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In the upper level of the God Realm, at a special place where only the Supreme Gods and their direct subordinates are allowed to live, the three Supreme Gods of the God Realm gathered in the Temple of the Time and Space, one of the three temples erected in that area.

The purpose of their gathering is a semi-annual meeting of the three Supreme Gods…… then again, rather than a meeting, it would normally just become a place where Chronois scolds Fate and Life, but the situation this time was a little different.

[……Hey, God of Life. What in the world is going on]

[I don't know That's what I'd like to know too…… What's the matter, God of Fate]

After exchanging glances with each other, they turned their attention to Fate, who was lying on the desk, giving off a gloomy atmosphere…… unlike her usual atmosphere where she finds all things troublesome, she looked somewhat depressed.

[……God of Time and Space, God of Life…… I'm a useless God……]

[I know.]

[I also think it is as you say.]

[Aren't you cruel!]

Chronois and Life nodded at Fate's statement that she was a useless God. In fact, looking at her usual attitude, it's a fact that she was the personification of the words "useless God"……

[W- Well, let's just put your uselessness aside. So, what the heck is going on with you, God of Fate If you have a problem, we can lend you an ear……]

[Rather than a problem, there's something I'd like to ask you two…… What is a parent and child]

Fate's concern was about the introduction meeting with Kaito's parents that had taken place a while ago. She tried her best to make it work, but in the end, she couldn't understand what it was like to be a parent and a child, nor did she gain any interest in Akari and Miyama.

She knew that it wouldn't work, but when it really didn't work, she became depressed because of it.

[Parent and child You mean those who are related by blood]

[Are you talking about the significance of whether or not one has biologically inherited one's genes]

Receiving Fate's question, Chronois and Life tilted their heads and asked back.

[Okay then…… For example, if you and Kai-chan's parents met, how would you two act How would you interact with them]

[Unnn I don't get your point…… Does it really matter if they are Miyama's parents or not Specially distinguishing them from the others is for individuals worth distinguishing, so you don't have to especially interact with them just because they are Miyama's parents, right]

[I agree. The fact that they are Miyama's parents doesn't make their evaluations any higher. I don't see the point in discussing something like this though]

[……Haahhh…… should have known. You two are Supreme Gods like me after all…… so I should have known that this would be your response.]

Fate can understand Chronois and Life's responses, that Akari and Kazuya should be treated as their own individuals, and that there is no need to be considerate to them just because theyre related to Kaito. Rather, their ideas are actually similar with Fate's…… but Fate thinks that that won't do.

As a matter of fact, Chronois has a close relationship with Lilia and seems to care about her in many ways, but she treats her brother Ryze as a different person and his evaluation in her eyes doesn't raise just because he's Lilia's brother.

For the Gods…… that may be the right thing to do. However……

[……It might not matter if it's you two. But I'm Kai-chan's lover…… If I could, "I'd want to care for the people Kai-chan cares about"…… But I just couldn't do it. Even after I met them in person, I just couldn't get them myself to get interested in them…… If I'm not careful, I might end up saying "I'm gonna go home", so I couldn't talk very well.]

[……Mhmm, that's difficult. I think this is a matter beyond the understanding of me and Life God.]

[That's right. It's impossible for me or the God of Time and Space to tell you something that would satisfy you, God of Fate…… I think this is a subject that you would need to consult Shallow Vernal-sama's wisdom. However, to inquire Shallow Vernal-sama about something like this…… would be too disrespectful.]

As Life said, Shallow Vernal might be able to give her the answer to this problem. After all, Shallow Vernal's mentality had remarkably changed since the battle with Kaito.

After the matter was settled, Shallow Vernal said that "she's glad she created this world", as along with the change brought by Kaito, not only has she come to love only Kaito…… but even her world and all her people.

That's why Shallow Vernal was able to understand what the people around Kaito want and how to treat them in a way that will make Kaito happy.

However, it is fair to say that Shallow Vernal's way doesn't apply to Fate. As Kaito once pointed out, Shallow Vernal originally loved the world. She just didn't realize it, and didn't take interest in her surroundings because she didn't see anything superior or inferior to all the things she created……

However, Fate is different. She doesn't love the world. She only governs fate by the orders of Shallow Vernal, holding no feelings for the world. That's why she has to take a different approach from Shallow Vernal.

But then……

[I see, I've heard the situation.]

[ [ [ Shallow Vernal-sama! ] ] ]

A difference of "such extent" was something that Shallow Vernal, who had overcome the weakness of not being able to understand emotions, could "easily show her the way".

Yes, Shallow Vernal already knows how to settle this situation…… "what it is that Fate should do".

Shallow Vernal looked at the three Supreme Gods who hurriedly knelt in front of her, before she calmly spoke.

[……Fate. You've got the "procedure" wrong to begin with.]

While Kaito had returned to Earth, a period of one year and eight months passed for this world. As for who grew the most in that period of time…… It would definitely be Shallow Vernal. Her growth was on a level that it could even be called evolution already.

She already understands. What is a heart, what are emotions…… Why Fate is not interested in Akari and Kazuya, all of it……

: [To have the capability to guide others means that you must have the foundation to do so. Shallow Vernal-sama has really grown up huh.]

Serious-senpai : [……Arehh What about the new lover route]

: [It's already started. It's not like the story would concentrate on their intimate moments in just a short arc, but it's more like they're gradually getting more intimate along the arc.]

Serious-senpai : [……So, in the end, who is it]

: [Let's see. I guess you won't arrive at the answer even if I say this, so I'll give you a hint…… The hint is "Bear".]

Serious-senpai : [I see, it certainly is difficult…… Isn't that just pointing to one person!]-

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