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It's been a week since I arrived in Japan with Kuro. We were able to fully enjoy Okayama. But unfortunately, I've run out of places I can show her to…… Thereupon, I had to think of where to go next.

And now, Kuro and I were sitting in a hotel, looking at a tourist guidebook.

From here on out, the places we're going to are mostly new to me too. In that case, we decided to go to places that Kuro was interested in. Fortunately, we had more money than we could spend, so we would be able to go to most places.

However, it was hard to decide where to go. It's not that Kuro doesn't have any places she's interested in…… It's quite the opposite actually.

What Kuro wants to do is to "go to all the places", and that's why we're having a hard time narrowing down our choices.

[Hmmm, this place looks nice, this place looks fun…… Ahh, but this place looks nice too~~]

[Kuro, we couldn't really go to all of them, okay]

[Unnn, I know that but…… All of them look so fun, I want to go there.]

[Ahh~~ Guidebooks certainly describe them as places one would want to go……]

I know exactly how Kuro feels. I've never had the chance to look at a tourist guidebook before, but I'm sure they all put a lot of effort into it, making the contents great, with each article highlighting each places own special features.

Looking at the recommended spots and food they serve, it makes me want to go there.

But with only three weeks to go, we had to narrow down the places we would visit. Well, it might be a shame for Kuro, but we'll have to leave some of the options we have for when another opportunity like this comes.

When I turned around to tell the troubled Kuro about some of the options I had come up with…… I saw Kuro intensely staring at the guidebook.


[……Here. Kaito-kun! Let's go here!]

[U- Unnn You found a place you want to go to Where is it……]

[Let's go to "Hawaii"!]

[……U- Unnn]

Hawaii Arehh Did some non-Japanese guidebooks get mixed into the books we're looking at W- Well, putting that aside…… Hawaii huh……

I've never been there either, so I'm interested. I guess going there is a great idea.

Regarding how the people in Hawaii speak in English, we have Translation Magic anyway. I've also heard that there are many people in Hawaii who can speak Japanese, so well, we should be able to get by.

Since Hawaii is a famous place, there is no shortage of information we could get from the guidebooks. We should also be able to easily reserve a flight…… Flight…… Airplane

[……I guess we'll need a passport huh]


[Ah~~ Errr, in this world, when you go to another country, one would need a special identification form. And I think it would take a while to acquire one…… so I guess we can't go right away. It should be ready in about 10 days……. If we apply now, I'm sure we could have some time left to spend in Hawaii……]

[I- I see……]

Ahh, she's slightly disappointed. Hmmm, but there's nothing I can do about this…… It's already fortunate that Kuro had an identity in this world thanks to Eden-san's help, so we can have a passport made for her.

Well, I'm sure Kuro is feeling a bit disappointed, but we should just be patient here…… If it's possible though, I'd like it if our application is finished today or tomorrow……

As I began to think about the preparations for our trip to Hawaii, a familiar face suddenly appeared in the room.

Wearing what seemed to be a twelve-layered kimono, she spoke, holding something out with a very tired expression on her face.

[……Here are the passports for your two. We went back in time to make these, so the date of issue was the day before. The procedures and other details were made through legitimate means and are ready to be used.]

[……Ummm, Amaterasu-san Are you alright You look really tired……]

[……There's no problem. Eden-sama has ordered me to support the two of you. If there is anything else you need, please feel free to contact me…… But if Kuromueina-dono could refrain from doing anything too flashy, that would be great…… I would have to adjust the recordings of satellite cameras and such records after all……]

[U- Unnn, I'll be careful.]

Amaterasu-san, "Earth's Troubled Manager", appeared and spoke with a tired expression on her face, handing us our passports.

[What about asking Tsukuyomi-san for help……]

[……I can only see a future where more work is dumped on me, so……]

[I- I see…… Ummm, if you don't mind, how about we have something to eat We have some sweets……]

[No, I'll just accept the sentiments. Well then, I'll take my leave……]

[Ah, yes. Thank you very much.]

As Amaterasu-san left with a wry smile on her face, looking indescribably pitiful.

It's just a guess, but she may also be the one who prepared Kuro's family register…… Of course, that is after Eden-san pushed that job unto her……

If I visit Earth again, I guess I'll introduce Chronois-san to her. I'm sure they'll hit it off with each other.

Well, anyway, now that the passport problem has been solved, let's get ready to go to Hawaii.

Even so, I wonder why Kuro looked like she wanted to go to Hawaii badly earlier H- Hmmm…… Let's just hope she's not thinking of making a new baby castella with macadamia nuts.

~~ Extra: Today's Mama Eden ~~

Eden : [Another world, Two people, Visit, Support, Entrust.]

Amaterasu : [……H- Haahhh…… Two guests are coming from another world, and you're making me in charge of supporting them…… is that what you mean]

Eden : [Positive.]

Amaterasu : [I respectfully obey. However, who in the world could they be……]

Eden : [Beloved, Return, Together, Sworn Enemy.]

Amaterasu : [……Kaito-sama and Kuromueina-dono huh, I see…… So, two Super-VIPs are coming. I know that, but wouldn't I be inadequate for such a role]

Eden : [Incompetent, Unnecessary, Disposal.]

Amaterasu : [……I knew it. Ummm, Eden-sama Do I not count as Eden-sama's child too……]

Eden : [Thought…… Doubt. Current, Tool.]

Amaterasu : [……Should I be happy that Eden-sama recognizes me as useful and has that "current" attached to it, or should I be saddened that Eden-sama doesn't want to pamper me…… Or should I be surprised that Eden-sama, who has no blood or tears, has become more amicable thanks to Kaito-sama's influence……]

Eden : [Disrespect.]

Amaterasu : [Eh Ahh, wait……]-

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