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Chapter 1181 - Bonds Deepened at the Tea Party ④

With a light wave of Lillywood-sans hand, a wooden desk and a couple of chairs appeared. Lillywood-san then urged me to sit down on the chair, before she brought out two cups and a pot and started preparing tea.

It should have been quite a long time ago when she still lived with Kuro, but Lillywood-san seems to be very skilled, at least significantly better than me.

“Here you go.”

[Thank you very much. Youre very skillful.]

“Fufufu, thank you very much. I almost never get the chance to drink tea myself, but because Isis loves tea, Ive had many opportunities to watch her brew it…… Well, in Isis case, I guess she likes the idea of drinking tea with someone else rather than liking tea.”

[…… It seemed like Isis-san was also having fun today.]

Just as Lillywood-san said, rather than liking tea itself, Isis-san likes the time spent drinking tea while talking with someone.

“Ive been sending invitations to Isis for the tea party every time its held. Even though its troublesome if it were for others, I thought it would be nice to have her drink tea with me here on the balcony like we are doing now. …… But perhaps, feeling that shes more alone drinking here, she didnt participate until now.”

[So that was the case.]

“Yes, but it seems that Isis herself had a change in her mentality after meeting Kaito-san, so she joined us for the first time.”

[Before I knew it, Isis-san already had four subordinates, and she really seemed to be having fun.]

In fact, at this tea party, Isis seemed to be enjoying her time very much. However, it wasnt just Isis-san, as Iris-san and Isis-sans other subordinates seem to be enjoying themselves…… Somehow, it feels like the atmosphere in Isis-sans camp was like Kuros family.

I think it makes one feel Isis-sans personality, or rather, how theyre more like a close family instead of being a master and her subordinates, which I think is really great.

Having such thoughts in mind, I incidentally looked at the venue from the balcony…… and saw two other people sitting at the table Isis-san was sitting.

[……Ah, someone came to Isis-sans table.]

“Oya Indeed. Those are…… Claire and Bella, my dependents.”

[They were your subordinates huh. Since theyre able to talk to Isis-san, I guess they must be Peerage holders]

“They are the Flower Spirits of Cleome and Gerbera respectively, and they are both powerful Viscount-ranks. Neither of them should be directly acquaintanced with Isis. Since Claire is the kind of girl who likes to talk to people, she probably suggested that they go talk to Isis……”

After she lightly explained, Lillywood-san looked as if she was thinking about something for a moment.

“……Its true that the pressure of Isis magic power of death changes to some extent depending on her physical and mental state, but even if that were the case, the reason those two thought of talking directly to her is probably because of the change in Isis herself. After meeting Kaito-san, Isis mind became more relaxed, and she began to wear a peaceful, gentle atmosphere instead of the tense one she had before.”

[Indeed…… How should I say this…… If it werent for her magic power of death, Isis-san certainly feels like someone easy to talk to.]

“Yes, so the two of them, who are both Peerage-holders that can withstand the pressure of her magic power of death, must have been attracted by Isis gentle atmosphere and approached her. It seemed like theyre having a good time talking to each other.”

As Lillywood-san said, Isis-san has a very gentle atmosphere. Rather, the tense, transient atmosphere she had that makes people uneasy when I first met her is slowly changing.

Isis-san herself is becoming more confident in herself …… or rather, yes, I guess the words “shes come to like herself” is a good way to put it.

Thanks to the fact that she was able to accept herself, how should I say this…… I believe it made Isis-sans true charm come to the surface.

“……How should I say this…… Kaito-san is really amazing.”

[Eh Me]

“Yes, when you saved Isis, when I met you in Rigforeshia,…… I thought it would be enough if at least just you could stay on Isis side. However, the change you brought to Isis was much, much greater.”

[H- Hmmm, its not like I did anything though. Isis-san originally was an attractive and amazing person, and now that she is able to show her true self, changes began to appear…… This isnt just the result of my help, but the result of Isis-sans own efforts.]

“I wonder, was that really the case Im sure if Isis were to be asked about this, shed say the same as I did…… that its because of you.”

After saying that, Lillywood-san gave me a very kind smile.

“……Im really glad that you came to this world…… thats what I think from the bottom of my heart.”

Her words filled with straightforward favorable emotions, how should I say this…… They make me fairly embarrassed…… but it didnt feel bad at all.

【Claire】 (The Spirit of the Cleome, which holds the meaning “Engraving your Charm into my mind” in the language of flowers)

Shes the Spirit of the Cleome, and a person who likes to talk with people. She was attracted to Isis gentle atmosphere, which is unlike the rumors around her, and approached her.

【Bella】 (The Spirit of the Gerbera, which holds the meaning “Positivity” and “Progress” in the language of flowers)

A Spirit who is close with Claire and always with her. She came to visit Isis table at Claires suggestion. She enjoys conversing with the kind Isis.-

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