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Ive come to the Dragons Mountain Range in the Southern Area of the Demon Realm to consult about the baby dragon.

Rocky surfaces peek out all over the area, and large rocky mountains lined up in rows…… In a way, this might fit the image of the Demon Realm that I imagined at the very beginning.

[……Alice, I want to ask you something.]

[What is it]

[……Is using Teleportation Magic impossible to do in this area]

[No, not really. We can use Teleportation Magic, Flight Magic is also possible, but to be honest, I thought it was much faster to throw you rather than running while carrying you…… but when I remembered about it, throwing you looked more interesting, so I just went with the flow—— Ouch!]

Im grateful to you for bringing me here. But, there really was another way as I thought!

I began hitting Alice, who was unashamedly telling me that she enjoyed throwing me while I scream.

[……You really are……]

[Well~~ Kaito-sans screams were also quite dreamy. I feel Im about to awaken to something new…… Arehh Why am I somehow feeling shivers……]

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The moment Alice muttered that, a huge icicle appears in the direction of where my body is being thrown.

And as the huge icicle shattered and turned into pieces of ice shards beautifully dancing like flower petals, Isis-san appeared with completely glazed eyes.


[A- Arehh…… I- I- If it isnt Isis-san……]


[Youre not even going to let me explain! Wait, Isis-san! Ginyaaahhh!]

[……Youre bullying Kaito…… You trash……. I will kill you.]

[Higyaahhhh! Wait a mo-! Using Absolute Zero here is dangeerrrooooussss!]

Alice is blown high into the sky while being half-frozen by Isis-san, while Isis-san jumps in pursuit of her.

And then, the rocky mountains in my field of vision….. turned into icebergs one after another.

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“Whats happening here Youre all being noisy……”

[! Magnawell-san!]

A scene beyond human understanding was unfolding before my eyes…… No, it would be better to say that even if I had seen earlier that Alice is being chased by Isis-san, I cant see their figures with my naked eyes…… Anyway, while I was dumbfounded looking at them, a huge face appeared from the mountains along with the rumbling of the earth.

Even though I understand how big Magnawell-sans size is, Im still astonished when he came out.

“Unnn Ohh, if it isnt Miyama Kaito! Im glad youve come.”

[Ah, yes. Wait, whoa!]

When Magnawell-san found me, he took a step forward, sounding a little happy.

However, the important thing now is that unlike when we met before…… Lillywood-san isnt with me right now. That also means that the barrier magic she used at that time wasnt applied to me.

Magnawell-san single step caused an earthquake, and although it was somewhat weakened by the rocky mountains, the wind pressure is enough to make me fall on my butt.

“Ah, Im sorry……”

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[……Dont bully…… Kaito.]

“Wha! Wait right there, Isis! What are you suddenly——- Nuuoohhh!”

The moment I fell on my butt, Isis-san, who was supposed to be chasing Alice just now, appeared, and the next moment, Magnawell-sans huge body thats beyond common sense flew through the air.

Apparently, she thought that I had fallen on my butt because Magnawell-san was bullying me…… And shes not being lenient at all.

Or rather, Isis-san, you can just blow away someone as big as Magnawell-san! A- As expected of one of the Six Kings……

Thereupon, Magnawell-san dropped down, and as if a missile had fallen down on that area, a cloud of dust rose up.

Naturally, the tremendous earthquake and wind pressure should have hit me, but before I knew it, I was enclosed in a thin blue membrane, muffling the impact I should have received.

From that barrier that Isis-san must have put up, I could sense that she was truly concerned about me and trying to protect me, and even though it might be inappropriate for me to feel this in a situation like this, it made me a little happy.

“Isis…… You b*stard…… If youre trying to stir up a fight, then I will fight you.”

[……Shut up…… Lizard…… Dont bully…… Kaito.]

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[Ahh, geez! If I didnt speak up earlier, you would have just thrown Maximum Magic at me!!! The only person I allow to have some ** play with me is Kaito-san, you know!!!]

With an obviously grim atmosphere, Magnawell-san gets up and soon after, one of the iceberg shatters and Alice floats into the air.

