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Chapter 1259 - Wedding Participation ⑧

Seeing the bouquet disappear into the void, the attendees and the newly married couple, Mitsunaga-kun and Cattleya-san froze in surprise…… Shiro-san, why have you done this……

(Unnn I didnt go there. You did tell me that if I went there, it would cause a commotion.)

You certainly didnt come here! You certainly didnt lie!!! But if you dont follow up a bit, people wont understand what just happened.

It would just be like something abnormal occurred……

(I see, I understand.)

……And what is it that you understood Im kinda feeling uneasy here……

As I was thinking this, Chronois-san suddenly appeared right in front of the puzzled Mitsunaga-kun and Cattleya-san.

[Goddess of Time-sama!]

[Everyone, remain at ease and listen, for I am to convey Shallow Vernal-samas words.]

……Ahh, since Shiro-san said she wouldnt be here, she had Chronois-san come in her place…… Even though Chronois-san feels quite pitiful, for her to show up in an instant, as expected of her.

[……This bouquet is to be received by Shallow Vernal-sama.]

[S- Shallow Vernal-sama will! U- Understood.]

Its a matter of course, but Shiro-san is someone others couldnt complain about. The reason why Shiro-san often says that shes the rule is that it was simply the truth.

Rather, the fact that Chronois-san is out here could be considered abnormal…… That happening is because I asked for it, but well, lets just end the story with Shiro-san receiving that bouquet……

[And since we have prepared a replacement bouquet, she said you can just throw it again.]

[……Eh No, ummm, I cant just do……]

And why the heck did I have to open my mouth…… The bouquet Chronois-san held out to them was one created by Shiro-san.

It didnt use any flowers from the Sanctuary, and was exactly the same as the one that Cattleya-san threw earlier, including its appearance.

However, when the words “created by Shiro-san” were added to it, it now turns into a tremendous item. To be more specific, the atmosphere around us feels so dangerous that if Cattleya-san were to throw something like that, the people around me might seriously kill each other.

[……Should have known this would happen.]

Well, it seems like this is something Chronois-san understood, as after looking at them with an expression that seemed to have some slight regrets in it, she calmly spoke.

[Its just my suggestion, but how about keeping the bouquet here in this church as a memento of todays event I will preserve it with my Authority of time.]

[I- I see, but will that be alright That goes against the will of Shallow Vernal-sama……]

[……Ill just talk to her about that, so its alright.]

As expected, I couldnt not interject in this situation, so I said a few words to follow up with Cattleya-san.


And thats how it is, Shiro-san. It should be alright to keep the bouquet here in the church, right

(I gave it to her, so cant she just do whatever she wants with it)

Even if thats how you see it, Shiro-san, from Cattleya-sans point of view, they cant just roughly treat something Shiro-san has given to them.

It was a strange turn of events, but at any rate, the bouquet was to be displayed in the church, there was no doubt that this would be a major incident that would be talked about for a long time to come.

Shiro-sans destructive power really is tremendous…… Its truly frightening how a little carelessness from her can result in a historical event.

[……Chronois-san, thank you for the hard work.]

[Yeah, you too Miyama.]

When I called out to Chronois-san as she was about to return, she looked somewhat tired…… but seemingly understanding my situation, she responded to my words.

Although some incidents happened along the way, we got ourselves together for the time being and the ceremony was followed by the wedding reception party. It seemed that it would be held at a larger venue adjacent to the church, so we decided to move there.

Lilia-san and the others said they would be going ahead, so I decided to meet up with Olivia-san who had finished facilitating the event, and we headed to the venue together.

[……Olivia-san, thank you for your hard work.]

[Its an honor to receive your words. I learned a lot from this experience.]

From her interaction with me back then, it seemed that it made Olivia-san think about knowing and learning things. And combined with the serious nature she originally had, her enthusiasm for learning is considerable.

According to what Kaori-san told men, she has already mastered using chopsticks with ease and is even able to notice the subtle differences in the taste of different miso soups.

[After this is the reception party, so its a little more relaxed than the ceremony.]

[If its not too much trouble, should I hold myself back to the side]

[No, rather than that, since its a party, lets go have fun together. Im a little tired from the ceremony myself, so Id like to take a break.]

[……Errr…… Miyama Kaito-sama, please forgive my rudeness for returning your words with a question but the words you said just now, can I interpret it as you feeling at ease when you are with me]

[Eh Yes, I know Olivia-san, so I obviously feel at ease when Im going there with you.]

In any case, this event would be filled with lots of people who I have never met before, so I personally felt the need to be attentive around such a place.

In contrast, Olivia-san is someone I know and a friend of mine, so I dont have to be so uptight.

[……I- Is…… that so…… P- Please excuse me, some worldly thoughts just…… Please wait for a few seconds.]

Olivia-san looked somewhat perplexed, but not knowing why, I could only tilt my head.

Serious-senpai : [Ahh~~ I see, for Kaito, he meant to say “Its easier to be with someone you know at a party with a lot of people he hasnt met yet, so he doesnt have to worry much around her”…… but from Olivias perspective, it sounded like he said “he feels at ease when hes with her”…… D*mn it all!]

: [Swearing when something gives off a sweet vibe…… I see it was as usual huh.]-

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