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Chapter 1258 - Wedding Participation ⑦

Persuading Shiro-san was moderately difficult and continued while we moved to the ceremony site when it was time for the wedding to begin.

(If I went, wouldnt that be a considerable foil for them)

If Shiro-san arrived, it would no longer be about it being a foil or anything like that, it would just turn into a big event. Moreover, if Shiro-san were to come, Chronois-san and the others would come too, right That would cause a big ruckus……

This is an important ceremony for Mitsunaga-kun and Cattleya-san, so please dont do outrageous things.

(Fumu…… I understand. If you insist that much, Ill give up on going to the ceremony.)

However, thanks to my persistent persuasion, Shiro-san finally agreed. Shiro-san doesnt lie, so if she said she had given up, she wouldnt just change her mind later.

Even though I only accomplished it just before the start of the ceremony…… Im glad I successfully managed to persuade her.

While patting my chest in relief, I sat down and waited for the ceremony to begin, and shortly after, the ceremony began.

The doors on either side of the center were opened, and Mitsunaga-kun in his white tuxedo and Cattleya-san in her pure white wedding dress entered through their respective doors.

The two walked slowly down the path and met in the center of the ceremony hall, where Cattleya-san put her hand on top of Mitsunaga-kuns. Then, hand in hand, they begin to walk down the central path.

And when they reached the front of the altar, Olivia-san quietly spun out words of gratitude to Shiro-san for creating the world.

This is a standard statement, and the proceedings always announce it at the beginning of the ceremony but…… Olivia-san was quite long-winded and quite polite when expressing her gratitude to Shiro-san.

After that, she took a brief pause and finally spoke of the main event of the ceremony, the vows.

[……On this wonderful day, we take ourselves out of our usual routines of daily living to witness a unique moment in the lives of Mitsunaga Seigi and Cattleya Lia Symphonia. On behalf of the Gods of God Realm and the God who sits atop the Sanctuary, Shallow Vernal-sama, today, we hear their vows as they join their lives in the union of marriage.]

After prefacing her speech in a quiet voice, Olivia-san turns her gaze to Mitsunaga-kun.

[……Mitsunaga Seigi.]


[Do you take Cattleya Lia Symphonia to be your wife, do you vow to protect her, to love her, and to reach happiness together, no matter what difficulties may lie ahead]

[……I do!]

Hearing Mitsunaga-kuns firm declaration, Olivia-san nodded once before turning her gaze to Cattleya-san.

[……Cattleya Lia Symphonia.]


[Do you take Mitsunaga Seigi to be your only husband for the rest of your life, do you vow to support him, to love him, and walk with him into the future, even if the path ahead brings hardship]

[I do.]

After Cattleya-san looked magnificent as she said her vows, Olivia-san nodded once before holding up her hand to the book on the altar.

Thereupon, in glowing letters in the air, the names of Mitsunaga-kun and Cattleya-san appeared, and they were sucked into the book, as if their names overlapped.


[The vow of love has now been made. Mitsunaga Seigi, Cattleya Lia Symphonia…… With the God of Creation Shallow Vernal-sama, she who watches over the world, and those who stand in line here as your witness, show your love that will never fade.]

[ [ Yes. ] ]

With these words as a cue, Mitsunaga-kun and Cattleya-san faced each other and sealed their vows with a kiss. Thereupon, the hall was filled with the sound of applause.

A little later, when the applause stopped, Olivia-san moved a little off to the side in front of the altar and indicated at the huge bell located at the back.

[……Well then, both of you, ring the bell of love together as a report to God of Creation-sama, the God of this world.]

[ [ Yes. ] ]

Mitsunaga-kun and Cattleya-san proceeded to the back of the altar, linking their hands again, and both rang the huge bell together. The loud and beautiful sound of the bell continues to echo through the ceremony hall.

After the sound ceased, Olivia-san announced the closing words of the ceremony.

[The bells made wonderful sounds. Im sure that theyve reached God of Creation, Shallow Vernal-sama.]

After those words, Olivia-san handed a beautiful bouquet she had received from an attendant to Cattleya-san, who accepted it and moved with Mitsunaga-kun to the central path and walked out to receive applause from everyone who stood up, which marked the end of the ceremony.

(……Should I say Ive properly listened to the bell)

Please dont say that. Seriously, that will cause a commotion……

Anyway, the ceremony is over now, but theres still the bouquet toss outside the ceremony hall as the final event.

Following the guidance of the attendants, we went outside and moved close to the couple standing at the entrance of the church. A line was drawn near their feet, and those who would participate in the bouquet toss entered the line, while those who wouldnt participate waited outside the line.

Aoi-chan and Hina-chan are participating, while Lilia-san and some others…… I mean, the nobles with high titles are basically not participating or have their followers participate on their behalf.

……I dont know if the bouquet being caught by their proxy would have any sort of meaning, but well, its just some kind of event so I dont really see a problem here.

While thinking about this, I looked at the entrance of the church and saw Cattleya-san with a happy smile on her face, throwing the bouquet in a large arc…… when “the bouquet that she threw was suddenly sucked into a rift that opened up in the air”.

(If I dont go there, theres no problem, right)

……You went and did it…… Shiro-san, you really went and did it…… Sure, she did say she gave up on coming here, but she didnt say she was giving up on the bouquet itself.

……How the heck…… am I supposed to settle this

【Cattleyas Bouquet Toss】

【A sudden rip in the fabric of space sucked in the bouquet】

【It was the deed of the God of Creation】

【Confusion and silence flowed through the hall】

【Super-effective Damage dealt to Kaitos stomach】

Serious-senpai : [Shiro is that character who gives stomach pains to the Stomach Crusher Kaito…… She really is the strongest character in this series……]-

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