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I was super late, and it's going to be difficult to update it today…… so I'll update the continuation of the Rejected Content I posted before.

This is an unfinished story. I have only currently finished the story only until this part, as I have only written here before I discarded it.

I may write a continuation sometime soon if I felt like it again…… There are almost 14,000 characters in just this chapter alone, so I think it would really sometime soon.

Alice's training has made me reasonably strong in TBC, this world's most popular card game…… and I challenged Kuro to a match to get her Demon King card.

I need to win five consecutive rounds to win the right to challenge her…… Neun is the user of Equipment Beatdown Deck, which uses numerous Equip Magic Cards to explosively strengthen her monsters.

Raz-san, a user of Fairy-type Deck which allows her to deploy a large number of monsters and has various effects when her monsters cooperate with each other.

Dr. Vier, a user of an unusual Deck that has many cards that have effects that restore her HP, making her a persistent battlist with tremendous durability.

Zwei-san, a user of a Deck that was filled with Magic Puppet-themed monsters, which has the effect of sealing the opponent's Magic and Trap cards when they attack.

Ein-san is a user of an impeccable deck, both in offense and defense. Let's just put aside how most of the cards had "Maid" in them for some reason.

I won the battle against the five of them, and finally won the right to challenge one of the Six Kings, Kuro…… but Kuro was so strong that it makes it look like the five I fought before were just newbies.

Kuro's deck, which is mostly made up of magic cards, blocked all of my offensive moves, and I was ready for my loss.

But the game was won by me by her unexpected self-destruction, and I was finally able to get my first Demon King card.

However, after beating the previously undefeated Kuro, I became the center of public attention…… and before I knew it, it was decided that I would challenge the other members of the Six Kings.

And now…… I was on the verge of the biggest crises since I started my journey in the world of TBC.

[……Don't wanna…… Don't waaaannnaaaa……]

[U- Ummm, Isis-san…… We're just going to battle with cards, okay]

[……I don't want…… to fight…… Kaito.]

[N- No, but……]

Isis-san, who I decided to challenge after Kuro. She looked very happy when I came to visit her at her castle, but now…… She looks as if she is about to cry.

Apparently, Isis-san doesn't like the idea of "opposing me" in any way. She's a cute angel like usual.

Of course, there was no way I could force Isis-san to battle with me, so I thought about it and came up with a compromise.

[……T- Then, how about…… we trade Personal Character Cards]

[……Ahh…… Unnn!]

It seems like she liked that idea. As for me, I wanted to win against her in a battle and get it through proper means…… but Isis-san's tears are far heavier than my petty pride.

Well, I'll just try my best to challenge the next member of the Six Kings.

"……Umu, I can understand what you're saying, but it's impossible……. I can't even hold small cards like that."

[I- I should have known……]

"That's why, I'll have you fight Fafnir instead. Of course, if you win, you can receive my card."

Magnawell-san was too huge to play TBC, so he had me fight Fafnir-san instead.

Fafnir-san was a Power Deck user who makes use of powerful Dragon-Type monsters, but I have a trump card that I can use against Dragon-users.

[My turn! Draw! I use two of my monsters and Tribute Summon "White Rose Valkyrie – Lilia" from my hand!]


Click to open image >>

Lilia-san's Character Card has "Battle Destruction Resistance", and can increase its status by the number of Dragons on the field. Although it has that demerit when a Level-10 or higher monster is summoned, it is still exceptionally strong for a card that can be summoned with two tributes.

[There are currently three Dragons on the field…… Making my Lilia have 4400 ATK! With White Rose Valkyrie – Lilia, I attack the Dread Dragon!]


[Upon destroying Dread Dragon, I activated Lilia-san's effect activates! When she destroys a monster by battle, it allows her to gain an extra attack!]

[Guhaa…… I- Impressive.]

Using Lilia-san's Character Card, I successfully defeated Fafnir. And thus, I got Magnawell-san's Character Card. With this, I've got the Character Cards of half of the Six Kings…… Let's do our best again in the next battle.

"It's my turn. I draw a card. Well then, I will activate the Magic Card, The Fruit of Fertility. With its effect, I could use the Guardian Tree on my field as a tribute for two. I then use Guardian Tree and Spirit of the Great Tree as a tribute…… and summon my Character Card."

[……This is Lillywood-san's Character Card……]

Click to open image >>

Lillywood-san's card didn't have a super-powerful firepower, but it was disgustingly tough. Lillywood-san's deck is a deck that uses high DEF monsters to block attacks and rapidly increase her HP.

