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While Kaito left for the royal castle, a couple was currently holding their heads in a room in Kaito's mansion.

They were Akari, Kaito's mother, and Kazuya, his father. They were currently looking at a large bag on the table in front of the chair they were sitting on.

[……Hey, Mom How much was this again]

[He said there was about 200,000R in it……]

[1 R…… is about 100 yen, right]

[That's right.]



In the bag in front of them, there was money that Kaito handed to them, saying "Use this for shopping". Since white gold coins couldn't be used unless you're buying from a very high-class store, the bag contains a mixture of various coins…… but the total amount of money within the bag was 200,000R…… which is approximately 20 million yen.

[……What do you think]

[My Kaito…… has become too amazing.]

[……Isn't he]

Hearing Kazuya's words, Akari felt as if her beloved son had become so high that she wasn't able to reach him anymore.

[As expected, I think staying in a situation like this is good…… being allowed to live in the house my son built, and my son gave me allowance…… A- As expected, I can't endure this unbearable feeling anymore.]

[I understand. I also feel like doing something.]

[Do you still want to do housework…… helping that Illness-san around the house]

[……I can't, she is…… That being is the God of Housework, I'm telling you. If I help her, I'll just get in the way and end up causing her more work.]

Yes, what the both of them were worried about was their current treatment. First of all, the current Kaito has become an extremely wealthy man by Akari and Kazuya's standards.

Honestly speaking, they felt that even if they don't work, Kaito would let them live in the mansion without worries and would give them money if they want.

However, for Akari and Kazuya, who were still young, it was unpleasant to be in the care of their son for everything. But that unpleasantness didn't stop them from coming up with a good idea, so they left the room together and headed to the garden for a change of pace.

As they walked down the wide corridor, they saw a familiar figure ahead of them.

[Oya Akari-dono and Kazuya-dono…… You both don't seem to be cheerful, is something the matter]



The one they met was Anima, who served as Kaito's Chief Retainer and was the person settling the matters in Kaito's home. Of course, Akari and Kazuya had already met her, and their impression of her was that she was "Kaito's trusted faithful retainer".

As they were Kaito's parents, Anima also treated Akari and Kazuya with respect, and from the couple's perspective, she was someone they could easily consult with.

Therefore, they decided to talk to Anima about what they had been thinking about earlier.

After listening to both of them, Anima brought her hand on her chin and looking as if she thought about it, she spoke.

[……I see, I understand what you're talking about. However, it's difficult for us to fulfill your wishes under the current circumstances.]

[Uuuuu, I guess that really was the case huh]

Even after they discussed this matter between the two of them, they weren't able to come up with a good idea, so Anima's answer was as expected. Coming upon such a realization, Akari's shoulders lightly slumped.

[If you just want to get a job, there are many ways to do that…… but the two of you aren't fully accustomed to this world yet.  I think you would still need a certain amount of time to get used to the differences in common sense. Master also said that it took him some time before he became accustomed to this world…… Such being the case, I think working outside the home in your current situation would bring a lot of extra work instead.]

[ [ ………………. ] ]

[If that's the case, then working in the mansion would have been a good idea…… but as long as Illness-sama is around, no matter what you're working on, it would inevitably end up as you fear, where you would just hold Illness-sama back.]

[ [ ……………Yes. ] ]

Hearing Anima's words as she explained their options, the both of them didn't refute, but their shoulders still slumped down.

Seeing the two of them, a slightly troubled smile appeared on Anima's lips before she continued.

[……However, I understand how you both feel. I may not be able to give a good idea, but I think Master might be able to suggest a good one. I will consult Master about this.]

[A- Anima-chan…… Thank you!]

[No, please don't worry about it. Well then, I'll be excusing myself.]

[Are you going out somewhere]

Hearing that she would talk to Kaito about it, Akari thanked Anima, and saying this with a light smile on her face, Anima began heading towards the entrance, but stopped for a moment to respond to Kazuya's question.

[Yes, there are some Trading Associations and stores in the royal capital that are requesting loans, so I'm going to go and inspect their business to see if I should approve their requests or not. I plan to return before Master returns from the royal castle, so we can talk about you two later…… Well then, if you'll excuse me.]

As she watched Anima walk away after slightly bowing her head and leaving such words, Akari muttered to herself.

[……Hmmm. Anima-chan is so cool, isn't she It feels like she's a woman that's good at her work. She's also younger than me, right]

[That's right. I can understand why Kaito relies on her.]

Just when his parents were talking about such a thing, Kaito, who was riding a carriage heading towards the royal castle, was talking with Alice, who was by his side as usual.

[……Hey, Alice.]

[What is it]

[Since I've decided to live in this world from now on…… I guess I really should get a job or something like that, right]

Oddly enough, it was similar to what his parents had discussed with Anima.

When Alice heard his words, she appeared next to Kaito…… and gave him a smile so gentle that one could almost call it the smile of a Holy Mother.

[Alice-chan would completely take Kaito-san's side, and she will do her best to affirm and support Kaito-san's wishes. However, if I may express my opinion on this matter……]

[Which is]

[……Doing such a thing "would bring the world in chaos like never before", "the world's economy might collapse", "there's a possibility that it might bring a vulgar amount of casualties", and "Alice-chan would be so busy that I may head straight to death from overwork"…… Seriously, please stop thinking about stupid things.]


Serious-senpai : [……Oi, let's start with the party already…… Well, putting that to the side, arehh Has Anima always been that intelligent of a character]

: [In fact, the one who had grown the fastest over the past one year and eight months is Anima. Incidentally, she is now being looked up to as "The Hope" in the business world.]

Serious-senpai : [……I- Is that so Hadn't she grown too fast though]

: [……I guess let's get straight to the point. In fact, during Kaito-san's absence, someone who had "always kept her evening schedule free to meet Kaito-san", "raised a large number of superhumans, which includes the most talented beings in the world", and "loves to train talented children" had too much time on her hands…… Well, this happened.]

Serious-senpai : [……Okay, I somewhat understand now.]-

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