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After a lunch filled with happiness and embarrassment…… Or rather, the happiness that was completely trampled by the embarrassment Im feeling, my date with Shiro-san at the beach continues.

[……L- Listen here, Shiro-san. Gently…… Just hit it gently!]


[Im being serious here, be as gentle as when youre holding a cookie……]

[I understand.]

Towards Shiro-san who was holding a ball for beach volleyball that she made, I timidly, yet repeatedly told her.

I was the one who suggested beach volleyball when she told me we were going to play in the ocean after lunch…… and now, I regret it very much.

[Im begging you here! I would really die there, you know!]

[I could bring you back to life if you die, so its alright.]

[Thats totally not okay!]

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Thats because my opponent is Shiro-san…… She, who is unmistakably the strongest being in this world.

If she hits the ball without any moderation, I cant catch her attack…… No, rather than me not being able to catch her attack, my body would definitely scatter to pieces if I try to do that.

Its more likely that the ball would be blown up first, but I think the wind pressure alone would turn this area into a vacant piece of land.

(T/N: The process of sending a ball from one side to another is apparently called “attack”, or so google says.)

Because the best evidence is that Chronois-san has been nervously looking at me from earlier.

Its quite obvious to her that my life is in danger, so shes thinking of trying to help me when Im in a pinch…… but I cant help but think that even Chronois-san might not be able to hold her own against Shiro-san, so I desperately requested her to moderate her attacks.

[I understand. Ill make sure to attack with enough strength that Kaito-san will be able to return…… but in return, lets play a game.]

[A game]

[Yes, the same one Kaito-san played with the Phantasmal King…… The loser listens to one thing the victor says. What do you think]

[……I- I understand. Im fine with it.]

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I wonder why Why did Shiro-san bother to suggest such a thing

……I have a bad feeling about this. Specifically, Shiro-san wanted me to do something.

Moreover, she would probably want me to do something that I would normally refuse to do if she proposed it…… I- I cant lose here.

Incidentally, when I asked her how we judge whether who wins and who loses since we dont have a court to play on, she said that the one who doesnt catch the ball loses.

In other words, even if I returned a ball that would normally be a foul or even sent it to a direction that would give me a homerun, if Shiro-san cant return it, she loses…… These terms are quite advantageous for the attacker.

Shiro-san slowly hits the ball, and just as she declared, the ball flies at a speed that I can fully handle.

The ball came flying straight at me, and I hit it back in a receiving stance but…… yep, fro someone like me whose only volleyball experience are the games I played in PE class, I wasnt able to neatly return it back to her and sent it to a direction away from Shiro-san.

But, however……

[……Huh Eh Hey, thats—-!]

Shiro-san disappeared and appeared at where the ball was falling. She then easily returned the ball.

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Eh Wait a minute, did you just use teleportation T- Thats not fair!

And needless to say, I lost miserably against Shiro-san, who could instantly move to return the ball even when I dont know myself to which direction my returns are going.

That means I had to listen to one thing Shiro-san said, but she told me that she would just leave it for later, as she wants to play another game…… Somehow, Im starting to feel uneasy here……

[……Hey, Shiro-san]

[What is it]

[……Why did you also “split the ocean” along when you should have just been splitting a watermelon]

[I dunno]

Cutely tilting her head, Shiro-san is the same as usual, as the scene happening before my eyes are all this airhead Goddesss fault.

We were going to split a watermelon, but when Shiro-san swung her stick…… The entire landscape in front of me, along with the watermelon, was cut in half.

And beside Shiro-san who just was tilting her head at me, Chronois-san was holding her head with an exhausted expression on her face…… Chronois-sans spirit has fallen in shambles.

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[Wouldnt that cause a tsunami……]

[Should I return it back to how it was]

[Please do so.]

[I understand.]

With a wave of Shiro-sans finger, the divided sea returned to normal as if nothing had happened.

Ah, shes the same outrageous person she usually is……

[……Shiro-san, thats strange.]

[Is that so]

[……Yes, because this isnt just a sand castle anymore, thats already a “real castle” made of sand.]

[Did I make it a little too big]

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[Thats just not “a little” at all. Look, Chronoi-san looks like her eyes are already dead, whose fault do you think it is]

[I dunno]


In front of me right now is a huge castle made of sand.

The size and appearance are such that anyone would believe it if someone says that this is the royal castle…… And of course, Shiro-san is the one who made it.

That castle isnt on the level of playing the sand already, you know!

I dont know if Chronois-sans mind has been driven to the corner or not, but she looks like her soul has already left her body.

[……Miyama…… Im begging you…… Ill do anything…… Please help me.]

[C- Chronois-san.]

[If you ask me to take off my clothes , I will do it…… So please tell off Shallow Vernal-sama……]

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[You dont have to do that, Im going to ask her to return it back to how it was before.]