Lillywood-san currently has 12000 HP…… which meant that Lillywood-san's Character Card's DEF had risen to 11000.

"In addition, I activate the Magic Card, "Seed of the World Tree". Whenever there is a "Lillywood" card on my field, I Special Summon as many World Tree Tokens as possible in defense position. The World Tree tokens also have the same DEF as that of the Lillywood card of my field."

[Five monsters with 11000 DEF……]

"That's not all. I activate two Continuous Magic Cards, "Domain of the Guardian God" and "Judgment of the Guardian God"……"

Click to open image >>

Click to open image >>

"With the effect of "Judgment of the Guardian God", I destroy Kaito-san's monster. I end my turn…… At my End Phase, the effect of "The World King – Lillywood" activates. I currently have 5 Plant-type monsters in my field. Therefore, I gain 5000 HP and inflict 2500 points of direct damage to Kaito-san."


Not only does it inflict direct damage, it also recovers Lillywood-san's HP. After she recovered HP, the DEF of her monsters also increased.

Even if I tried to attack her HP directly, I can't deal damage to Lillywood-san's HP due to the effect of Domain of the Guardian God.

On top of that, Lillywood-san's Character Card is almost invincible as long as there is a Plant-type monster on the field.

However, that doesn't mean I'm completely helpless. There's a combo in my Deck that can get me out of this situation. However, I can't do it with the cards in my hand.

That's why, everything relies upon this draw!

[My turn…… Draw! ……I activate a Magic Card from my hand, Fragments of Hope! When only the opponent has monsters on their field, I can draw two cards from my deck.]

"You're augmenting your hand huh……"

I don't know about the heart of the cards, but please…… Come!

[I activate the Magic Card, Hero Summon! I Special Summon a Human-type monster with an ATK of 1000 or less from my deck! I summon…… my own Character Card!]

"Kaito-san's Character Card…… What kind of effect does it have……"

[I activate my Character Card's effect! By returning it from the field to my hand, I can Special Summon a monster from my hand, ignoring its Summon Conditions! Special Summon…… "The Dragon King – Magnawell"!]

"Wha…… Magnawell's Character Card…… Don't tell me!"

Perhaps sensing my plans, Lillywood-san looked astonished. Yes, in a sense, Magnawell-san's Character Card is Lillywood-san's direct weakness.

Click to open image >>

Magnawell-san's Character Card has excellent suppression abilities, and it can even attack all monsters on your opponent's side of the field. However, the most powerful ability it had at this moment is its ability to freely change the battle position of the monsters on your opponent's side of the field.

Lillywood-san's World Tree Tokens has an ATK of 0…… Monster effects may not work on Lillywood-san's Character Card herself, but it properly works on tokens.

"……However, I have 17000 HP…… Even though my "Domain of the Guardian God" will lose its effect, the damage you will deal would just amount to 12000……"

[In addition, I activate a Field Magic Card…… Collapsing Fortress!]

Click to open image >>

"Collapsing Fortress! C- Could it be…… Kaito-san, you've seen through my Deck……"

[……I had expected that Lillywood-san would be a user of a Plant-type Deck. Based on the characteristics of the Plant-type cards that I saw in the five consecutive games I had before reaching Lillywood-san…… Many of the Plant-type oriented cards have high DEF and HP recovery effects. So, I added them to my deck before the battle, thinking that I could use it as a hidden blade.]

"I see…… Well played. I lost."

The DEF of the World Token will have the same value as Lillywood-san's Character Card. And Lillywood-san's Character Card's DEF is half of Lillywood-san's HP 5000…… And there's no way for Lillywood-san to prevent Magnawell-san's Character Card from attacking her tokens.

Even so, that was a close call…… I only had 2000 HP left, so I would have lost the next turn. I felt like I was saved by that draw.

Now then, the remaining members of the Six Kings I've yet to fight are Megiddo-san and Alice…… I managed to defeat Alice at her miscellaneous goods store, but that deck probably isn't her main deck. She was probably holding back so that she could guide me.

……I have a feeling that both of them would be difficult opponents to battle against.

[Hahaha! Way to go, Kaito!!! You're quite strong, aren't you!!!]

[Megiddo-san is the one who is strong…… What an incredible Power Deck you have.]

