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After being rocked by the carriage for a while, I went outside with Lilia-san and found myself in front of a majestic large gate.

[I could usually see it from a distance as well, but looking at it from up close, it really feels like what a royal castle would be huh.]

[Yes, it may have been something Ive grown accustomed to seeing, but I guess this is unusual for Kaito-san.]

Currently, I have come to the royal castle to receive an apology from the king.

Personally, I was faintly hoping that these apologies would just end with a light-hearted exchange of “Im sorry” and “Its fine, dont worry about it” but…… Unfortunately, it doesnt seem like it would be the case.

When the big gate was opened, knight-like people neatly lined up on either side of the road, showing us the path, and it was no exaggeration to say that the atmosphere around me exactly feels like theyre welcoming a state guest.

It seems that the one dressed in the most beautiful armor among the surrounding knights will be guiding me and Lilia-san.

While Im surprised by the scene that looks like it came right out of anime, we proceed down the corridor and arrive at a large open room…… the audience room.

Inside are all the people who seem to be the nobles of this country, and it certainly is quite an unsettling sight.

……wait, arehh I think I just saw someone who wasnt supposed to be here…… I- Is it just my imagination

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And ahead of my sight, there was a man dressed in a luxurious outfit with short, slightly deep-colored gold hair slicked behind his back.

The man with blonde hair like Lilia-sans, but with red eyes that are different from Lilia-sans, he looks more solidly built than what I thought, but he is definitely the king of this country.

From what Ive heard from Lilia-san, hes supposed to be much older than her but…… He looks young enough that I would have believed it even if he said hes in his twenties.

[Welcome to the royal palace, Miyama-sama. Thank you for taking the time to visit us.]

[Ah, n- no, its my pleasure, thank you for the invitation.]

When I reach the center of the room with Lilia-san, the king slowly stands from his throne and descends to be in the same level as me before he spoke.

His voice is somewhat solemn and dignified, and I cant help but straighten up and return his greeting.

[Im the Symphonia Kingdoms King, Ryze Lia Symphonia XVIII. Pleased to be your acquaintance.]

[Ah, yes. I- Im Miyama Kaito.]

[Now then, please forgive my rudeness, but lets end the brief greetings and head straight to the real issue at hand.]

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[Y- Yes!]

Perhaps due to being exposed to many gazes, I was quite nervous while replying to him.

Hes Lilia-sans brother, His Majesty, the King, who Lunamaria-san sometimes mentions in our conversations Hes not quite what I had imagined.

He didnt like me, and this time, he had no choice but to apologize to me because Lillywood-san told him so…… is what I honestly thought he would be like…… but he doesnt seem like that kind of person.

Just as I was thinking about this, his Majesty, the King dropped down to his knees on the ground and bowing deeply, he spoke.

[The fact that the invitation was not delivered to Miyama-sama before is all my fault, please accept my sincere apologies……. Im really sorry.]

[Eh Ah, yes…… E- Errr, p- please raise your head. For my part, Im not really bothered by it, but your apology was duly received.]

Hmmm, this really isnt what I was expecting.

I thought he would say some kind of lengthy explanation about how they made a mistake and accidentally didnt send me an invitation…… But His Majesty, the Kings apology was a straightforward one that didnt have any excuses, and thats why I could firmly feel his sincerity.

Anyway, I wasnt the least bit bothered about it from the start, so I told him that I accepted His Majesty, the Kings apology.

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Im the protagonist here, and its my own decision to easily forgive him, so there was no complication in the conversation, and after His Majesty, the King deeply bowed once again, the apologies have come to an end.

[……That was unexpected. I didnt expect Elder Brother to apologize so sincerely, and I thought he would lead the conversation to how it was some kind of mistake.]

[Hmmm. I kind of felt like he was different from what Id heard too……]

[I guess even if hes a foolish brother of mine, hes still the king in a way.]

Lilia-san and I exchange some words as we walk down the wide corridor.

Today, Lilia-san and I are going to spend the night at the royal palace, and we are in the middle of heading to the room that has been prepared for each of us.

And after that, Ill be going to greet Lilia-sans parents…… the former king and queen.

