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After a while of chatting more than I expected, as we may have been too excited, I walked off the coffee shop with Frea-san.

As we were chatting with each other while walking, Frea-san seemed to have suddenly thought of something and spoke.

[……Ahh, that's right, my comrade. If it is possible, I have a favor I'd like to ask of you.]

[A favor Yes, if I can be of help……]

[If it's possible, would you introduce me to Duchess Lilia Albert]


I couldn't help but tilt my head as I hadn't expected what Frea-san had asked for, but looking like she immediately understood my question from my expression, she explained.

[As I'm sure comrade is aware of, Magnawell-sama is currently dispatching subordinates to the Flying Dragon Flight of Representative Mary. And just today, the members of my Crimson Fang have been transferred to the Flying Dragon Flight, so if possible, I would like to say a few words.]

[Fumu…… Errr, I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge, but who are these Crimson Fang fellows]

[There are four troops under the command of Magnawell-sama, commanded by us, the Four Great Demon Dragons. The "Tempest Wings", led by Fafnir, the "Ocean Scales", led by Eingana, the "Earthen Tail", led by Grandiereus, and my "Crimson Fang".]

(T/N: I was originally going for colors, but I couldn't find any color for Tail, but I also couldn't do elements. There's no way I'm going to name Fafnir's team as Black Wind Wings.)

[I see.]

[Our four troops have been dispatching Flying Dragons to Representative Mary's Flying Dragon Flight on a regular rotation, and today, I come to the royal capital to see off my subordinates.]

Hearing what Frea-san said, I understood. She seemed to be a very caring person and took good care of her subordinates, so the reason why she came to see them off was very fitting.

[Fafnir had already greeted them when they signed the contract, so strictly speaking, there was no need for me to go and greet them myself. But since my subordinates will be in their care, I think it would be polite to say a few words. I have already greeted Representative Mary a few days ago…… but the Flying Dragon Flight's owner, Duchess Lilia Albert, had a somewhat special position, so I'm hesitating.]

Speaking of which, I think I heard somewhere in passing that Lilia-san is the owner of Mary's Flying Dragon Flight.

[What do you mean with a special position]

[There are various kinds of business owners. Some of them just lease the land, while others invest a lot and have a say in the management…… As an outsider, I have no idea to what extent Duchess Albert is involved in the Flying Dragon Flight.]


[Since she's a Duchess, she must be very busy and if I go through the normal procedure of asking for a visit, it will take me a certain amount of time.So, I was wondering whether I should greet her or just send her a written message…… but I heard that my comrade is close to Duchess Lilia Albert, so I figured that if I could have you directly introduce me, it would save me a lot of trouble.]

[I see……]

I don't know if I should say that she really possesses a strong sense of duty, but although it hasn't been that long since we met, I think I've gotten a pretty good idea of what kind of person Frea-san is.

[Of course, I understand that this was an impolite request of mine, so I have no problem at all if you refuse. However, what do you think]

[It's alright. Then, let's go to my house. Since it's Lilia-san, she will probably make some time for me soon, but I'll check with her just in case.]

[Yeah, thank you.]

I haven't heard anything about Lilia-san going out today, so I'm sure she'll be at the mansion, and given her personality, I'm sure she'll make some time if I told her the details.

However, I'm not completely sure about this, so I decided to ask her to come to my house instead of Lilia-san's mansion for the time being. That way, even if Lilia-san wasn't available today, I could still entertain Frea-san at my place.

After coming back to my home with Frea-san and leading her to the guest room, I walked to Lilia-san's mansion through the corridor connecting our homes.

I did ask one of the maids I saw on the way, and she told me that Lilia-san was in her office. That should mean that she must be working on paperwork or dealing with letters.

Finally arriving at her office, Lilia-san welcomed me with open arms.

[Excuse me, Lilia-san. I'm sorry for bothering your work.]

[No, no, it's alright. So, do you need something]

[Yes, there's someone who would like to greet Lilia-san so…… Unnn]


As I tried to explain what had happened, Lilia-san's expression changed to a serious one, and with a fluid motion, she took out a small bottle and drank the medicine that was in it.

