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After that ruckus, which is in a way, can be described as the usual ruckus, as if she suddenly remembered something, Alice spoke.

[Speaking of which, Kaito-san. That thing you asked for is ready.]

[Eh Already]

[Yeah, perfectly ready.]

[Thank you, that really helps…… How much is it]

When I went out for yakiniku with Alice before, I asked her to make some items for me before I left.

To be honest, I thought it would take her a long time to make it, and I dont know if I should say that its to be expected from her or not, but it seems like its already done.

[……Im now Kaito-sans subordinate, so I dont really mind even if its free……]

[No, I will properly pay you for that. Even if youre close with someone, you should still have basic manners…… Besides, if Alice is my subordinate and Im your boss, I have to pay you, dont I]

[……Kaito-san…… I understand. How about two white gold coins then]

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[Eh Just that much I thought it would be more expensive but……]

[I didnt add any more materials this time, so thats about it.]

Giving Alice, who for some reason, kind of sounds happy, two white gold coins and received the time I had requested…… Whoa, this is heavy! Id better hurry up and put it in my magic box……

[Well then, just call me if you need me again~~]

[Yeah…… Alice, thank you very much. Im counting on you.]

[……S- Saying those ikemen phrases is foul play. Its making me embarrassed……]

With that, Alice disappeared while a faint blush on her cheeks could be seen peeking out of her mask.

I didnt have much more to do either, so I decided to move to my bed and sleep.

After spending the night at the royal palace, we were treated to a sumptuous breakfast that would surely give me heartburns for eating this in the morning, and I continued to get to know Lilia-sans family until noon.

Then, before noon, I left the royal palace with Lilia-san, promising to come back again.

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[……Lilia-sans family were really nice people.]

[Yes…… Kaito-san, it seems like you and Orchid were getting along quite well.]

[Yeah, he was quite fun to chat with.]

The 20-year old Orchid is one year younger than me, and for me, hes the first friend of the same generation and gender I had made when I first came to this world…… So, we had a great conversation.

Orchid was also very calm and easy to talk to, so we hit it off very well, and I also promised him that I would definitely come back to visit him.

[Orchid is a very good and loving husband, and hes my nephew that Im proud of.]

[…….Loving husband Eh Please wait a minute. Is Orchid already married]

[Yes, hes already married to “three” wives.]


Im surprised to hear what Lilia-san casually told me.

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Eh Hes younger than me, but he already have three wives The heck is that, thats scary……

I mean, hes an ikemen with a great personality, hes royalty and has three wives, is he a real-life winner…… Im starting to feel terribly miserable about myself, you know!

[Errr, Kaito-san Are you okay]

[……Lilia-san, as expected, compared to Orchid, I dont really have any charm as a man huh]

[Ehh Ah, no, errr…… I- I think Kaito-san looks fantastic……]

[Eh Did you say something]

[I- I didnt say anything!]

In response to my slightly depressing words, Lilia answered in a very quiet voice, but I couldnt hear her well, so I asked her back but…… for some reason, her face is red while shaking her head sideways.

She looked very cute while looking like that, but I wonder why I felt like it was quite a shame that I didnt hear what she said.

After coming back to the mansion and parting ways with Lilia-san at the entrance, I dont go back to my room but went looking for some people.

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At this time of the day, they should be cleaning the mansion…… but where are they

After walking through the mansion for about five minutes, I was able to spot the two people I wanted to find in the direction I was going.

[Eta, Theta.]

[Master, youve returned. Welcome home.]

[Welcome back…… desu.]

(T/N: I dont really like adding desu to translations, but since whoever is saying this is saying so often that it feels like its her trademark, Ill be adding them now.)

Both of them have red hair, Eta with her long hair in a ponytail and Theta with her short hair held in a cute hairpin. Both of them look good in their maid outfits.

The two, who have come to live in the mansion as servants after that incident with Megiddo-san, seem to be completely at home with the others already, finishing with the cleaning that theyve accustomed to doing, bowing their heads to me at exactly the same time.

[Master, how can I be of service If you need some tea, Ill immediately……]

[Ah, no, I was just looking for you two since I want to give both of you something.]

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[For us two]

Thetas suggestion of preparing tea was very tempting, but I decided to refrain from it since I have other things to do right now.

And as I watched Eta mutter and tilt her head in wonder at the words I said, I spoke.

[Both of your weapons were broken in the previous fight. Did you find a replacement yet]

[Ah, no, we still havent…… desu]

[When it comes to weapons that can withstand our power, there arent many good ones out there……]

Eta and Theta had their weapons destroyed by Sieg and Anima respectively, when they attacked me before.

And apparently, they were both using pretty good weapons, and I remember overhearing them lamenting about how they couldnt find a replacement.

Although they were the ones who attacked me first, since they said they were going to serve me now, they were helping out with the tasks in the mansion without looking displeased at all, and Im grateful for that.

While they have a slightly troubled look on their faces, I take out the item I received from Alice yesterday from my magic box.

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A brand new large spear and large shield, made from the Dragon King…… Magnawell-sans scale.

[M- Master…… T- This is……]

[W- What an amazing magic power…… desu.]