Chronois-san seems like she has already had enough, as she weakly held my hand, asking for help with an empty look in her eyes.

I dont know if I should say that Chronois-san have really suffered a lot or not but…… I really feel so bad for her.

As dusk was approaching , Shiro-san and I sat on a vinyl sheet, watching the glittering sea as the light of the setting sun illuminated the beach.

[It was a really fun day.]

[Im really glad in that case.]

It seems like Chronois-san…… passed out around the time Shiro-san built a shipwreck and said she wants to go treasure hunting, and she is now being nursed by Ein-san at the beach house.

Incidentally, the reason why Ein-san didnt appear all these times…… is because if she shows up, Shiro-san would change her maid uniform into a swimsuit.

Even as Shiro-san did all these absurd stuff today, I felt like the time flew by fast…… and if I were to be asked if I had fun, I certainly did have fun.

Perhaps, thats because Shiro-san…… also seems like shes also enjoying her time.

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Shiro-san was still expression like always, but the corners of her mouth were slightly upturned, and most importantly, her spitting up the ocean and building real castles, all those preposterous stuff she did today…… I think that Shiro-san wasnt able to act moderately because shes probably getting excited in her own way.

Shiro-san was originally the God of Creation, so she would never have the opportunity to play around like this. Thats why I think Shiro-san was having fun in her own way.

Just being together with Shiro-san as she was having fun like that, I guess Im also…… really having fun.


[Eh Ah, yes.]

[Do you remember our arrangement for our previous game]

[Yeah, that I will listen to one thing you say.]

[Yes. Ill use that now.]

[……W- What do you want me to do]

As I was having an inner monologue, Shiro-san tells me in an intonationless voice, and even though Im feeling uneasy, I answered.

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S- Shes using it here huh…… W- What in the world would she make me do I dont think she would make me do something terrible, but I still have a bad feeling about this.

In front of the anxious me, Shiro-san removes her pareo wrapped around her waist, exposing her beautiful bare legs.

As I realize that my eyes cant help but focus on her thighs, Shiro-san lightly taps her lap.

[I want you to sleep on my lap.]

[……Huh Eeehhhh!]

[I saw Kuro do it for you before, so I also wanted to try doing it once.]

[N- No, but……]

A lap pillow! N- No, thats very unacceptable under the current circumstances.

I- I- I mean, Shiro-san is in a swimsuit now, you know! For me to get a lap pillow under these circumstances, doesnt that mean I would be laying my head on her bare thighs No way, thats impossible, I was already boiling over back at lunch, and shes asking me to do this……

[Youre going to do one thing for me, right]

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I- I certainly did make that promise and agreed to that terms.

I would be really insincere with my promise if I refuse here…… I- I guess I dont have any choice but to be prepared about what Im about to do huh

[……I- I understand.]

[Yes. Now then, here.]


I couldnt help but gulp down my saliva at the site of Shiro-sans pearly white thighs, I shook my head and frantically calmed myself down before slowly laying down on her lap.

Her lap is surprisingly soft, yet has a certain elasticity to it…… and feeling Shiro-sans body heat on my cheek, I became aware that my face is getting so red that it feels like steam is about to come out of my ears.

H- Her lap is so much softer and warmer than I imagined it to be…… I dont know if its appropriate to say that paradise can be found here or not, but it feels really good, laying my head on her lap.

The feeling of lying on her thighs felt so tempting that if I were to relax even a little, I feeling I wouldnt be able to get up anymore, but even though her thighs are so tempting, Im still desperately trying to hold on to the thread of reason….. but thats when Shiro-san quietly speaks.

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[You…… are really different.]

[……Eh How come]

[Even when you saw my power, you didnt feel awed nor did you kneel before me.]

[……Errr, was I being rude]

[No, Im glad that youre like that instead. However, Im just wondering…… Are you not afraid of me]


Her voice was as inflectionless as ever, but I could sense that there was a certain amount of emotion in it.

I dont know what Shiro-san had in mind when she asked me that. Even though I have my Sympathy Magic, it doesnt work on Shiro-san, so I cant read her emotions.

Why am I not afraid of Shiro-san…… Indeed, Shiro-san is the strongest being in this world, a genuine God with almost omnipotent power.

Perhaps, feeling fear and respect to her is the normal reaction to her…… but…… hmmm.

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[I dont know if I can explain it well but…… I guess its probably, errr, because Shiro-san is “not perfect”.]

[……Please continue.]

[Yes. Errr, if Shiro-san is omniscient and omnipotent, a being that doesnt have any openings for anyone to take advantage of, I may have been afraid of you. However, Shiro-san may be omnipotent, but youre not omniscient, right]


[Thats why, I guess Im just thinking about your power as something that makes you Shiro-san I think Im not afraid because I can feel that its just part of your personality.]


Actually, I dont really know the details why either.