[……My Lady You do know that drinking stomach medicine first wouldn't prevent you from getting stomachaches, right]

[I know but…… I'm already feeling my stomach aching. After all, Kaito-san got acquainted with some unbelievably outrageous person again, isn't it…… I already know what's happening next! How many times did you think I've experienced this!]


I don't know if I should say that someone who has accumulated experience is really on a different level or not…… but seriously, I'm sorry for everything, Lilia-san.

[……So, Kaito-san. Who did you meet this time]

[Ah, errr…… Frea-san…… Freabell Nidzveld-san.]


I was scared of Lilia-san, who was supposed to be smiling, but gives off an intimidating aura around her, but when I told her about Frea-san, Lilia-san stiffened, as if time had stopped.

Did she faint No, the atmosphere around her was kinda different than usual……

[……Nidzveld-sama One of the Four Great Demon Dragons, known as the "Sky Dragon of the Extinction Flames", Freabell Nidzveld-sama]

[Y- Yes.]

[The first Wyvern in history that became a Special Individual, and the strongest Flying Dragon with scales as red as blazing flames. It was also said that she was the origin of the Wyvern's Special Individual's name "Nidhogg". The commander of the Crimson Fang and is trusted by her subordinates, and it is said that those who adore her raise the emblem of the three red claws, which is her symbol…… That Nidzveld-sama!]

[E- Errr, I don't really know that much…… but it's probably the same person.]

When I nodded in response to Lilia-san's body, her body shook before she grabbed my hand with both of her hands.

[Kaito-san! Thank you very much!!!]


[It's not a problem for us to meet, so of course, let's meet right away…… Ahh. No, please wait a moment. I'm just going to make myself presentable for a few minutes!!!]

How should I say this…… With a look of excitement on her face, Lilia-san ran out of the office. She probably went to freshen up her appearance.

After seeing her off in a daze, I turned to Luna-san who was still in the room and asked.

[……Umm, Luna-san What's with Lilia-san's reaction just now]

[Ahh~~ Well, My Lady…… she's a big fan of Nidzveld-sama. In other words, she's like the hero that she admires. The pen that My Lady usually uses…… Ahh, I'm talking about that pen on the desk. That is a limited edition Sky Dragon-model pen made by a certain Trading Company.]

Ahh~~ Speaking of which, that really was the case, wasn't it Lilia-san did like Dragons…… That's why, this time, she wasn't angry at me, and was happy instead……

With that in mind, I looked at the desk. I see…… It was just as Luna-san said, the pen that Lilia-san had left behind had a familiar red claw-like mark on it.

I mean, collab products like this exist huh…… It seems like there are still lots of things I don't know about this world…… F- For the time being…… I'm glad that she wasn't mad at me.

Serious-senpai : [Ahh~~ Speaking of which, this is the first time that Kaito brings someone from Dragon King's camp……]

Makina : [Well then, the corner where Mother answers my children's questions, Part 2 has come!]

Serious-senpai : [What about the flow of conversation!]

Makina : [The question today is this!]

Q : About the difference in Kaito and Shallow Vernal's height that was written in the Activity Report

Makina : [It's been a long time, but this question was talking about what was written in the Activity Report when the series was still in its infancy. In fact, when the Light Novel was published, the detailed Character Profiles were redesigned, and the height of my beloved child and Shallow Vernal were both changed to 169cm. Incidentally, other than the two of them, Kuromueina and Alice's height has also changed. This has been explained in the form of a quiz in a previous Afterword.]

Serious-senpai : [Ahh~~ So the Character details settings are decided when the Light Novel is published huh. Does that mean you have the details about my height]

Makina : [Of course. Incidentally, Serious-senpai's official height is 150cm and I'm actually 150cm, so we're the same! By the way, Paradise is 140cm tall. Maybe someday, when there's a chance, I'll show you some of the other character's heights!]-

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