I thought I had to do something as your master for the two of you who are always working hard for me. And since I happened to get some of Dragon Kings scales, so I asked someone to make weapons out of them.]

[ [ The Dragon King-sama! ] ]

(T/N: I still dont have a clue if he just received a single scale or several scales. It isnt mentioned.)

As I thought, Magnawell-sans scales seem to be a really amazing material, as both of their eyes widened and looked astonished.

And after being stunned for a while, Eta looked somewhat flustered before she spoke.

[W- We couldnt receive those! We are just your mere servants, we couldnt accept such a valuable item……]

[It would be discourteous of us…… desu.]

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Seeing the two of them shook their heads in obvious dread, I chuckled at their somewhat cute appearance before I calmly told them.

[Even if I had it, I couldnt use them since theyre this heavy so…… You two have always worked so hard for me, and Im sure Ill always be in your care even in the future, so I want you to take it.]


After hearing my words, Eta looked dumbfounded as she muttered, and with trembling hands, she received the large spear. Immediately afterwards, she gets down on one knee and deeply bows her head.

Theta also receives her large shield, and just like Eta, she gets down on one knee.

[Thank you very much! Master, for bestowing upon us such a wonderful gift……]

[It will be our greatest pleasure to serve such a kind master…… desu.]

[Y- Youre over-exaggerating it……]

As if they were shaking with emotions, the two of their eyes glitter as they said that.

When I wryly smiled at their over-the-top reaction, they started speaking with even more vigor.

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[This weapon I received is like the embodiment of masters expectations towards me! I hereby pledge to serve you so that I wouldnt feel ashamed for wielding such a spear!]

[U- Unnn, good luck……]

[Our body, our heart…… for eternity, we pledge that they belong only to master…… desu.]

[E- Errr, t- thanks, I guess]

The tension between the two of them really seemed to have reached its upper limit, as they looked far too happy.

And then, asking for permission if they could wield their weapons immediately from the other servants, after bowing deeply to me again, they hurriedly went to the garden.

How should I say this…… They look really cute, just like children who had received a new toy.

Smiling as I thought about how they looked happy as they ran, I suddenly felt a look and turned around.


[……Eh Anima, since when are you there]

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[Ah, n- no, I just happened to pass by…… I- I- Its not like Im peeping or anything like that!]

[Ah, yeah.]

The expression on Animas face as she told me this was somewhat sad, as she was enviously staring in the direction that Eta and Theta had left.

Perhaps, or rather, Im sure…… She was envious of the fact that I gave them weapons, but felt that it was too rude to ask for something for herself as well, so she couldnt say anything.

And the lonely look on her face is probably because she thinks shes not going to get any because she doesnt use any weapons…… Even though thats not the case……

Smiling at Anima, who had started to like an abandoned puppy, I approached her and gently patted her black hair.

[……You dont have to look that lonely, Anima, Ive also prepared something for you.]

[Eh Ah, no! F- For me!]

[Anima has always helped me out, sort of, so……]

[Eh T- This is……]

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As I say this, I put a beautiful hair ornament made of the Dragon Kings scale in Animas hair.

Since Anima doesnt use weapons, I thought Id give her an ornament instead, a hairpiece in the shape of a red flower…… And this red flower hairpiece, I gently put it on Animas hair.

[……And… there.]

[M- Master! H- However, an ornament like this…… is unsuited for me……]

[Thats not the case. Anima is cute after all, so it looks great on you.]

[C- Cute! I- I- Its my honor to r- r- receive your praise!]

Hearing my words as I smiled and told her that, tears appeared on Animas eyes while her cheeks were dyed red.

I wonder why Anima is supposed to be a black bear…… one of those strong and fierce bears, but I think I saw an illusion of a puppy wagging its tail so fast that theyre making afterimages.

That reaction was very cute, so I slowly moved my hand on her head and stroked her silky and pleasant to touch black hair.

[Hawa, awauu…… Master……]

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[Anima, thank you so much for everything.]

[Fuaaahhhh…… Im unworthy of your praise…… Serving master is truly…… truly my happiness.]

Letting out a smile filled with happiness, Animas beast ears happily twitched.

As she looked as cute as a spoiled puppy, I continued stroking Animas head for a while.

Dear Mom, Dad——- At first, I was confused with all that stuff regarding subordinates and masters…… But even after all those stuff, Anima, Eta and Theta…… Before I knew it, I think all of them have really become—— someone important to me.

This is impossibru…… Not only just one, did he just raise the Affection Meters of five people in one chapter…… Youre a freaking monster……

(T/N: I think Author also counted Orchid in the list kekw)

And the thoughts within Kaitos heart…… Hes still feeling miserable

Hes liked by the richest person in the world (Kuro), loved by a beautiful girl (Isis), blessed by the God who could grant him almost anything he wants (Shiro), has the worlds largest army of informants under his command (Alice), and even an obedient animal-eared subordinate (Anima)…… And youre saying youre miserable

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Im just going to go suicide for a sec……

Putting that aside, next chapter! Its the chapter some people are waiting for…… Aoi-chans turn!!!

T/N: Forgot to add the count in the last chapter, but I dont like editing a chapter if theres no typo, so Imma just put it here.

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