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[……Haahhh…… Haahhh…… Y- Yuzuki-san.]

[……Senpai Are you…… alright]

When I called out to her even as my breathing turned rough, Yuzuki-san helped while she gently spoke to me.

Drops of sweat trickle down her slightly tanned skin, and Yuzuki-sans large chest bounces.

Her healthy, well-toned body emphasizes her larger than average breasts and her well-toned buttocks, and combined with Yuzuki-sans slightly ragged breaths, she looks really stunning.

[……Sorry…… Im already…… at my limit……]

[T- Thats too fast…… A bit more…… Just a bit more…… Please do your best.]

Heat envelops my body as if my temperature has risen several degrees, and that heat is rushing straight towards me and greatly exhausting my body.

Biting my lip hard, I willed my trembling body, which seems to be reaching its limit, to move.

Receiving Yuzuki-sans words of encouragement, I tried becoming the embodiment of endurance, as I desperately endure the pain on my lower body.

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But even so, Ive already reached my limit…… my breathing is already ragged, and I feel as if all my strength will disappear if I relax, but it feels as if my body itself is wishing to be released from this suffering.

[……Senpai…… A bit more…… okay]

[……U- Unnn…… Ill do…… my best.]

Her flexible fingers touching my body, I could feel encouragement along with her heat transmitting towards me.

Im trying to keep my mental strength together as if Im about to collapse, I mustered the last of my strength……

[……N- No more…… I- Im going to die……]

[Weve only been running for about 5 kilometers though As far as Im concerned, Id like to go several times over this but……]

[No, youre mistaken for asking me something like that…… Ahh, my side hurts……]


In contrast to me, who sits down limp and breathing had turned heavy, Yuzuki-san still looks lively.

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I guess this really shows the difference between our habits…… Nghh, it really hurts.

[A- Anyway, Ive really become frailer……I feel like I could go a bit further than this……]

[What with those words that stink like an old man Besides, you do realize that we still have to get home, right]

[……Cant we just teleport]

[Thats no good!]

The reason why Im so tired is because I remembered that I havent been exercising since I came to this world, which isnt exactly good for my health, so I thought Id better get some exercise.

And since there was Yuzuki-san, who runs every day, so I asked if I could run with her…… but I turned like this.

No, I feel like I could go for 10 kilometers if Im just jogging…… But while I try to keep up with Yuzuki-sans speed, it feels like Im running in a marathon.

Well, those people in the track-and-field club are amazing. Her basic endurance is totally different, and even though Yuzuki-san didnt slow down her face, she seemed to be matching up with me…… Its quite shameful to be completely outrun by a girl 5 years younger than me.

Incidentally, Yuzuki-san suggested that we take it slow at first, but my pride as a man did its work and told her that it was okay…… This is why I looked like this now.

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Yuzuki-san isnt using Body Strengthening Magic. According to her, “If I use that, then running would lose its meaning.”. I guess thats the fastidiousness of a track-and-field athlete…… Im using it though……

I- I guess Ill forge my body a bit more from now on…… At least until I could properly run……

[Here, Senpai.]

[Unnn Arehh A honey lemon]

[I made it with the ingredients from this world, so that might be called different instead, but the taste and some other stuff were the same.]


I gratefully accepted the pseudo-honey lemon that Yuzuki-san offered me.

The sweetness and sourness soak into my tired body and makes me feel like I can still do my best as long as I want to do it…… Even if its quite impossible……

[Arehh Speaking of which…… Where did you get this from]

[Fufufu, youve finally noticed huh Ta-dah!]

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[Whoa, isnt that a magic box Youve also got one, Yuzuki-san!]

[Ehehe, Lilia-san gave it to me…… Apparently, its because “she has lots of money because of Kaito-san”.]

Yuzuki-san proudly takes out her magic box.

Apparently, it was given to her by Lilia-san as a gift because she got lots of money…… but what did she mean when she said its because of me Ahh, I see, it must because of the jewel Isis-san gave her huh……

Seeing Yuzuki-san talking with a smile on her face is somehow making me feel better.

[I see, good for you. That must be why you looked so happy the whole time.]

[Eh Ah, no, I was happy because…… Senpai came running with me…… You see, its more fun to run with someone rather than just running along, right]

[I see…… Arehh Arent you running together with Aoi-chan]

[As for Aoi-senpai…… Shes more of a high jumper. She doesnt really go along with me when it comes to long-distance running.]

Although Yuzuki-san and Aoi-chan are on the same track-and-field club, it seems that theyre participating in different events.

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[Rather than that, Senpai!]


[Whats with you, how long are you going to call me Yuzuki-san]


[Before I knew it, youve been calling Aoi-senpai with “Aoi-chan” instead…… In that case, please call me by my name, Hina, too.]

Suddenly bring her face closer to me, Yuzuki-san asked me to call her by her name.

Its true that if I only call other people by their name, she might feel uncomfortable.

[Errr, then, I will start calling you Hina-chan.]


When I called her by name, Hina-chan nodded with a big smile on her face. I felt like my reflexively slacken seeing her puppy-like appearance.

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Taking a break while chatting with Hina-chan for a while, when Ive regained my strength, Hina-chan stands up.

