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Lunamaria was leisurely walking through the bustling royal capital as the end of the year approached. She had already reached her limits in physical growth, and was now tall enough to be considered an adult. She has already become a bit of a celebrity in the kingdom as a top-ranked adventurer.

And that top-ranked adventurer is currently somewhat bored.

[……Mom's at Big Sister Vier's place, while there aren't any good quests at the moment. I don't have anything to do huh.]

She didn't have any particular plans other than picking up Noir in the evening. As she was walking along the street, wondering what to do, Lunamaria suddenly saw a signboard.

[……Symphonia Kingdom Martial Arts Tournament…… Ahh~~ Speaking of which, it was that time of the year, wasn't it I guess this would be a good way to pass the time.]

The martial arts tournament that Lunamaria saw on the signboard was held by the Kingdom knights at the end of every year, and it was a tournament that one can participate in even if one belongs to the Knight Order.

It's a very popular event that attracts the best of the best from all over the kingdom.

Looking at the sign and thinking for a moment, Lunamaria approached the stall selling admission tickets and spoke.

[I'll buy one ticket. I don't mind having a standing seat.]

[Yes…… Oya You look familiar…… Aren't you "Black Lily Lunamaria"]

[Ahh~~ I did have that nickname, didn't I]

[Is it alright to just watch and not join in If it's you, I think you'd do well even against knights……]

Black Lily is Lunamaria's nickname as a top-ranking adventurer, just as Noir is known as the Bloody Princess. She professes her respect to the Underworld King Kuromueina, and perhaps, in imitation of her, she always wears a long black coat when working as an adventurer, which earned her that nickname.

Although she wasn't wearing a long coat, and was instead wearing casual clothes, Lunamaria was still relatively famous. The elderly woman at the reception desk noticed that she was a top-ranking adventurer.

[Hmmm…… What is the prize for winning this time]

[It's a dagger that apparently blows out wind.]

[Ahh~~ A dagger imbued with Air Cutter magic huh. It's indeed rare and valuable…… but I can already cast Air Cutter by myself, and having to fight on my day off sounds like a pain.]

[Is that so That's a shame…… If you had participated, this tournament would have been a gathering of the "Symphonia's Three Flowers"……]

Hearing the words that the woman said filled with disappointment, Lunamaria's eyebrows twitched.

[……Heehhh…… That means the "White Rose" and "Red Camellia" are joining huh.]

[Yeah, it's the first time that both of them are participating.]

[My, oh my, I've always wanted to see them, so this is the perfect timing.]

[They're both very strong…… Here, a standing seat. That will be 3R.]

[Thank you.]

In the Symphonia Kingdom, there are three people bearing the nickname related to flowers, called the Three Flowers. The White Rose Valkyrie, Lilianne Lia Symphonia, the Red Camellia Knight, Sieglinde, and Black Lily Adventurer, Lunamaria……

Delighted to be able to see the battle of those who were unexpectedly named alongside her, Lunamaria received her admission ticket and entered the arena.

The audience is now in a frenzy. This is because Lilianne, who has been called a rare genius, smashed her opponent's sword with her bare hands and won……

While watching that scene, Lunamaria drank the juice she bought at a store.


Her eyes were sharp as she glared at Lilianne, who is currently waving her hand in response to the cheers.

Lunamaria was enjoying herself to a certain extent in the beginning, but now, she seems very bored…… she had a look on her face as if she had been waiting for something to appear.

It was a disappointment…… That's what Lunamaria thought. Those words…… weren't talking about the competency of the participants.

[……I see, she's one of those who smile even when she has that bored look on her face huh. As if she's just a well-made doll……. Just seeing her makes me furious.]

The words she muttered were drowned out by the cheers, not reaching anyone's ears.

After becoming the runner-up in the martial arts competition, Lilianne was walking down the aisle of the arena after responding to the praise she was receiving.

It was supposed to be a corridor for participants, and anyone who wasn't a participant of the tournament wasn't supposed to be there. However, in front of the path Lilianne walked…… she saw a woman with hair as blue as the skies standing in front of her.

[……You are How did you get here]

[I have lots of tricks. Well, putting that aside…… Can I ask you something, Royal Princess]

[……What is it]

[Was it fun]


Hearing Lunamaria's words, Lilianne tilted her head, as if she didn't understand what she meant.

[Did the surrounding voices place so much pressure on your shoulders that you forgot how to relax…… and just responded to them with a pasted-on smile…… You must not be that popular huh, Royal Princess.]

[Wha…… What are you suddenly……]

[I hate it. Little brats like you who are trying to do something beyond your ability……. If you don't know how to relax, you'll break sooner or later, you know]


At Lunamaria's somewhat belligerent words, Lilianne also looked at her somewhat sharply.

Their gazes crossed in silence, as if they were probing each other. A few moments later, Lunamaria let out a sigh.

[……Well, no matter what the me right now says, I'm sure it won't enter your ears. Though I guess, that's for now……]

[I don't understand what you are trying to say.]

[My name is Lunamaria. Please remember it…… Because next time, I will definitely be there to "help you".]

[……I never asked you to help me, nor do I see any reason for you to help me.]

[Yes, you didn't ask me to help you. "I want to help you, so I'll do what I want"…… That's all there is to it. Well then, see you soon…… Royal Princess.]

After saying this, Lunamaria turned her back on Lilianne and walked off, with her hand lightly waving goodbye.

[……My name is Lilianne.]

[I see no reason to call you by your name right now…… Boring Royal Princess.]

[ ! ]

Staring at Lunamaria's back as she disappeared without looking back, Lilianne felt an inexplicable annoyance.

And thus, this was the beginning…… of a new relationship between two people who would later become the best of friends.

Serious-senpai : [Gahaak!]

: [It will be resolved in the next chapter, so quietly sit right there.]

Serious-senpai : [……Can't you just let me dream for a little bit Even so, Lunamaria and Lilia were like this in the beginning huh.]

: [Their first contact was a little stormy, but they'll immediately get along…… Incidentally, the only person Lilia cries to when she's overwhelmed with something is Lunamaria-san, not Sieg-san or Illness-san, but Lunamaria-san, which shows her deep trust in her.]-

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