Megiddo-san's deck, as I had expected, was a bombardment of powerful monster cards. Many of his cards have effects activating during battle, and if I let even a single one of his attacks go through, I feel like I will be defeated.

That's why I was battling him with a defense-oriented Deck, using a lot of cards that negate attacks and reduce battle damage to zero.

[……Rather, Megiddo-san is going to fight me in that form huh]

[Ahh, well, I can't hold my cards in my normal form after all.]

[……Is that alright]

[Yeah, I don't mind if you see me in this form…… Or rather, why are you looking away]

[N- No, it's just that I don't know where I should look……]

[Unnn Well, whatever. My turn!]

Megiddo-san isn't in his normal form or in his humanized form…… He was battling me in his true form. Megiddo-san hates his appearance and rarely shows it to others…… but it seems like he doesn't mind showing it to me.

[I tribute three fire-attribute monsters on my field to summon my personal Character Card!]

[……So it's finally come out huh……]

Click to open image >>

It really is a powerful monster, but I think it's rather weak compared to the other Demon King cards. However, my instincts are telling me that this isn't the end……

[That's not all, I remove "The War King, Megiddo" from play…… and from my Extra Deck, I Special Summon my True form's Character Card!]

[Wha! T- That card is……]

[Rejoice, Kaito! This is the strongest card in my deck…… and I've never summoned it before! Fufu, that shows how special this battle I have with you is.]

Click to open image >>

W- What outrageous strength…… S- So this is Megiddo-san's true trump card. Strong resistance that made it impossible for it to be destroyed except by battle, the ability to prevent cards from being activated during battle, and the ability to ignore opponent's resistance effects. On top of that, if it destroys a monster by battle, it deals 6000 points of direct damage to his opponent. Can you cut me some slack with all these bogus-tier cards!

The only weakness is that it can be unconditionally removed from play if it battles my or Kuro's Character Card That means there are only two cards in my deck that can defeat it.

Although it doesn't have any way to increase its ATK, even Lillywood-san's Character Card, which specializes in high DEF, cannot block it.

[Well then, here I go! Kaito!!!]

[Trap Card activate! Compulsory Truce Decree! With my Trap Card, Megiddo-san's battle phase ends!]

[Hoohh, that's a good move…… Ending my battle phase before I can declare an attack. That's certainly something I couldn't do anything about.]

If Megiddo-san declares an attack, I will definitely receive 6000 direct damage. However, even if I survive in this turn, if I don't remove it from play with my or Kuro's Character Card……

[Well then, I'll activate the Field Magic Card, "Colosseum of Warriors". As long as this card is in play, monsters of Level-8 or lower cannot attack. Turn end!]


What a troublesome card…… Now, I can't even use my Character Card to do a suicidal attack. The only way left to deal with it is using Kuro's Character Card…… which is currently not in my hand. I only have 1 card left in my hand…… my own Character Card, but is it even possible for me to draw that card out


It wasn't Kuro Character Card…… but, I see! I can do this!

[I summon my Character Card from my hand, and activate its effect! By returning this card to my hand, I can Special Summon a monster from my hand, disregarding its Summoning Conditions! Special Summon…… "General Store Owner – Alice"! With this card's effect, I draw two cards!]

[……Those are good eyes. I see you're up to something…… This is great, come on! Bring it on!!!]

[And then, I banish Revolving Destiny from my Graveyard, and activate its effect!]

[What! You're activating a Magic Card from the Graveyard……]

[By the effect of Revolving Destiny, all Level-4 or lower monsters summoned this turn are resummoned to my field!]

Due to my card's effect, my own Character Card is summoned again in my field. With this, All the conditions are now in place.

[I remove "General Store Owner – Alice" and "Miyama Kaito" from play, and from my Extra Deck, I Special Summon "The Heart Titan of Bonds – Alice"!]

[What did you say! …… What is that card…… That's the first time I've seen that card before!]

This card is a Character Card that Alice and I made together…… I wondered what would happen if we both touched a blank card at the same time…… Alice said nothing would happen, but when we tried it out, this card appeared.

It's one of the strongest cards in my deck right now.

[I send "The Underworld King – Kuromueina" from my Deck  to the Graveyard, gaining her original name and effect! And then, battle!]

[Guhh, my Character Card will be removed without damage calculation…… but I'm not defeated yet!]

[No, I will end it this turn! Alice's effect can be activated multiple times per turn! I send "Sieglinde" from the Deck to the Graveyard, giving Alice the ability to attack a second time by halving her ATK. Direct attack to Megiddo-san!]