After meeting the King, Im now meeting the former King…… Its unsettling because I feel like Im meeting only with distinguished people, but according to Lilia-san, her parents are friendly and kind.

However, along the way, a certain messenger appeared who wanted to talk to me.

Since the other party was “that person”, Lilia-san also had a hesitant look on her face when she heard what the messenger said, so after she quickly checked with the former King and queen that its okay for us to visit them later, I ended up heading straight to have a talk with that person.

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To be honest, when talking about that person…… I was filled with the desire to refuse, but since were in this kind of place, if I refused here, Lilia-san would be in trouble.

Feeling a little sluggish, I move to the room prepared for us, and after knocking on the door, I enter after being given permission to enter.

[Hello, Miyama-sama. I apologize for suddenly calling out to you.]

[Ah, no, its been a while. Chris-san.]

When I entered the room, the person who greeted me was Chris-san, whom I had met earlier in the Archlesia Empire and someone who Im rather uncomfortable with.

Maybe it was out of consideration for me, or it may have just been one of her traps like she usually has, but there was no one else in the room except Chris-san.

[I know Miyama-sama already had something planned, and Im also feeling guilty for it…… but I cant stay here too long, so I wanted to meet Miyama-sama while I still have the time.]

[……Is that so]

[Yes, this maidens heart couldnt handle the longing of not being able to see the gentleman I love.]


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How the heck is this person so brazen about this…… I really cant let down my guard against her.

While shaking hands with Chris-san, who held out her hand to me, I was still dumbfounded that Chris-san was still the same as always, when she leans in closer to me with a swift, spontaneous movement.

[What do you think I thought Id be able to meet Miyama-sama today, so Ive put on a bit of makeup, which I dont usually do…… Does it make me look more feminine]

[Ah, y- y- yes. I think youre very beautiful.]

[Thank you. Please, feel free to touch my face…… If Miyama-sama wishes it, we can make time for some time alone to get to know each other…… Look, theres a bed over there, we can talk over there……]

[I would have to refuse.]

[Oya I got rejected again huh, what a shame.]

Like I said before, can you not nonchalantly use your seductive techniques every time we meet!

Shes the type of person who would frequently send these “love letters” to me that looks like they would eat me out alive. Shes someone who could really drag me down to hell if I just let my guard down for a bit.

Hearing what I said, Chris-san quickly lets go of me and chuckles.

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Im really not good at dealing with her. Rather than her being difficult to deal with, its more like she knows what the inexperienced me is weak at and shes attacking me in that direction, and thats why I think shes dangerous.

Moreover, her behavior is exquisite, and her letters were all handwritten by her, so its kind of hard for me to ignore them, and even when we just met, she just nonchalantly made it just the two of us in here…… If Im really not careful with her, I may wake up having done something irreversible.

[Now then, Miyama-sama. Changing the subject, I observed what happened earlier in the audience room.]

[Eh Ah, yes.]

[Symphonias King is quite the troublesome one, isnt he Its unforgivable for a king to put his personal feelings before looking at his position, and even cause trouble for Miyama-sama…… Harassing Miyama-sama just because he didnt like you, if you ask me, thats rudeness that mustnt be forgiven.]


I wonder what that is Im still feeling theres something strangely out of place, but Im not sure why.

[Miyama-sama must have been quite troubled living in the land ruled by such a king If you would like, you could come to our country……]

[……Is that really the case though]


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[Is His Majesty, the King really harassing me…… just for the reason that he doesnt like me]


My Sympathy Magic is probably the greater reason as to why Im not clear on this right now.

The apology just now…… That was truly an apology that came from his heart.

The emotions I feel from His Majesty, the King are a deep and sincere apology…… and regret Anyway, Im pretty sure that it wasnt a superficial apology.

[Its just my hunch but…… I think His Majesty, the King was eventually going to apologize to me, even if this incident didnt really happen.]

[……Hoohhhh…… Well, the previous matter may have just been something that happened after “he lost his presence of mind”. The position of the otherworlders is quite difficult to measure. The previous matter probably could have been an act of impulse, and he had seriously regretted it.]

