… this happy before.]

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Hugging Isis-sans small shoulders as she leans on me, we stare at each other as she happily smiles.

Isis-sans beautiful red eyes that only reflect my face naturally close in and as if they were drawn together, our shadows overlap with each other.

[……Hnnn….. Chuu…… Nuahh…… Chuuu…… Kaito…… Hnnn…… I love you…… I love you so much.]

[……Isis-san, I love you too.]

[……Kaito…… always…… be with me.]

[Yes. I will always be by your side.]

As if to confirm each other, imprinting our souls so that those words become definite, our bodies are close together, without even space between them, exchanging our warmth.

I dont know how much more time we have more before this gondola returns back to the ground…… but until then, I only want to think about my beloved Isis-san.

[……Kaito….. I love you so much…… that Ive always been afraid…… that all that happened is just a dream…… Kaito…… I love you so much…… that I dont feel like my love will ever end…… and I feel…… that I will love you…… Kaito….. even more than before.]

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[……Isis-san. Its the same with me. Isis-san, I fell in love with you, over and over again…… I love you.]

[…… I also…… love you.]

(T/N: D*mn japs and their different ways of saying love! Ill never forgive the Japanese! Anyway, Kaito first said “suki”, then the second love is “ai**eru”, which is only said when youre really serious about it afaik. Isis also replies with the same ai**eru.)

It really is quite an impossibly blessed miracle that I met Isis-san.

Your magic power of death, even if it has a tendency to keep others at a distance…… I will never let go of you, Isis-san.

Im sure that the little warmth I have in my arms right now is what makes me happy…… and Im sure that the future were going to be walking through with Isis-san by my side……. will also be a happy one.

Serious-senpai, welcome back…… Now, die.

Serious-senpai: “Whhhhyyyyy aaaareeeee yooooouuuu doooooiiiinnnngg thhiiiiiiiiss tooo meeeeeeee!!! You demon, devil incarnate!”

After Kuromueinas Arc starts, I dont think there would be that much time to insert this, so here you go.

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Before I knew it, Ive already got 10 million page views huh……

Additional Information for this extra chapter.Kaito and Isis are lovers.After a year, Kaito returns to his former world, and Isis follows him.Isis is affectionate (dere). Shes hecking affectionate…… Wait, shes affectionate right from the start.Its a “What if” chapter, so the other characters, who would definitely follow along in this situation, arent here.Theyre just flirting here, but theyre sweet enough youd be waking up as a little pony tomorrow and throwing up rainbows.

T/N: 39/209-

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