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After we finished playing beach volleyball, we continued to enjoy the beach. We played the classic watermelon splitting game and changing the pairings we had in the morning, we played various things.

How should I say this…… It was like we really had spent the whole day playing, and by the time the ocean became dyed in the redness of dusk, my body felt an indescribable sense of comfortable fatigue.

And as expected from the beach Laguna-san has recommended, the sunset at this beach was beautiful as well. I could see the sun sinking into the horizon, and it was so beautiful that I regretted not having something like a camera at hand.

[We've played a lot today, didn't we.]

[……Unnn…… It was…… really fun.]

Hearing the words I muttered, Isis-san nodded, and I could see everyone else also had bright expressions on their faces. How should I say this…… It feels peaceful……. but it also feels a bit sad, knowing that the fun time is coming to an end.

[Sounds like a good way to bring this trip to an end~~]

[It's quite nice to watch the sunset at the end, isn't it Well, if we had finished up in the evening, it would have been great if we could have some fireworks……]

As Fate-san lazily spoke while looking at the sunset, Alice laxly replied. Thereupon, hearing their words, Shiro-san lightly brought her hand on her chin and muttered.

[……Fumu, fireworks huh. I see, that certainly might be great to have at the end.]

[Unnn Shiro, are you going to set off fireworks Well, that certainly was a good idea. It's still a little bright, but there are no obstructions in the scenery anyway, so I think it will still be a beautiful sight.]

[Well then, let's do it at once……]

Hearing Kuro's approval, Shiro-san lightly waved her hand in the direction of the ocean. Thereupon, cannon-like things rose up from the sea…… from the flow of the conversation, those things should be the tubes where the fireworks would shoot off…… "and there's a whole lot of them".

[Fireworks huh…… I hadn't seen them that much, but it should be quite the spectacular sight, isn't it]

[……No, that is……]

[……Y- Yes…… As expected…… Isn't that too many]

Anima exclaimed in admiration upon seeing the large number of tubes lined up on the sea, but Sieg-san and Lilia-san looked perplexed. I know exactly what the two of them were feeling…… I mean, I probably have the expression on my face right now.

However, reality is a cruel mistress. Not waiting for me to calm my thoughts, I saw the fuses from the large number of cannons "simultaneously ignite".

[……Shallow Vernal-sama, how many fireworks were you setting off]

[Referring to the fireworks display of Kaito-san's world, I had set off "5 thousand" fireworks.]

[Heehhh…… It's quite a large scale. But as far as I could see, all the fuses were lit up though…… There's no way that "they're all going to set off at the same time"]

[Unnn "Was simultaneously setting all of them off no good"]


After confirming with Shiro-san what was probably bothering all of us, Alice looked somewhat dumbfounded as she let out a sigh, and instantly moved in front of me, standing in a position to protect me.

And at the same time, out of the corner of my eye, I could see what seemed to be Alice's clone standing in front of Sieg-san…… and with a thunderous roar that seemed to shake the air, the sky was enveloped in a tremendous light.

It was truly a huge explosion, but I didn't feel any shock or sound reverberating in my ears, nor did I feel much glare even with the light around me, probably because Alice was firmly protecting me. She really is a swift person that I can rely on.

[……You've been acting decent all day, so why is it that your airheadedness popped out at the last minute Well, in a way, I guess it's just like Shiro to do something like this…… I guess I've gotten sloppy.]

[Mnhhh…… For someone who was getting in Alice's way earlier and won't stop putting your Identification Title: Baby Castellas away, lacking-individuality-Kuro sure has got some things to say huh.]


[Now, now, both of you, calm down.]

At any rate, as soon as I recovered from the shock, I saw that Shiro-san and Kuro were about to start fighting, so I intervened and stopped them from fighting.

Incidentally, since that incident in the God Realm, Kuro and Shiro-san have been getting along better than ever…… They were now able to talk to each other more honestly and without reservation. But in proportion to this, it seems that the number of their quarrels has also increased.

They've already gone at it once today about their swimsuits, so I have to make sure to stop them from doing it a second time. Well, unlike Eden-san, if I intervene like this, they would obediently stop, so there shouldn't be any problem.

[……It sounded…… amazing…… but won't the Hydra Kingdom…… and the Gods…… be surprised]

[Hmmm. As expected, no one would rudely step in this situation with Shallow Vernal-sama being with us, but I'm sure they're definitely curious what happened, so I'll contact God of Time and Space and God of Life.]

In the first place, the people in this place have tremendous abilities, so even with such a huge explosion, it doesn't seem like anyone is confused. On the contrary, they were calmly dealing with the aftermath instead.

[Alice-sama, thank you.]

[No, no. Well, I didn't think it was necessary, but you know, just in case.]

[……Ummm, why is it that I wasn't protected though……]

[In my mind, you aren't really categorized as someone who needs to be protected. As for you and Anima-san, you will be treated as Count-level, High-ranking Demons. Well, to put it simply…… Weren't you able to protect yourself already]

[Ah, yes.]

Moving my gaze, I saw Sieg-san, Alice, Lilia-san and Anima gathered together, talking with each other.

[It means that Alice-sama also recognizes your power, Lili. As for me, I'm a bit envious.]

[Well, that certainly might be the case…… but still…… I- I'm also a f- "frail lady" after all, so……]

[ [ [ …………………. ] ] ]

Hmmm, was it just my imagination The beach, which was supposed to be rather warm, suddenly felt a little chilly……

[……Listen here, Anima-san. When someone who usually doesn't act as the boke gets carried away and thinks "Let's try to say something unique once in a while", a "big incident" like this will happen. I understand that you're a serious person, but you should have some humorous conversations sometime so that you could avoid this kind of "serious injuries" when the time comes.]

[……Yes. I'll keep that in mind. I feel like I've seen something terrifying.]


[……Please, Sieg, don't say another word.]

……Now then, it seems that while I was feeling a bit chilly, Lilia-san has suffered a serious mental injury. I would probably need to make a quick follow-up here.

How should I say this…… I guess it's as Kuro said…… We might certainly have gotten sloppy for thinking otherwise, but it seems like everyone is, in a way, the same as usual.

With a wry smile on my face as I had such a thought in mind, I called out as gently as I could to Lilia-san, whose face was blushing red and looked like she was about to cry.

Makina : [……We've seen something horrifying. Well, I guess Lilia also gets excited too sometimes…… but that was quite the major slip-up, she did. I'm more of a "serious character" myself, so I also have to be careful about incidents like this.]

Serious-senpai : […….Eh]

Makina : [……Eh]-

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