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The 15th day of the Tree month. I was riding on Bells back as we dash through the streets of the royal capital.

[Bell, slow down a bit.]


The reason why Im traveling while riding behind Bell is simple. Bell is much faster than a carriage.

The place Im currently heading to is quite a distance from Lilia-sans mansion, and it would normally take quite a bit of time to arrive there even with a carriage, but I guess its as expected from Bell, as the place Im heading to is already in sight.

A vast garden that could already be called a ranch, and a rather large building standing in it…… In the entrance, theres a signboard that says “Flying Dragon Services”.

The reason I visited her today is to meet the baby dragon that was quite attached to me before. Its already quite late to visit her because I was quite busy with Megiddo-sans incident, Alices incident, and the other things Ive been busy with.

As I stepped off Bell at the entrance, I was greeted by someone familiar…… Its the driver that I met when I went to the Sacred Tree Festival.

[Welcome, Miyama-san…… Thats…… quite the terrific entrance you have there.]

[Ah… haha…… Im sorry, he may be a big guy, but hes a docile boy.]

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[……To have a Behemoth as a means for transportation, I guess thats to be expected from Miyama-san huh…… Shouldnt Miyama-san be a Flying Dragon Pilot after all You can aim for the worlds best pilot, you know]

[I- I will consider it.]

While looking at Bell with a startled expression on her face, Driver-san, who was usually around the monsters stood in the entrance. She doesnt seem shaken at all, and just lightly tosses a few words of scouting to me.

As I was chatting with Driver-san about other trivial matters, I heard the sound of flapping wings.


[Ahh, its the baby…… wait, stop right there! Youre too fast! Slow down, will—– Bfueeehhh!]

The little dragon that was attached to me before was flying towards our direction, and I smiled for a moment when I saw its cute little flap of wings but…… when the baby dragon saw me, it increased its speed and rushed towards me with frightening speed.

I tried to flusteredly stop it, but the baby dragon didnt slow down at all…… She flies straight at me and sticks to my face, and the impact sends me flying back.

[Kyuukuii! Kyuukuii!]

[……I thought my neck was about to snap there.]

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The baby dragon seemed to be in high spirits and was happily clinging to my face, but after a few moments, she noticed Bell and turned her gaze towards him.



[Kyuu…… Kyuuk……]

It doesnt seem like shes scared of Bell, but it feels like she has a shocked expression on her face, as the baby dragon looks at me and Bell in turn.

[Kyuukkuaahh!!! Kyuu! Kyuuuaahhh!!!]

[Eh Ouch, hey, it hurts!]

And for some reason, she somehow looked angry this time, as she began smacking my face with her wings.

What the heck is with this situation…… My Sympathy Magic cant clearly read someone and make me understand what theyre saying as words, but it can help me somehow understand the baby dragons emotions.

If I had to describe it in words, its like shes angry at me while saying “Cheater~~”…… Why

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[Shes probably feeling jealous because of the Behemoth. This child likes you “as the opposite gender” after all.]

[Ouch…… Eeeehhh! I- Is that so]

As if she could guess my doubts, Driver-san muttered, and I asked her back while trying to escape the baby dragons wing attacks.

[Yes, you remember when this child play-bitten Miyama-sans neck twice before we parted ways]

[S- Speaking of which, I also dont know why she did that……]

[Thats the “courtship action” of the dragonkin, you know]


I remembered being play-bitten twice on the neck by the baby dragon when we were parting ways before but…… Eh Thats how they court others! W- Why!

[The reverse scales on the neck of the dragonkin are the part that they least want others to touch. Play-biting that reverse scale once, if a dragonkin accepts their second play-bite without avoiding the one courting…… Then, the courtship is established.]


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[Youre asking if Im being serious Yes, Im serious. I was also quite surprised too.]

Ive been told that the act of play-biting the neck twice is the courtship action of the dragonkin.

Apparently, its like the baby dragon confessed to me, and I unknowingly responded by telling her I like her too…… Thats quite a great surprise out of nowhere.

And while I was receiving an explanation from Driver-san, the baby dragon had turned towards Bell and was squealing with excitement.

[Kyuu! Kyuukuii! Kyuuiikuukyuuiii!]

[Gao, garuaa.]

[Kyuii! Kyuuk! Kyuaahhh!]

[Gao, garuaaguaa]


Unnn, it feels like theyre talking about something…… And to be honest, Id like to think that the conversation I just read with my Sympathy Magic and felt from their movements was just my imagination.

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Unnn, its all just in my head, right I mean, what theyre talking about was……

“Its unfair! Why is it just you! That can go together with that human!”

“Thats because Im a pet.”

“Pet! Thats unfair! That is unfaaiiirrr!”

“Then, why dont you just also become a pet”

“Thats right!!!”