An additional attack with half of the ATK that had increased due to "The Underworld King – Kuromueina"‘s effect. Megiddo-san was unable to withstand this attack, and I won.

In a way, it was kind of ironic though. Alice, whose Character Card was my trump card against Megiddo-san…… is now my next opponent. Alice is my TBC teacher, and she knows all about my strategies. It's going to be a tough fight.

I'm sure that her Deck would be something that utilizes the effects of Phantasmal King card's mass summon ability…… I think having the ability to control the situation would be the key to winning this battle.

[Whoa there. With Kaito-san Draw Phase, I'll activate a Trap Card, sending that card you just drew to the Graveyard.]


[Fufufu, no matter how devilish your luck in your draws are…… It will all be nothing if those draws disappear~~]

Isn't this a Hand Control Deck! She's making use of a lot of cards that have effects that make me discard my hand or stop my draws, so I can't even make the combos I had in mind.

It's a very stressful and annoying strategy, but it's actually very effective.

[……From my Graveyard, I activate the effect of "Fragments of Hope"……]

[Trap activate! "Ceremonial Requiem"! This card negates the effects of cards activated from the Graveyard.]

[Kuhh…… D*mn it……]

[Hey, hey, Kaito-san How do you feel now, Kaito-san How does it feel like when your reversal cards get blocked]

[You b*stard……]

I'm not sure if it's just my imagination or not, but Alice is getting more annoying than usual.

[Are you ending your turn You're ending your turn already I will win, you know]

[……Did you really think that]


[Reverse Card, Open! "Reversal Preparations"!]

[Ughee! So that's what you were hiding huh!]

Click to open image >>

My current HP is 1500, Alice's HP is 5000…… it's a difference of 3500 points. It's a card I had been saving up until Alice had used all her obstruction cards.

[With its effect, I draw three cards! I activate "Illusory Hope"! I can draw two cards from my deck, but I would have to discard all of my hand cards in my End Phase. I also activate "Ancient Magic Restoration"! By discarding one card from my hand, I can add a magic card from the Graveyard to my hand…… I will add "Reversal Preparations", which I will activate! I draw three more cards!]

[Eh Wait……]

[I activate "The Will of the Weak"! With its effect, I can Special Summon a Level-4 or lower monster that has 1000ATK or lower from my Graveyard. I Special Summon "Wyvern"! When Wyvern is successfully Special Summoned, I can Special Summon a card with the same name from the Deck! And with its Special Summon, I also Special Summon another Wyvern!]

[Three Wyverns…… Don't tell me, you're summoning that Card!]

Wyvern is a very weak monster. Even though it's a Level-4 monster, it has a pitiful ATK of 500, and it even had that tragic flavor text, explaining how it's a Reptile-type instead of a Dragon-type.

But when all three of these cards are gathered on the field, they show their true value, calling forth the King of the Winged Dragons!

[Magic Card "Abnormal Fusion" Activate! Using the three Wyverns…… From my Extra Deck, Fusion Summon "Sky Dragon Nidhogg"!]

Click to open image >>

[Nidhogg…… The Special Individual of the Wyverns, who was allowed to be named after a Dragon. As expected, she's a whole different league from those normal Wyverns. However, with just an ATK of 2500……]

[In addition, I activate the Magic Card "March of the Gigantic Beasts"!]

[Eeeehhhhh! Wait, Kaito-san! What's with the bogus draws you're doing now!]

Click to open image >>

[By the effect of this card, I Special Summon "Earth Beast – Behemoth" from my Extra Deck!]


Click to open image >>

[And then, "Earth Beast- Behemoth", "Sky Dragon – Nidhogg", attack Alice's HP directly!]


Alice only had 5000 HP left…… With two direct attacks from monsters with 2500 ATK, I was able to defeat her.

I won…… With this, I was able to get the Character Cards of all the Six Kings. No, well, I'm very happy about that but……

[Rather…… Why the heck did your Phantasmal King card not come out!]

[……Eh I mean, I don't have it in my Deck.]

[It's not on your Deck!]

A- As expected of Alice…… She always went a little bit different from my expectations. I was expecting that she would use a Deck that utilizes the effects of Phantasmal King card's mass summon ability, but for it to be a Hand Control Deck…… I wonder what this incomprehensible feeling I have now……

[Well, that aside, congratulations. With this, Kaito-san has finally defeated all of the Six Kings.]

