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After Alice and Megiddo-san were taken away by Kuro, I am currently talking to Magnawell-san about the main issue.

Incidentally, Isis-san really is a kind person, and after she said that she would help Lillywood-san, she went towards Lillywood-san to repair the mountains and the ground.

For some reason though, Lillywood-san said “Just the thought is enough. So, please dont approach here!”, but I dont know the reason why. No, Id like to pretend that I dont know…… Ahh, she broke another mountain again.

“……Fumu, I see.”

[What do you think]

I returned my gaze to the voice I heard beneath my feet.

Currently, Im on top of Magnawell-sans face as we talk.

The reason for this is because compared to Magnawell-sans size, I would be like a grain of rice to him, and he wont be able to talk without lower his head quite a bit, and considering that if he were to step carelessly, he might make me fall on my butt again, so he let me ride above his head while talking with him.

Well, Magnawell-sans face alone is as big as a mountain, so talking like this is making me feel like Ive been talking with the voice resounding from the vast grounds……

“If you had let her play-bite your neck twice, even though you yourself dont know about it, then the white dragon must have recognized you as her mate. If you try to pull her away, shell probably act violently, and as a child, she probably doesnt know yet how to judge things properly.”

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[……I see, what do you think I should do]

“I think its best if you take responsibility and become her master but…… wouldnt it be better if you determine what to do hereafter”

[Yeah, about that…… Ive already made up my mind.]

“……Fumu, then thats good. I dont need to hear your answers. If you think your decision is something you shouldnt be ashamed of, raise your head while threading through the path youve chosen.”

What Magnawell-san is asking was…… the question of whether I will return to my former world or stay in this world after I finish spending one year.

I was quite confused when I received Isis-sans confession, but Ive already sorted that out in my mind.

Currently, the only person who knows about it…… is Shiro-san, who I discussed that matter with, to which, Shiro-san has promised to cooperate.

“Since youve talked about this white dragon child about me…… That must mean you have some purpose for coming to visit me.”

[……Yes. I heard in the Archlesia Empire that Magnawell-san is giving them monsters every year, am I mistaken]

“Umu. I see now…… Youre going to ask me to give you one of my dragons.”

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[Yes. Ah, of course I will pay you. If thats not possible, if you could tell me where I could acquire some, I will try to negotiate with them there.]

The reason I came to visit Magnawell-san was simply to ask for advice, but I also remembered what Alice had told me at the monster racetrack before.

I thought about simply going to the monster racetrack and buy it, but I dont know much about dragon breeds, so I dont think Id know which one to buy and there may also be a chance that other people who would want to buy it.

However, it seems to be common in this world to keep monsters as pets, so there might be other places to purchase them besides the monster racetrack.

With all those questions I had in mind, I thought I should consult Magnawell-san, the Dragon King.

“I dont mind…… is what Id like to say, but I have to say that its difficult at the moment.”

[……What do you mean]

“I dont just thoughtlessly bestow monsters to humanity. Monsters possess individual strength much greater than animals. If there are too many of them, the ecosystem can be disrupted, so I am making adjustments. Im not interested in killing the weak without mercy…… But to these beings that I dont have any choice since they held little intelligence, I have casted Subordination Magic to them and bestowed to the humans the monsters that they were able to keep. What that means is that it matters not to me whether I bestow it to you or to someone else.”

[……I see, that means there are no such monsters at the moment.]

“No, there are some…… but none of them surpasses the white dragon. A white dragon is a fairly high-ranking monster…… That Flying Dragon Services has a good supply of great monsters.”

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Apparently, Magnawell-san seems to be the one managing the ecosystem of the Demon Realm, and has been giving away the monsters that have increased too much.

And the white dragon is a really high-ranking monster, and it seems to be quite scarce.

Certainly, Driver-san also said that the white dragon is rare, and its not easy to find.

I am aware that this is a difficult request to make to begin with, so Ill go talk to the manager of the monster racetrack next and see what I can find.

“However, there also exists another way.”


“Since things are so peaceful these days, there are many of my men who have lots of spare time on their hands. I will send some of them to that Flying Dragon Services. Of course, it wouldnt be for free. They will have to pay a contract fee…… However, Ill keep it at a reasonable price, on the condition that they turn over the white dragon to me.”

[……Is that alright]

“Umu. Its just as well that Im having trouble keeping my subordinates together.”

[Thank you very much.]

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It seems that Magnawell-san will sign a contract to dispatch his subordinates to that Flying Dragon Services.

The details will likely have to be discussed with the people of the Flying Dragon Services before things can be confirmed, but I think I could see some hope in the situation.

[That would be a great help.]

“No, its alright. Being courted by a dragonkin…… makes you an increasingly interesting human. All dragonkin are my family…… You should take good care of her.”


I firmly nodded at Magnawell-sans words he calmly said.

Thereupon, just at that moment, the rocky mountain that had been reflected in my field of vision collapsed again. However, immediately afterwards, the rocky mountains that were supposed to have disappeared appeared.

“……Good grief, these fellows…… Are they going to fix it or break it…… Well, I guess its Isis thats breaking them.”

[I think I can hear Lillywood-san screaming. W- Well, I dont think Isis-san is intentionally doing it but……]

“Shes first-rate at breaking things, but shes not very good at fixing things…… However, Im afraid Lillywood-san will be too pitiful if this keeps up…… Miyama Kaito, we need to give her some help.]

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[Eh Ah, yes.]

I very much agreed that Lillywood-san was quite pitiful, but not understanding the meaning of the words that followed, I tilted my head.

Then, Magnawell-san slowly raises his head and speaks in the direction where Isis-san and Lillywood-san are probably located.

“Isis…… Miyama Kaito said he wants to talk to you.”



The moment Magnawell-san said those words, Isis-san appeared in front of me…… shes really fast.

Anyway, now I know what Magnawell-sans intentions are. In other words, he wants me to talk with Isis-san until Lillywood-san finishes her repairs.

[……Errr, ahh, thats right! Isis-san, its about the book you gave me the other day……]

[……Have you finished reading it ……Im glad.]

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[Yes, so Id like to hear what you think about that book, Isis-san.]


Seeing Isis-san smiling happily at my words, I smile too.

When I see the glowing words “Thank you for the help.” floating in the position of the rocky mountain that was broken earlier, I can feel how troubled Lillywood-san is.

Well, I enjoy talking to Isis-san and if it can help Lillywood-san, I think its safe to say that Im killing two birds with one stone.

“You enjoy talking with Isis…… huh…… You really are different.”

I thought I heard a gentle whisper from somewhere.

Dear Mom, Dad—— I talked to Magnawell-san about the baby dragon, and he really helped me out with a pretty great idea. However, even if thats so——- I feel sorry for Lillywood-san.

Isis: “……Lillywood…… Ill also…… help.”

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Lillywood: “Ahh! If you put that ridiculous amount of magic power into it……”

Isis: “……Arehh ……It broke…… Im sorry.”

Lillywood: “I- Its alright, Isis. Just the thought is enough. I was very about it…… B- But, this area already cant……”

Isis: “……Next time…… Ill do well.”

Lillywood: “…… (Someone help me.)”

This conversation may have been happening there.

New Information: Kaito has already decided what hes going to do after the year ends.

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