—or something like that…… No, “thats right!” your face. How come youre ignoring me and was already talking about having more pets

However, it seems like I was right with my bad premonition, as when the baby dragon finished its conversation with Bell, it snuggled towards me and…… she was looking at me with an expression that seems to tell me that theres no way shes letting go.

[Hey! Youre causing trouble to Miyama-san!]


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Driver-san seems to have also figured it out and tried persuading her, but the baby dragon is adamant that she wont leave. If she tries to force her away, my clothes will be in trouble.

How troubling…… This is very troubling. The baby dragon is desperately clinging to my clothes, and is turning its lonely eyes to me as if it is about to cry.

Stop, please stop……. Im weak to those eyes……

[U- Ummm…… I know its unreasonable for me to ask, but this baby dragon…… Can you give her to me]


[W- Well…… Since its Miyama-san who was asking, and this baby dragon also seems to be quite attached to you, its fine, is what Id like to say but…… We dont have that much dragon children these days, so parting with a white dragon is kind of……]


In a way, receiving that response can be said to be inevitable.

It is said that white dragons are the number 1 earners of the Flying Dragon Services, and since theyre so rare that theyre hard to come by, and the white dragon in this branch is only this baby dragon and her parents.

Incidentally, the baby dragons parents have been looking our way since a while ago, but they havent said…… well, roared anything in particular. I guess theyre going to respect what the baby dragon wants huh

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What do I do I cant ignore the baby dragon that has become completely depressed, and even though its something I didnt know about, its not like theres no problem for me who accepted her courtship action.

[……Its just for example…… If I were able to prepare another or perhaps, an even faster dragon than a white dragon…… Is it possible to trade with her]

[Eh Yes, if that were the case, we wouldnt have any problems with it…… But talking about dragons faster than the white dragons, wouldnt you need to find one from the Demon Realm]

I was quite reluctant, but I guess it cant be helped since its already like this…… I would need to consult with that person about this.

After convincing the baby dragon that was looking at me expectantly, telling her that Ill be back soon, I started moving to bring Bell back to the mansion first.

[……How should I say this…… Kaito-san, youre really soft-hearted, arent you~~]

[Unnn. Well, it cant be helped since things were already like this…… But I thought I could talk to Magnawell-san about it.]

After returning Bell to the mansion, I passed through the gate to the Demon Realm with Alice who I asked to guide me.

Were not going to the North this time, but towards the South…… Towards the “Dragons Mountain Range” where the Dragon King, Magnawell-san lives.

I thought the best thing to do would be to consult with the Dragon King, Magnawell-san about matters regarding dragons, but it seems that the Dragons Mountain Range is quite far from the gate, and there are many monsters on the way.

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[Im sorry, but Ill be relying on you, Alice…… I dont think Ill be able to get there on my own.]

[Yes, yes. Roger that~~ Well then, lets go through it with a bang…… Oopsy daisy!]

[……Wait a sec, oi. Why are you carrying me]

I was asking Alice for directions, but just when I thought it was time for us to go, she easily lifted me…… and held me aloft.

[W- Wait right there! Alice! What the heck are you doing!]

[Its alright. Ive properly enclosed you in a barrier after all……]

[I dont see anything alright with what you just said, you know!]

[The angle is OK, the distance…… Well, it should be adequate enough!]

[Adequate! Did you just hecking say its adequate! Stop right at this ins—— Uwaaaaahhhhhh!]

I may be repeating myself, but it seems that I was right with my bad premonition…… As after Alice greatly brandished my body, she just threw me up to the skies.

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All at once, the scenery blows away and my body soars high into the sky…… Amazing. Im flying…… is not I should be saying here!!! That freaking idiot!!! There must have been some other way to get around, right! Why the heck does she have to choose to throw me!

I cant feel the wind pressure thanks to this barrier she placed on me, but I know Im moving at a tremendous speed. However, no matter how I think about it, all Im feeling about is how Im going to fall while being sent flying.

As if to affirm such fears, I feel my altitude gradually decreases and my body begins to fall towards the ground.

But in a way, that expectation was betrayed in the worst way possible.

As my body was on the way down in the air, my body was caught by Alice, who appeared before I knew it, and as my body was held in her grip, my vision rotated again.

[And once more~~]


Alice, who caught me in the air, as if shes making an incredible feat for a certain book, threw my body up in the air one more time…… Please just tell me if you want to kill me.

Its really like Im feeling the experience of riding a roller coaster with my own flesh, and my body soars high into the sky again.

Dear Mom, Dad—— To take custody of the baby dragon, I decided to visit Magnawell-sans residence and consult him. And thats why I asked Alice to guide me, but how should I say this—— I asked the wrong person!

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Although Kaito is famous among the nobles, most of the public doesnt know that hes acquainted with the Six Kings.

T/N: Im starting to feel like Bell is actually a girl too.-

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