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Chapter 1253 - Wedding Participation ③

As expected, she could not tell them about Neuns identity, but Lilia told Cattleya that there was a possibility that a big shot might come. As for Cattleya, hearing that should have made her pleased, but upon seeing the pale expression on Lilias face…… one that seemed to convey that this big-shot might be a considerable dangerous being, a mysterious expression was on her face.

And so, as tension rose in the room, a knock suddenly resounded and everyone simultaneously turned towards it.

[……So theyve come.]

[Please, you may enter.]

Lilia muttered with an expression as if she was about to face a decisive battle, while Cattleya gave her permission to enter the room.

As the tension in the room is at its highest, the door slowly opens……

[Cathy, Im sorry for intruding before the ceremony, but I need some final confirmation for the progress of the wedding announcement party———-]

[Thats misleading!!!]

[———–Ouch! Eh W- What!]

Cattleya rushed over to the incoming Seigi and reflexively gave him a gentle chop on the forehead. But of course, Seigi, who have no clue what was going on, had a confused look on his face.

[……Haahhh…… No, Im sorry. I was a little distraught. Youre here for the confirmation of the progress, right]

[U- Unnn. What in the world even…… Eh, Aoi-senpai and Hina, also Lilia-san and the others! I see youve finally arrived.]

After tilting his head and handing the progress chart to Cattleya, Seigi noticed Lilia and the others in the room and a cheerful expression appeared on his face.

Although Seigi immediately moved to the royal castle when summoned, hes acquainted with Lilia and the others at Kaitos birthday party and other events.

[Yes, Seigi…… Seems like youve become taller huh]

[Of course, unlike you two, whose growth was reverted and returned to that world, Ive been here for a total of three years, so I definitely grew taller…… I mean, its not really exact because theres the discrepancy with time over there, but in terms of age, Im already 19 years old.]

[Before I knew it, youve become older than me huh That feels kinda strange.]

[It certainly does feel a little strange to be older than Aoi-senpai.]

Through the years he had grown up, Seigi had matured considerably, and his impression on others had drastically changed from what he once was. Having gained experience in a responsible position as a viscount and a feudal lord, the young man had firmly grown into an adult.

[……Arehh Wheres Miyama-san]

[Yes, in fact, we were just talking about him right now……Ahh, the progress chart is fine.]

Upon Seigis words, noticing that Kaito wasnt around, Cattleya responded while returning the progress chart. After a light explanation of the situation, Seigi understood why everyone seemed to be tense.

[Seigi-san, have you heard who is the companion going with him]

[No, Im sorry, I dont know either. The letter I received from Miyama-san was originally sent at the very last minute, so I didnt have much time to exchange information with him…… but after Cathy and I discussed it, we concluded that there was little chance of a big-shot coming…… but this feels like theres a possibility of a big shot coming, doesnt it]

In response to Lilias question, Seigi apologetically responds that he too doesnt know about Kaitos companion.

[Lilia-san and the others predicted that it come be Eden-sama.]

[Eden-sama No, its definitely not Eden-sama.]

[Eh Why not]

Hearing the name Eden, as mentioned by Hina, was immediately denied by Seigi.

[Eden-sama came to visit yesterday. She showed up out of the blue and said she couldnt participate in the ceremony, so she came to congratulate me…… Also, as a small celebratory gift….. She restored my eyesight.]

[Ahh, thats why youre not wearing your glasses today.]

[Unnn. Thats why I dont think it would be Eden-san.]

[……Then, seriously, who is Kaito-senpai going to bring with him]

Eden, who is very sincere when it comes to her, had already congratulated Seigi ahead of time. And since she herself made it clear that she didnt intend to participate in the ceremony, she wasnt a candidate for a companion.

Wondering if it really might be Neun, Lilia turned her gaze nervously to the door again.

……It was only a few minutes before Kaito emerged from that door with his companion.

Returning to the front of the church with his companion, Kaito was conversing with his companion while being guided by an attendant.

[Even so, I was surprised when I got your letter…… Were you acquainted with Mitsunaga-kun or Cattleya-san]


[……Eh Youve seen them, but never actually talked to them Then, why did you……]


[Ahh, I see, you were simply interested in the wedding. Well, indeed, you unexpectedly dont get a chance to see them.]

The companion Kaito was with him wasnt particularly acquainted with Seigi or Cattleya, and was simply interested in the wedding in itself, so they asked Kaito to accompany them.

Just like that, as Kaito was conversing with said companion in a friendly manner…… the attendant who was guiding them shuddered.

Serious-senpai : [I guess that brings Eden out of the count huh….. Next chapter, it looks like the authors finally revealing who this companion is.]

: [Well then, since were at it, lets summarize the information we have so far.]

~ ~ Information list ~ ~

Said companion contacted Kaito by letter. Said companion requested to participate the “ceremony”, not the “wedding announcement party”. The proposal by said companion was something unexpected to Kaito, as he was surprised when he received this letter. Said companion wasnt acquainted to either Seigi or Cattleya, and was simply interested in the wedding. Not Eden. From Lilias raised flag and the attendants reaction, its confirmed that theyre a big shot. The attendant who was guiding them shuddered when they saw Kaito talking to this companion.

: [I guess thats about it.]

Serious-senpai : [I mean, with this list, theres a possibility that its someone among the Six Kings or the Supreme Gods, right Frankly speaking, all these exchanges about how the Six Kings and the Supreme Gods not being there is kinda unnatural……]

: [Right. Based on the information so far though, I would say the candidates have been narrowed to these four!]

~ ~ Candidate list ~ ~

Candidate 1: “Capable Manager”, Chapel

(Monster Race Manager, the place Kaito got Bell)

Candidate 2: “Knight Commander of Possibilities”, Bard

(Knight Commander of Archlesia Empire, the one who escorted Kaito and Alice to Chris)

Candidate 3: “The Elven Supernova”, Leonora

(That girl who got her record curbstomped by Kaito in the harvest festival)

Candidate 4: “All Information Unknown”, A Phantom 4th Person

Serious-senpai : [D*mn it…… With all these names you brought up who couldnt possibly make any entrance again, all my tsukkomis cant keep up! I mean, 2 out of 4 of them have never even spoken that much to Kaito, 1 of them not only didnt even have a name, they were even erased from the manga!!!]

: [Serious-senpai, please listen up.]

Serious-senpai : [Unnn What now]

: [Since when were you———— under the impression that “theres only one companion”]

Serious-senpai : [……What…… did you…… D- Dont tell me…… So thats how it is, theres multiple of them!]

: [Nah, just wanna say that at the moment. I mean, Kaito-san wrote in his letter that he wanted to bring one companion with him, so well, he should just be bringing one person.]

Serious-senpai : [You freaking b*stard……]-

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