I think I was scared when I first met her, but now, Im just thinking of Shiro-san as an airheaded cheat…… and a very attractive woman.

At the very least, I dont feel scared, Im sure I still wouldnt feel scared in the future.

At my words, Shiro-san stayed silent for a few moments before she spoke again.

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[……Indeed, I am not omniscient. On the contrary, I dont even know myself.]


[I cant see any difference between the living beings, the plants, or the earth…… the world I have created. All of them seem to have the same value in my eyes…… Am I coldhearted Do I not…… love this world]


There was still no inflection in her voice, and her expression hadnt changed.

However, her voice somehow sounded lonely…… and I couldnt just ignore it.

[I think…… its the opposite though.]

[The opposite]

[Yes. I think Shiro-san probably loves this world more than anyone else.]


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As if my statement was too surprising, Shiro-sans voice just now was clearly filled with emotions. For the first time, there was an inflection in her voice.

Still lying down on her thighs, I move my face and look into Shiro-sans beautiful golden eyes as I spoke my thoughts.

[Shiro-san loves this world you created with all your heart. Everything that exists in this world can be traced back to Shiro-san. That must be why youre trying to look at every being the same way Because the living beings, the plants and the earth are all equally loved by you…… Because you dont see anyone of them being more superior over the other, looking at them with the same eyes that you look at the others, and rarely try to get involved in the world…… and by not holding out your hand to help any side, youre showing them how everyone has the same worth.]


[I guess thats also why The otherworlder me…… “This me who wasnt born in the world Shiro-san created” really fits the role of someone Shiro-san would get involved with..]


Hearing my words, which could be taken as disrespect, Shiro-san falls silent.

Her golden eyes were looking at me, and its making me feel as if time is passing slowly……

[……You really are…… an interesting person.]

[ ! ]

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Saying that, Shiro-san lets out a small smile.

Her usually unchanging expression changed, showing a smile that seemed so beautiful, as if it condensed all the beauty in the world, being as dazzling and precious as a twinkling star.

With a gentle smile on her face, Shiro-san put her hand on my cheek and slowly lifted my head…… and held it to her chest. Wait! Eeeehhhh!

[S- S- Shiro-san! W- W- What are you doing!]


My face is buried in Shiro-sans ample breasts, suffocating me in a heavenly softness and warmness.

[Is that so…… So I did love the world huh…… I really dont know myself huh. I didnt realize it until you told me.]

[T- T- Thats good to hear, but you know! B- B- But this situation!]

[Its my gratitude.]

[Gratitude! W- Wait, I dont know what youre saying though!]

I feel down to a situation where it cant be called a lap pillow anymore, as Im now being laid on a breast pillow, making my mind completely blank and I cant think about anything else anymore.

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All I could think about was the soft and sweet feeling of Shiro-sans breasts that seem to entrance all my attention, along with the pleasant scent that tickled my nostrils.

[You say all that, but Kaito-san seems to be really happy about it, arent you]

[Can you not read the strange areas of my mind!]

Of course, if you ask me if Im happy or not, isnt it obvious that I would be happy!

Thats naturally, because Im still a man. Theres no reason why I wouldnt be happy in a situation where Im burying my face in the cleavage of an immensely beautiful woman like Shiro-san but…… Seriously, can you not blow away all of my reasoning!

[……Thank you very much, Kaito-san. However, I would like to correct one thing you just said.]

[……Ehh C- Correct something]

Hearing Shiro-sans gentle words, I slightly raised my eyes…… and saw the beautiful smile on Shiro-sans face which was approaching mine, and felt the soft touch on my forehead.

[Im not trying to get involved with you just because youre an otherworlder…… Ive felt like I was trying to be involved with you because “I love you”.]

[Ehh A- Ahh, errr, ummm……!]

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With a voice that was too gentle and warm, as even the sound of her voice also had a temperature…… my mind finally reached the limit of its tolerance, making me short-circuit and I lost consciousness.

And just before I lost my consciousness, I felt Shiro-san hug me tightly.


Dear Mom, Dad—— Shiro-san is an airhead, shes sometimes unreasonable, and I feel like Im always being pushed around when Im with her. But still, I enjoy spending time with her, and most importantly—— I think Shiro-san is a very attractive Goddess.

Shiro is the first person who dealt enough mental damage to make Kaito, who got the reasoning of an oni, faint.

Shiros heroine power is rising…… Arehh Isnt Shiro absurdly cute

Shes the second person who casually confessed to Kaito.

PS: I was wrong. Alice was also there, so shes the third person.

And also, Kaito, go explode! Getting that breast pillow, stop screwing with me! Go explode!

And after the next chapter, well be heading towards the story about the royal palace…… Regarding the next chapter, Im sure some of you will like it, while some of you may have already guessed what it will be about…… but I came to spoil, its Lilias turn!

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T/N: Last post for today, this chapter is a bit long…

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