[Y- Yeah…… It took some time, but I somehow finally managed to do it……]

[Then, the next one would be the Supreme Gods of the God Realm, right!]


[Let me remind you something though When you want to challenge the Supreme Gods, you would have to defeat their subordinates in a special "Restricted Battle" instead of the five consecutive battles, so make sure you adjust your Deck according to your opponents, okay]


[Ahh, it's alright! Alice-chan has properly made sure "to tell it to the whole world"! Letting them know that Kaito-san, he who defeated the Six Kings, embarks on a journey into the God Realm to challenge the God of Creation, who was challenged by no one yet!]


Thus, my battle…… is still far from over!

[The Restricted Battle to gain the right to challenge God of Fate-sama is to win in a Tag-Team Battle against the Duo of God of Love and I! Now, Kaito, go find yourself a partner.]

[……Ummm, Shea-san All this stuff about challenging you…… I still haven't even visited the God Realm, you know This is "my home", you know…… Why the heck are the both of you waiting here]

[……God of Fate-sama ordered us…… "I can't wait to play with Kai-chan!" or so she said……]

[……It seems like you're feeling troubles.]

[……You too.]

After eating breakfast, I went outside the house and for some reason, Shea-san and Heart-san were waiting for me. Apparently, they had been told to come here by Fate-san.

Unnn, I understood why they're here. I understand but…… It's already settled that I would be challenging the God Realm huh……

Well, let's just leave it at that. Even if I don't want to go challenge them, it's no use telling this to Shea-san and the others. For the time being, let's think about this battle. A Tag-Team battle huh…… Hmmm, it's my first time playing a battle like that, so I'm a little nervous.

If it's possible, I'd like to team up with someone strong……

[……Those who…… disturbs Kaito…… I will…… defeat them.]

[Eh Isis-san!]

[……Good morning…… Kaito…… I'm here to help……]

[T- Thank you.]

……Didn't you come a bit too early N- No, I'm happy that she had come to visit me but……

Honestly speaking, I don't know how strong of a battlist Isis-san was. I've never battled against her, so I don't even know what kind of Deck she uses.

However, I honestly appreciate the offer from the motivated Isis-san.

[Then, Isis-san. I'm looking forward to battling with you.]

[……Unnn…… I'll do my best.]

And so, the curtain rose on the Tag-Team Battle between the Duo of Isis-san and I versus Shea-san and Heart-san.

In Tag-Team Battles, the two players share the field and the two people have a shared HP of 8000.

The duo can share their face-down cards, so coordination seems to be the key here.

The turn order is me, Shea-san, Isis-san and Heart-san, and as the player moving in the first turn, I can't attack. I still don't know what Shea-san and Heart-san's deck was, but it was definitely tuned for Tag-Team battles.

There was no denying that we were at a disadvantage, but for now, I made that allowed me to deploy three monsters, fortifying our defenses.

Then, it was Shea-san's turn.

[It's my turn…… I activate "All-Out War of Desperation" from my hand, and Special Summon as many Level-4 monsters from my deck as my opponent has in their field. The moment they are summoned, the ATK of the Special Summoned monsters is halved, and must battle against the opponent's monster. The summoned monster also cannot be used as a material for Tribute Summon, Fusion Summon, or Ritual Summon.]

It's a powerful summoning card, but it also has a big demerit. The ATK of Level-4 monsters is about 2000 at most, so it would be difficult if their ATK is cut in half. In fact, all of the monsters summoned to Shea-san's field had 1000ATK or less.

Moreover, since they couldn't be used as a Tribute and must be used in combat…… Normally thinking about it, they would just end up being wiped out. However, if she were to use it in a combo with a card that changes its effect depending on the number of monsters……

[I set a monster face-down on the field, then Battle Phase! I attack with my three monsters! At that moment, I activate a Quick-Play Magic Card from my hand!]

[Quick-Play Magic Card!]

["Merry Bad End"!]

Click to open image >>

[Wha…… All cards are destroyed……]

[That's not all! I'll also activate a Quick-Play Magic Card, "Miraculous Happy End" from my hand!]


Click to open image >>

We've been had! I see, it's a Tag-Team battle after all…… so the both players share a single field. In other worlds, Shea-san's monsters are also treated as Heart-san's monster.

The effect of Merry Bad End wipes out all the monsters on my field, while the effect of Miraculous Happy End revives the four monster cards in Shea-san's field.

