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Chapter 1251 - Wedding Participation ①

On the day of Mitsunaga-kun and Cattleya-sans wedding, we left home early in the morning. The wedding was to be held not in the royal capital, but in a town called Varen, the area where Mitsunaga-kun is the Feudal Lord, so we need time to travel there.

Well, though I say that, it is not that far from the capital, so theres no need for us to arrive the day before, and theres no problem if we take a Flying Dragon Flight on the morning of the day of the wedding.

If we were attending the wedding party, we would have more time to spare, but since we were also gonna attend the wedding ceremony, we had to leave reasonably early.

Though perhaps, just as she did on our previous trip to Rigforeshia…… The reason why she didnt want to come in the day before to Varen may be because Lilia-san wanted to travel by Mary-sans Flying Dragon Flight, of which she was the owner.

After enjoying the view from the sky for a while, a town with the atmosphere of a trading town came into view.

[……Is that Varen]

[Yes, its not that big, but its a thriving town that serves as a hub for trade between the East and the West. As he was engaged to Princess Cattleya, a good piece of land must have been chosen to be given to him.]

[I see…… By the way, its quite refreshing to see Luna-san not in a maid uniform.]

[Ive been officially invited to this event since I was in the Knight Order and we had an exchange through Milady. I cant attend wearing a maid uniform in that case, right]

Luna-san, who gave me a quick explanation, wasnt dressed in her usual maid uniform today, and was instead clad in a slightly casual dress……. It somehow looked like an outfit a woman would wear to a friends wedding.

They said that this kind of outfit was acceptable instead of a gown, and Sieg-san was also wearing the same kind of outfit as Luna-san. In any case, the two of them are still members of the Albert Duchy on public occasions…… In other words, theyre recognized as Lilia-sans followers, so theyre wearing clothes that are a few ranks down from Lilia-sans attire.

It seems that as a noble, I also need to be considerate of such aspects as well, which is quite troublesome. It was fortunate how there were no particular complications about that this time, since Aoi-chan, Hina-chan and I were each participating as individuals.

In the meantime, we arrived in front of a large church where the wedding was to take place. The church is of a size that would be better described as a cathedral or a temple than a church, and if the wedding were to be held here, it would likely be of considerable size.

We got off at a place that was temporarily prepared as a landing place for Flying Dragon Flights, a short distance away from the event, and walked to the front of the church. There, I registered the location in my Teleportation Magic Tool and then called out to Lilia-san.

[Well then, Lilia-san. Im going to pick up my companion……]


[Eh ……Arehh]

Hearing what I said, Lilia-san looked at me with a puzzled expression on her face. Arehh Thats strange I thought I had told her beforehand properly so that she wouldnt get angry……

Yes, as soon as I heard back from Mitsunaga-kun, I immediately reported…… re…… ported……


Aaaaaaahhhhh! I- I just remembered! T- Thats right. I certainly went to report to Lilia-san at that time, but she wasnt there and I couldnt report this to her.

On my way back to my room, I met Illness-san and went to the night market with her…… I completely thought I had finished my report!

[……Kaito-san Please explain. This companion…… Whats this about]


Lilia-san spoke with a smile on her face, but her eyes werent smiling at all. I feel like Im seeing the silhouette of a Demon God behind her.

I could really feel her thoughts, seemingly asking me if I did something again.

[I- Im sorry!!!]

Realizing that giving out poor excuses was a bad move, I immediately bowed my head and apologized. I quickly explained the circumstances to Lilia-san.

After listening to my explanation, Lilia-san was silent while I shrunk down, feeling like a prisoner waiting for my sentence to be carried out.

After a long, crushingly heavy silence, Lilia-san let out a sigh.

[……Haahhh…… Well, be careful next time.]

[Eh Ah, yes.]

[Oya, Milady Is it alright not to lecture Miyama-sama, looking like a half-crying Ogre just like usual]

[No, I dont think I usually look like that……]

Im kinda doubtful about that. Her face certainly doesnt look like it, but I feel like I can see an Oni behind her…… so Im really scared…… However, even though Im not Luna-san, I also thought she would get angry……

[He certainly forgot to report it, but it seems that Kaito-san tried to report it in advance…… In the first place, since he had obtained permission from Cathy and Seigi-san, its not my place to say anything about it. I dont think Kaito-san had any bad intentions either, so I wont get angry with him about this.]

[L- Lilia-san……]

[Anyhow, Kaito-san, youre going to pick up your companion, right If youre using your Teleportation Magic Tool, you will be able to return soon while we have already gone to greet Cathy and Seigi-san, so please join us later. If you ask the person in charge, they should be able to lead you to us.]

[Yes. I understand.]

Relieved that she wasnt angry with me, I nodded to Lilia-sans words, before teleporting to pick up my companion.

After Kaito disappeared with his Teleportation Magic Tool, Lilia and the others headed inside the church. On the way, Lunamaria spoke to Lilia.

[……Speaking of which, it seems like you forgot to ask who this companion is, didnt you]

[Now that you mentioned it, youre right. Though he says that, I dont think it would be any of the Six Kings or the Supreme Gods. They have no connections with Cathy and Seigi-san, and even if they do decide to participate, I dont think they would bother to request to participate in the ceremony instead of the wedding party. Its just a guess, but I think it would be that emigrant whom Kaito-san said he recently met]

[Ahh~~ I see. It certainly wouldnt be surprising if they would want to attend the wedding of someone from the same world as them…… I see, the reason why Milady seemed relaxed is that you were sure that no big names would come to the ceremony]

[As I said earlier, such big names wouldnt have any reason to attend Cathy and Seigi-sans ceremony.]

Lilia smiled serenely as she said that. However, upon seeing her expression, Lunamaria seemed to be thinking for a moment and muttered.

[……I wonder why What Milady says makes sense, and the logic should be that it was indeed the case…… In my experience, when Milady is this composed, Miyama-sama would often unleash an unexpected move and make her stomach hurt……]

[Stop saying those ominous things. It will be alright.]

[It would be great if that were the case but……]

Serious-senpai : [……Theyve raised a really big flag…… It must be different here, it would definitely not be anyone among the emigrants…… It would be a big name.]-

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