Of course, there is the difference between doing it publicly and privately, but I think His Majesty, the King was originally planning to apologize to me.

In fact, it may have been just as Chris-san said and he had regretted it, as after that evening party, he hasnt harassed me in any particular way…… And it was different from the image I had from how Lunamaria-san talked about him.

[My guess is that he probably sent you an immediate apology in a “personal letter” rather than a letter addressed as a king]

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[……Hmmm…… Ahh…… that letter may have been thrown in the warehouse without even checking who the letter is addressed to.]

[Oh my……]

Chris-san tells me that he may have sent me a letter right after that incident, but I dont remember seeing such a letter.

Thereupon, I thought of the more than 20 letters that are sent to Lilia-san every month…… It may have been mixed in with those letters as theyre addressed with His Majesty, the Kings personal name.

I mean, even Lilia-san didnt know where she was putting them away, and it felt like she hadnt checked the contents of the letter, so it may have really been mixed in among those…… Somehow, Im starting to feel a bit sorry for His Majesty, the King.

Thinking about it, other than the letters signed by the country itself, Ive never seen a letter from His Majesty, the King even reach Lilia-sans hand.

Thinking about it like this, Im starting to feel a little pity for His Majesty, the King, and Chris-san smiled at me.

[……I guess I should say that its to be expected from Miyama-sama You have good eyes that could see through the true nature of a person.]

[Eh What does that mean……]

[If you were to ask me, that man is a “snake”. Even with the fair amount of time Ive known him, I can say that hes cunning…… Even though he looks like he have lots of openings, carelessly step in his range and he will inject his poison on you. Hes a difficult person to deal with…… Well, I dont like that man, and it seems like the same goes for him. Were in a relationship where we call each other vixen (female fox) and snake.]

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[However, only to his sister would he be a fool…… No, I dare say that hes also aware that its a foolish move, but still acted like one in front of her. Its like hes ready to ostracize himself and hand over the throne to his children if its necessary.]

Saying that, with a small smile on her face, Chris-san sits down in a chair and offers me to also sit down.

When she confirmed that Im seated, she looked straight at me before she spoke.

[……Im sure that Miyama-sama will arrive at this answer in no time, but let me give you a hint. That man is Princess Lilianne…… Excuse me, she calls herself Duchess Lilia now, wasnt she That man had started eliminating all the men who started approaching Duchess Lilia around 8 years ago.]

[……8 years ago]

[Yes, well, he wasnt as forceful before compared to how he is now. At best, he would just make them restrain themselves from approaching her but…… After the incident four years ago, it seems that he was eliminating any men or the people working for them who approached Duchess Lilia using any means necessary.]

8 years ago, that was when Lilia-san was fourteen years old…… Unnn Wait, I think I heard about that incident before.

Remember…… If I recall, it was mentioned when I first came to this world…… Lunamaria-san said something about……

——-shattering the spirit of her “prospective betrothed”, and the talks regarding her engagement……

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Her prospective betrothed…… I see, so the strange uneasiness Im feeling is this huh……

A prospective betrothed for Lilia-san at that time…… that means, a man she might marry in the future. However, I never heard of His Majesty, the King eliminating her partner.

I dont think His Majesty, the King would have changed to how he acts now due to his age, and at least before, he wasnt eliminating all the men that had approached Lilia-san huh…….

And then, according to Chris-san, it was only four years ago before he became forceful with his elimination…… I dont have to think that hard about what happened four years ago for me to know what happened.


It was that time when the Second Division was ensnared with a trap, and when Lilia-san changed her name and received her peerage……

Dear Mom, Dad——- I visited the royal palace and met Chris-san again after receiving an apology from His Majesty, the King. From talking with her, I got some idea of why I felt some discomfort before. It seems that His Majesty, the Kings heart—— is a little different from what I had imagined.

Chris is the same as usual, the precious, scheming character.

Ah, no way, you are…… Serious-senpai! Just you wait, Serious-senpai! For you will meet your end in the next chapter……

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New novel chapters are published on lig_htnovelworl_d_.c_om

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