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Chapter 1261 - Wedding Preparations ⑩

Now then, the venue of this wedding reception party was a large hall and the tables were large, typical for a nobles wedding. The table with my name written on it is a large round table that seats 10 people.

Me, Aoi-chan, Hina-chan, Lilia-san, Sieg-san, Luna-san and Olivia-san make 7 people…… That means there were 3 seats left over, but since there were no tags on them, those should be open seats.

……is what should be…… but there were three people sitting on those supposedly open seats, and looking in their direction, I spoke.

[……Why is everyone sitting here together]

[Unnn Ahh, its because there are also external problems.]

[The fact that were all sitting together at the same table shows that the three countries are on friendly terms.]

[In fact, when events involving the Demon Realm and God Realm are held, we are often lumped together as the three representatives of the Human Realm.]

To my words, Laguna-san, Chris-san, and Ryze-san responded…… but thats not what I mean.

[No, Im not asking why you three are sitting together, what I wanted to ask is why youre at this table……]

[Its just because of that, you know That incident with the bouquet happened, so to be honest, its more about the fact that its frightening to keep Kaito out of sight. Well, its not like we could do anything to stop you even if we were nearby, but just the fact that sitting here would allow us to sense an omen of something happening would be gentler to our hearts.]

[……I understand.]

Hearing the words Laguna-san said with a wry smile, seemingly implying “they dont know what Ill do if they leave me alone”, Lilia-san profoundly nodded.

I was so impressed by the indescribable weight of that nod, which was backed up by her experience to date…… that to be honest, I couldnt find the will to complain anymore and just meekly sat down.

Thereupon, as if she was waiting for me to sit, Laguna-san started talking to me.

[So, Kaito. Id like to ask you something…… There is this rumor that Jutia-sama knelt in a dogeza to you at the tea party after the Harmonic Symphony, but did you have some sort of dispute]

[Eh Ahh, no, thats not it! Its not like we had any disputes, she just asked me for some tea leaves.]

What comes to mind when I hear Laguna-sans words is the exchange I had with her at the tea party when Jutia-san asked for Nebulas tea leaves…… Indeed, to the unknowing observer, it might appear that some kind of trouble happened and Jutia-san was apologizing.

For the sake of Jutia-sans honor, I strongly deny that there was any trouble.

[Fumu, I see…… Its not an apology, but a plea. Fumu, tea leaves…… Ryze boy, isnt Jutia-sama famous for her love of tea]

[Yes, I have heard that shes an avid lover of tea, having been involved in the production of many famous teas from the Demon Realm, as well as owning a large tea plantation.]

[And you have tea leaves that would make such a Jutia-sama kneel in a dogeza]

I knew that Jutia-san was a tea lover, but I had no idea that she was even involved in so many different kinds of tea leaves or that she owns a large tea farm.]

Tea society…… It may be strange to refer to it as that, but she may have quite an authority in this area.

And as for Nebulas tea, its not surprising that Laguna-san doesnt know about it, since I basically only showed it to the members of my family and the tea lovers Im close to like Ein-san.

[I wonder if those are the tea leaves that Orchid talked to me about before Orchid was raving about it, and even though it was still fresh from my memory……]

[Yes, it was those tea leaves.]

[Ahh, if its those tea leaves, its no wonder Jutia-sama would want it.]

[Mnhh, is this something only I dont know about]

I know Ryze-san knows about it because I had served Orchid the tea made with Nebulas tea leaves, and Chris-san knows about it because we usually exchanged letters and I told her about it.

Perhaps slightly frustrated that the two of them knew about it and only she didnt know about it, Laguna-san had a slightly complicated expression on her face.

[The tea leaves were made by the Spirit of the World Tree in Miyama-samas home, and they are a truly wonderful product. I have had many teas myself, but I can say that that was the best tea I have ever tasted.]

[Unnn Youve drank that tea before, young Chris]

[Yes, I have been regularly exchanging letters with Miyama-sama and he has graciously shared some of his tea leaves with me. Theyre very different tea leaves to handle and only the Head Maid could handle it, but it tasted wonderful.]

[Hoho…… Now aint that interesting……]

[Would you like some too, Laguna-san]

[Hmmm, I dont really drink much tea…… It would also cause a fuss if anyone else knew about it…… Ill just have some when I get the chance to visit your house again.]



Speaking of which, I remember that Laguna-san likes Japanese tea like green tea. She also said she likes rice crackers…… it seems that Neun-san had influenced her a lot.

In fact, tea leaves are being cultivated in Hydra Kingdom, and I would like to try their tea if I have a chance.

[Even so, young Chris is exchanging letters with Kaito huh……]

[Yes, Ive been enjoying our daily exchanges. Would you like to try it out too, your Majesty Laguna]

[Mnhh…… You yourself should already know it. Im not good with letters…… I mean, us Mermaids spend most of our time underwater, so were not very good at handling paper.]

[No, Ive never heard that Mermaids arent good at handling paper though Rather, your Majesty Laguna lives in the royal palace, so you live on land……]

[……Hush it there, Ryze boy.]

It seems that it isnt the Mermaids…… but Laguna-san herself that isnt good at writing letters.

Serious-senpai : [The rulers of each country have deep trust in Kaito. Trust that if he left him alone, he will do something again.]-

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