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After the conversation about Rasal-san was over and Sechs-san left his seat, Isis-san took out something that looked like cookies and put it in front of me.


[……Cookies……I baked them for you…… Here you go…… Kaito.]

[Thank you. Are these made from mixed berries They look so delicious. Ahh, I brought some chocolates too, so please enjoy them, everyone.]


Incidentally, Isis-san, of course, knows about Nebulas tea because she had been served with that tea when she came to visit my house before. Isis-san also drinks a lot of tea, so I thought about giving her some tea leaves…… but I decided against it because it was just difficult to use these tea leaves.

However, I havent shown her this chocolate yet. I mean, I didnt know about it either until Nebula told me about it a few days ago, so I guess you could say its a new product.


As I was thinking about this, Isis-san took one of the cookies, broke it in two, and then held one of the halves to me with her other hand underneath to prevent the crumbles from falling on the table.


[……Here you go…… Kaito…… Open up.]

[Eh Ahh, errr…… T- Thank you for the meal.]


It seems like she wanted to feed me. Putting aside if it was just the two of us, Im feeling rather embarrassed while were in a place like this, but theres no way I can choose to refuse in front of the happy Isis-san, so I opened my mouth and ate the cookie.

The sweet and sour taste of the mixed berries and the cookies is just right and very tasty.


[……Its so delicious.]

[……If Kaito is happy…… then…… Im glad.]


Its just a hunch, but I feel that Isis-sans pastry-making skills have also improved from before.

Thereupon, I took a quick glance at my surroundings…… and as expected, due to the influence of Isis-sans magic power of death, it didnt seem like we attracted much attention because there werent many people nearby.


However, Iris-san, Polaris-san and Sirius-san are at the same table as us, so they are perfectly aware of our earlier exchange. How should I say this…… They had these pleasant expressions on their faces.

From the emotions conveyed by my Sympathy Magic, I got the sense that they were happy that Isis-san looked happy.

I have known Isis-san for a long time, but I get the impression that Polaris-san and Sirius-san also genuinely adore Isis-san and have a good relationship with her.


[Ahh, by the way, Isis-san.]


[Theres something that Nebula asked me to give Isis-san when I meet you.]

[……Nebula did]


Yes, in fact, before I headed to the tea party today, Nebula had given me something. I knew that Isis-san was coming to the tea party because she contacted me through hummingbird and asked me to give it to her when I saw her.

Incidentally, what was given to me was a small wooden box with a luxurious look.


[Here it is. Errr, you know Nebula made original refined sugar, right]

[……Unnn…… Theyre so beautiful…… I also got…… an assortment of them.]

[So, she made some refined sugar in the image of Isis-san, and she asked me to give them to you……]



In front of Isis-san, who tilted her head curiously, she opened the box…… and found a wide-mouthed jar with what appeared to be sugar inside.

However, it was not elaborate looking, which is unusual for Nebulas creation, and looked like just an ordinary sugar cube shaped like a crystal.


[……Crystals No, is that ice]

[……I guess…… its because…… I use Ice Magic often]

[Ahh~~ I see, maybe if you put it in your tea, the appearance will change, would you like to try it]

[……Unnn…… Nebula made them for me…… so I want to see it.]


Nebula, who isnt afraid of her magic power of death, and Isis-san get along well with each other and they talk with each other a lot when Isis-san comes to visit me at my house. I mean, Lilia-san and the others were also afraid of her at first, but after some contact with her, they soon realized that Isis-san is a kind person.

This means that Lilia-san and the others, who can originally approach Isis-san clad with magic power of death with their ability, will have more opportunities to talk with her.

I mean, speaking of the people in my house, Anima, Caraway, Eta, Theta and Illness-san are all peerage-holders, so they can have normal conversations with her.


[……Wow…… Amazing.]

[This is beautiful. I was wondering why it had that appearance because it didnt look that elaborate, but it seems like they went all out with the production.]

When Isis-san put the crystal-shaped sugar into the tea, the sugar instantly changed its shape into a small sun, a moon, and multiple hearts before melting away.


[……Im sure…… the sun…… is Kaito.]

[Then, the moon must be Isis-san]

[……Unnn…… probably.]


Perhaps, she was expressing that when the ice melted, the sun and the moon…… me and Isis-san had lots of hearts around us…… becoming lovey-dovey.

It really is quite an elaborate performance. And I somehow understood what Nebula meant when she said “we are making the others in order” when she handed me this.

Perhaps, after she completed a set of refined sugar, they will be making refined sugar with me and my lovers as the theme. Its a little embarrassing, but how should I say this…… I feel happy and blessed.


Isis-san seemed to feel the same way, as she gently grasped my hand under the table, and I squeezed it back a little tighter.








Serious-senpai : [As expected, even though he was called Great Sage of the Dead, he didnt seem to realize that she became Isis subordinate as a result of her getting excited and charging towards her, but knelt down in a dogeza because her mind broke just by the mere sight of her……]

: [……No, Serious-senpai…… That conversation is like for last chapter. Please dont try to escape reality.]

Serious-senpai : [……Say no to lovey-dovey……]





T/N: Forget the 8-10pm GMT 8 for the time being, I post when I finish translating. Like today, I ended up feeling lazy and woke up at 10:xx pm.


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