Moreover, these monsters are still able to attack……

[All four of my monsters, Direct Attack!]


They've dealt a total damage of 7500…… Just that one turn had driven our side to the corner!

[……I'm sorry, Isis-san.]

[……No…… It's okay.]

[Because of Miraculous Happy End's effect, my turn will forcibly end. Now then, Death King-sama, it's your turn. Let's see what you, who rarely battles, can do.]

It's Isis-san's turn next. Isis-san's first turn came with her suddenly cornered, but her expression was filled with silent fury.

[……How dare you…… bully Kaito…… Unforgivable.]

After muttering this, Isis-san fluidly drew a card.

[……Draw…… I activate Ice Beast Magical Statue……I Special Summon Ice Statue Tokens…… as much as the monsters on the opponent's field…… I then Tribute 3 of my Ice Statue Tokens…… to summon my Character Card.]

[A- Amazing…… For her to summon it that quickly……]

Click to open image >>

I have Isis-san's Character Card too, but I didn't add it to my Deck because I didn't have the three cards that Isis-san's Character Card could add to my hand.

I wonder what these three cards could do though

[……With the effect of "The Death King – Isis"…… I add the three cards to my hand…… and then…… I activate…… "The Impossible Dream – Zephyr"…… I draw two cards from my Deck…… and put one card in my hand…… on the bottom of my Deck.]

The first one, "The Impossible Dream – Zephyr" is a draw engine card huh It returns a card from your hand to your deck, so I guess that makes it a 1:1 exchange

[……And then…… I activate…… "Cocytus – Zero"……]

Click to open image >>

[……There's only one…… "Cocytus – Infinity" in my Deck…… which I had just put back on the bottom of my Deck…… therefore…… I send 41 cards from my Deck…… to the Graveyard.]

[W- What are you planning……]

It seems that Shea-san has never seen Isis-san's card before, and she had a dubious expression on her face. However, the expression on her face was immediately tinged with astonishment.

[……and then…… I activate…… "Cocytus – Infinity's" effect.]

Click to open image >>

[……You will receive…… 4100 Points of Direct Damage.]

[What! Guaaahhhh!]

T- That's amazing. 4100 Points of Direct Damage in one move…… W- Well, Shea-san and Heart-san still had HP left though.

[What an incredibly powerful Burn card…… but we still have HP left! Moreover, your deck is now zero…… If we just survive until your next turn, you will lose for not being able to draw!]

[……What kind…… of misunderstanding…… are you talking about]


[……My next turn ……It's not like…… you will get…… to have a turn.]


With Isis-san's cold declaration, she continued with her turn.

[……From my hand…… I activate…… a Magic Card…… "Dream of the Dead – Dystopia"……]

Click to open image >>

[……Next…… From my hand…… I activate…… Hero Summon…… and Special Summon…… Kaito's Character Card.]

[D- Don't tell me…… that you'll……]

[……I return back to my hand…… Kaito's Character Card…… and summon…… another one…… of my Character Card.]

[A- Aaahhhhhhh……]

[……With its effect…… I add "The Impossible Dream – Zephyr"…… "Cocytus – Zero"…… and "Cocytus – Infinity"…… from my Deck to my hand.]

[U- Uwaaaaahhhhh!]

And once again, she dealt Burn Damage that can't be defended against…… I- Isis-san is really strong…… I- I see, Isis-san is a Burn Deck user huh……

One-turn kills are really terrific. If I had been the one fighting at that turn, we would have lost.

[……Kaito…… We won.]

[Ah, y- yes! Thank you!]


While being soothed by Isis-san's bright smile as she informed me of her victory, I turned my gaze towards Shea-san and Heart-san……

[Ummm, Senpai…… I didn't even get a turn, you know You mentioned this being an instant win Are you an idiot You're acting all smug, saying that he would be instantly defeated…… You're seriously the 5th strongest in the God Realm Uwaahhh…… As your kouhai, I'm feeling embarrassed for you……]


……Shea-san ran away. Unnn, she looks really pitiful.

The reason why this chapter was rejected…… Even when I cut corners and not add some du…… battles, I still couldn't see its end.

Wyvern-senpai : [……Can you smell that…… The times…… it's finally changing!]

Serious-senpai ZERO : [Oi, lizard, why the h*ck are you getting carried away…… I'll make a steak out of you!]

T/N: No more chapters like this. At least, for the moment.


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