I dont know if she really enjoys running or not, but she started running while looking behind towards me, saying “Lets quickly go”……

[Wait, Hina-chan! Watch your step!]

[Eh Kyaaahhh!]


There is no such thing as concrete in this world, and the ground isnt as clean as it is in Japan.

The ground underneath Hina-chans feet, which she was about to run to, is rising, and when I hurriedly called out to her, it was already too late and she stumbled and fell.

[Are you okay]

[Y- Yes…… Somehow—– Nggh!]


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[Ah, Im sorry. I think I twisted my ankle.]

It seems that Hina-chan twisted her ankle, probably because she fell in a pretty strange position.

[I- Im alright. If its just this much, I can still walk.]

[No, no, you shouldnt push yourself.]

I hurriedly stopped Hina-chan, whose expression twisted in pain, from standing up even as she had a brave smile on her face.

H- However, what should I do…… I cant use any kind of Recovery Magic. But that doesnt mean I can just let her walk around with twisted feet.

After thinking about it for a while and not coming up with any particular plan, I squatted down in front of Hina-chan.


[Anyway, Ill be carrying you, so get on.]

[Eh B- But……]

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[You shouldnt walk around with your feet like that.]

[U- Understood…… Errr, excuse me then.]

[ ! ]

Hina-chan seemed to be perplexed when I said that I would carry her while squatting down, but after a little while, she laid on my back.

H- However, this is…… more intense than I imagined.

Feeling my face slightly blush as I felt the large bulges pressed against my back, I get up and started walking slowly while trying my best to be free from obstructive thoughts.


[Just be patient for a bit, when we get back to the mansion, theyll heal you back to tip-top shape……]

[No, thats not it……]


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[……Couldnt you just use your Teleportation Magic……]


Ive been thinking about this lately…… Could it be that Im actually an idiot I think its more like my field of vision is getting narrower when Im shaken, but I feel like my way of thinking has been becoming more rigid.

[Im sorry, it slipped out of my mind…… Then, I will start the Tele—– [ Please wait! ] ———-Eh]

Hina-chan told me to use my Teleportation Magic Tool but…… for some reason, Hina-chan stopped me.

[Errr, ummm…… If its okay with you, Kaito-senpai…… Can I ask you to carry me like this for a bit longer]

[Eh U- Unnn. I dont really mind……]

[……Thank you very much.]

I feel like it would be better if we get her treated as soon as possible, but if she wants to keep it that way…… I guess I shouldnt use Teleportation here huh.

With that in mind, as I start to walk back, Hina-chan is clinging more strongly than before.

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[……Senpai, am I heavy]

[No, youre surprisingly light.]

Her scent wafts in with her whisper, it was quite strange how girls dont smell like sweat compared to men, or rather, even their sweat somehow seems to smell nice.

She really is lighter than I imagined, making me realize once again that who Im carrying behind my back is a girl.

[Senpais back…… Its big.]


[Yes…… I wanted a gentle older brother, just like Kaito-senpai.]

[Unnn Isnt the President kind]

Hearing Hina-chan, who for some reason, speaks to me in a relieved tone of voice, I ask her back as I move my feet forward.

[Not at all. My family is so strict that we dont even have a chance to hang out with each other.]

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[Hmmm. Its true that the President seems to be the type of person who would be strict on himself and to others.]

[Its quite unbalanced, isnt it Both of my parents are very strict, so I feel like I should balance that out and be as kind as to balance it out with my brother……]

[Ahaha, indeed.]

Hina-chan, who has been complaining about her family, somehow seems to be having fun and doesnt seem to dislike them at all.

So, once again, the strength shes using to cling to my back becomes stronger, and Hina-chan continues in a somewhat fawning tone.

[Senpai…… Im sorry for causing so much trouble.]

[No, you dont have to be bothered if its only something like this.]

[……I was really happy to be running together with you…… Will you run with me again]

[Of course, I needed to work on my strength a little more after all.]

[Youre right, youre not very strong.]

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Hina-chan, who puts her face on my shoulder and happily smiles, feels like a cute little sister I want to protect.

Firmly carrying Hina-chan behind my back, I felt more strength in each of my steps compared to before.

[Senpai, isnt it difficult]

[Its alright, Im fine if its just something like this.]

[……However, youd be doing this for 5km, you know]


Somehow, it feels like the distance back home is getting absurdly far away when you put it in concrete numbers.

N- No, It will be alright. Its just 5 km…… Isnt that just an hours walk away Lets do our best, me!

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[……Im a guy after all. I have to show everyone how cool I am every once in a while.]

[……What are you talking about…… Senpai has always…… been cool.]

Feeling Hina-chans warmth as she seems relieved while leaning her body on my back, I feel encouraged by her warmth, taking another step forward.

Dear Mom, Dad——- Hina-chan is always a cheerful and energetic girl, but she also has a more sensitive side than others, making me feel like shes a girl younger than me. I enjoy spending time with her who gives me her straightforward trust, and somehow, I think that if I had a younger sister—— She would be someone like her.

It was the template event for the kouhai, piggyback riding.

Serious-senpai: “……Im going back to my parents house.”

Next Chapter: “The Baby Dragons Return”

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