Arehh Doesnt this look really bad It kinda looks like a Great Kaijuu War is about to begin……

The air trembles as their tremendous magic power clashes with each other.

I thought the entire area around us was going to be wiped out if this continued, so I spoke, somehow stopping the three of them.

[Wait, everyone…… Calm down……]

[Doesnt this look quite fun! I will be joining too!!!]

[Where the heck did this battle freak come out!]

As if to sneer at my attempt of stopping everyone, a pillar of fire rises out of nowhere and Megiddo-san appears.

Ahh, this is no good. Things are going out of control……

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[……I wont let…… anyone of you…… bully Kaito.]

“I dont know what youve been talking about…… But if you want to fight, I will gladly comply!”

[My patience also had its limits…… “The cause of this situation may be me”, but I wont care about that anymore!]

[I dont know what the hecks going on, but isnt this quite a great situation! With all of you gathered here, I will get to fight all of you!!!]

Four of the Six Kings had gathered together, and now, the battle that could be called a natural calamity was about to begin.

Im starting to feel like escaping reality…… I cant stop them anymore…… Especially Megiddo-san who is unlikely to stop at all.

Im pretty sure there was some tea in my magic box…… I guess Ill go drink some……

A battle of the scale of the Great Kaijuu War between the members of the Six Kings…… It quickly came to an end a few seconds after it commenced.

Currently, in front of me were the worn-out Isis-san, Megiddo-san, Alice and Magnawell-san, and Kuro was standing in front of them with her arms crossed in front of her.

[Geez! Cant you feel the frightening amount of magic power youre releasing everywhere! Isis, Shalltear, Megiddo and Magnawell, what in the world did you all think youre doing!!! If I hadnt come, this whole area would have been wiped out!!!]

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[……Im sorry……]

[……My apologies.]

[……My bad.]


Yes, the battle between the four beings who shook the heavens and the earth ended in the blink of an eye with the sudden appearance of Kuros intervention…… More accurately, Kuro beat them all up.

Thanks to her, the area wasnt wiped out, and in the first place, when Isis-san showed up…… All the living beings in the area, other than me, had fled, so there were no beings that had gone extinct today.

However, just as Kuro looked angry and was about to start lecturing them…… I interrupted her.

[Wait, Kuro.]


[Isis-san was just worried about me, and shes being angry for my sake…… So, ummm, I hope you dont reproach her too much.]

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Even though she was also the cause of why this battle happened, in the first place, Isis-san was angry because she was thinking I was being bullied by Alice.

Magnawell-san was also just caught up with the battle, so I asked her not to reproach him too much as well.

[……Ummm~~ Kaito-san. What about me]

[As for Alice and Megiddo-san, please scold them as much as you want.]

[Unnn. I understand, I will go scold…… “and discipline them.”]

[Wait! Kaito-san!]

[Wait right there, Kaito! I admit Im at fault! I did something wrong! Anything, but this……]

Alice was the one who started this in the first place, and when it came to Megiddo-san, he just showed up because he wanted to fight, so Im not going to defend him.

Nodding at my words, Kuro grabbed Alice and Megiddo-san by the scruff of their neck and dragged them away.

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“……Ummm, Kuromueina What about the cracked ground and the frozen mountains……”

[Sorry, please fix it.]


Lillywood-san, who appeared at the same time as Kuro and had been silent until now…… Looked downcast as she began to fix the mountains that Isis-san and the others had broken.

Dear Mom, Dad——- Alices antics nearly led to a fight between the Six Kings. Well, that was put to rest thanks to Kuros arrival…… Well, however, seeing them not afraid of fighting against each other nor are they being reserved with each other at all, in one way or another——- I think the Six Kings are close friends.

A great assembly of the Six Kings.

The Six Kings are all close friends, so they often fight with each other without being reserved at all.

Underworld King, Death King, War King, Dragon King, Phantasmal King: “For the clean up, Im leaving it to you!”

World King: “All of you, go die!!!”

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And every time it happens…… The one left to fix everything is Lillywood……

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