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Chapter 1210 - Duke-Rank and Maid-Rank ⑤

After we finished telling Zwei-san about her promotion to Duke-rank, Alice and I teleported once again through her Teleportation Magic. The next place we arrived at was another large city Im seeing for the first time.

[……Hey, Alice. Is this town ruled by Megiddo-san by any chance]

[How did you know]

[Well, theres that huge coliseum in the middle of the city so……]

Yes, this is the first time Ive come to this city, but seeing that coliseum in the middle of the city which clearly had a strangely large size, it looks like a symbol of the city.

I had heard that the city ruled by Megiddo-san has a huge coliseum, so I could predict this right away.

With us coming to this city, does that mean the next person were going to tell about their promotion to Duke-rank would be one of the War Kings subordinates

……Its already settled that the Head Subordinate, Agni-san, would be raised to Duke-rank, but as for the other one……. Could it be Ozma-san When I saw him at the Six Kings Festival, he easily stopped Pandora-sans attack, and he seemed like someone with unfathomable strength.

While I was trying to guess in my head who would be the Duke-ranks, I saw Alice sending out two hummingbirds.

[……Going over there is troublesome, so I called them over here. If I go to that coliseum, that red gorilla would definitely come out, and things would get noisy.]

As usual, Alice was very harsh with Megiddo-san. While I was thinking about this, Agni-san and Ozma-san appeared without a sound right after that.

I dont know if I should say its to be expected from Six Kings Executives or not, but Im a little surprised as they seriously arrived in an instant.

[Im sorry for calling you both all the way out here.]

[No, its no problem.]

[Even so, I wonder whats going on For Phantasmal King-sama to call us out here with Miyama-kun with you, I cant quite guess whats going on.]

Both Agni-san and Ozma-san seemed slightly puzzled, or rather, unsure why Alice had called them. Indeed, it would be difficult for people to realize the reason for our visit was to have them raised to Duke-rank if they hadnt been told beforehand.

[Well, I guess youre right. How should I say this…… Oi, you who claim that youre some middle-aged guy! Dont think you can get away with this anymore! Do you think I would forget how you fought back in that battle in the God Realm You probably already guessed what Im here for, but Im going to have you raised to Duke-rank.]

[A- Ahaha…… No, I wouldnt say any complaints about that. I mean, I thought you would have told me this sooner…… Ahh, so thats also why you called Agni huh.]

[Yes. We are revising the criteria for certifying someone a Duke-rank, so were raising the ratio by about 2 from each camp. And so, I now officially certify Agni-san as a Duke-level, High-ranking Demon.]

With a wry smile, Ozma-san agreed to what Alice was saying, and even though she was stunned by the sudden event, after a little while, Agni-san deeply bowed.

[……Thank you very much. Its a great honor, and I will continue to strive to live up to such a title.]

[Congratulations, Agni-chan. Lets go report this to Master…… Maybe hell throw a big banquet to commemorate this occasion.]

[Yes! Im still not as good as Ozma-sama, but I think its fate that we were able to rise to Duke-rank at the same time! And so, please marry me!]

[……Eeeehhh, with the flow of the story, youre gonna lead things up to that N- No, I dont think being elevated to Duke-rank has anything to do with marriage.]

[I see…… I understand. Well then, I will propose again another time.]

[……I dont think you understand at all though.]

After Agni-san proposed to Ozma-san along with the flow, Ozma-san responded to her with a troubled smile. It doesnt feel like he dislikes her, but I wonder why Its just my hunch, but I get the feeling that, from Ozma-sans point of view, he thinks of Agni-san like a younger sister or a daughter, and he doesnt consider her as a love interest.

No, Im not exactly sure, but Ozma-san somehow doesnt seem to be good at love-related matters like this.

[……Errr, Ozma-san, how should I say this…… It seems like Ozma-san also has things you arent good at huh.]

[Ahaha, rather, I think I have many things Im not good at. When it comes to this topic, I at least dont think I can beat Miyama-kun. Im so bad at it that Id even like to consult with you.]

[If youre alright with me, I would always be available……]

[Thanks. Lets talk over drinks again.]

Ozma-san had this aura of a noble bachelor, but more than that, as I had predicted earlier, his current tone suggests that hes simply not good at talking about love-related matters.

[But now, Im at least one step ahead of Epsilon, right]

[……Agni-chan Please dont say things that may agitate Epsilon-chan. No, its perfectly OK to agitate her when it comes to combat-related matters, but please dont agitate her on anything related to Uncle, okay…… Seriously……]

Speaking of which, I remember hearing how Epsilon-san had also been making her approach to him. I dont know what kind of approach the cool Epsilon-san makes, but somehow, from Ozma-sans tired expression…… Shes probably making pretty fierce approaches.

Serious-senpai : [The composition of a middle-aged guy who is being overwhelmed by the courtship of young girls…… No, but both Agni and Epsilon are well over 10,000 years old, right…… For him to refer to himself as middle-age, what in the world……]-

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