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The Ultimate God, Nebula…… is a being who once ruled several multiverses and subdued many World Creators, and if one were to exclude the outlier Shallow Vernal, she is a being that can be called the Absolute Pinnacle.

If one opposes her, she who encompassed everything and reigned as the Absolute Superior over all beings, they would be erased in an instant, even if they're Omniscient and Omnipotent.

And yet, for her…… for Nebula, who possesses power on a different level, allowing her to subdue several multiverses…… "things aren't any different".

Nebula was a good person, which was extremely rare compared to the World Creators, many of whom had defective personalities due to their great power.

Although she reigned at the top of many worlds, she never demanded anything from those who followed her. She strongly believes that as the Absolute, she is the one who gives blessings to those beneath her, and there is no need for the lowly to give anything to her.

Even though her tone of voice was haughty for being Absolute, she protected and guided those under her patronage, and her heart was admired by many.

The fact that World Creatures served Nebula wasn't because she demanded them to, but because each of them served her of their own free will.

However, Nebula, who doesn't reject anyone who comes to her, considers all those who follow her to be under her patronage and bestows upon them her equal grace.

In the first place, she…… was a "God without a world of her own". She wasn't interested in creating her own world and despite her immense power, she didn't create her world.

……That's why, yes….. She originally "wasn't supposed to have been brought to her end" at that time.

Shallow Vernal…… The phenomenon called Shallow Vernal appeared not in front of Nebula, but in the world created by a World Creator who followed her.

When Nebula learned that the inescapable end, which was already becoming widely known at that time, had appeared before someone under her command, she immediately took action.

She used her power to "teleport the World Creator to her side" and "let the original creator escape to another world". Not only that, for even though she didn't know if her actions held any meaning, she also let the people living in that world escape to another world under her control as much as possible.

Of course, many of her subordinates were opposed to this. In particular, the creator of that world where Shallow Vernal appeared desperately argued that there was no need for Nebula to risk her life for them.

However, Nebula brushed their objection away, and after sending the World Creator and all the creatures of that world to another world, she severed her connection with all the beings she's encompassed with.

Heading towards her own end, in order to avoid affecting those she's encompassed with……

And thus, she challenged the End alone in that empty world.

She knew that "even the Absolute her couldn't resist the Epilogue"……

That's why, even after Nebula was brought to her end…… She's still adored by many World Creators.

And that's not all. Her battle also affected the bringer of the End…… the phenomenon called Shallow Vernal. Shallow Vernal herself didn't understand her actions at that time. But now that she has acquired emotions, when she thinks back to that time…… The "first being" that Shallow Vernal became interested in was Nebula.

Seeing her fight not for herself, but for others, even though she knew she would never win, thinking about it, it may have been the time when Shallow Vernal first gained a heart.

Of course, she didn't realize that at that time. In fact, after she brought Nebula to her end, so many years passed before she encountered Makina that it's difficult to express the amount in numbers.

However, she definitely made an impact. That's why, at that time…… "Shallow Vernal didn't bring those that Nebula let escape to their ends, and just went on to the next world.

If it had been Shallow Vernal before that…… No, even the Shallow Vernal after that, if one fled to another world, "she would still bring those who fled to another world to their ends", but only that one time…… did she overlook those who had fled to another world.

Thinking about it, it might have been the slightest bit of her budding heart that compelled her to do that. ……but if she eventually comes around and reaches the world they escaped to, Shallow Vernal will still bring them to their ends, but for Nebula's sake, she overlooked them once.

Now, not even she knows what she was thinking at that time…… but perhaps, what Shallow Vernal felt was a faint sign of respect for Nebula, who stood alone against the End.

[……Tell me one thing, Shallow Vernal. How are those who I've let escape now]

[The God you let escape apparently recreated that world after some time. Well, I've only heard about it from a God I know……]

[……I see, so "you didn't bring them to their end".]

When Shallow Vernal resurrected Nebula, that was the first thing she asked her.

[If you want, you can contact them, you know]

[No need. At the time I was brought to my end, my connection with my former subjects was severed. After all the time has passed, I'm not thinking of clinging to my former seat…… If they're living well, that's already enough.]

Not asking any more questions about the past, Nebula listened to Shallow Vernal's proposition.

[I have a lot of things I'd like to complain about…… but alright. It seems that I owe you a debt that I didn't even know about…… so I'll resign myself to being treated like a dog.]

[I see, I'm glad to hear you agree. Well then, I'm going to "turn you into a Spirit".]

[……And there, you just increased my complaints by one. Seriously, you better remember this……]

: [I'm digressing, but it seems that Nebula is still deeply worshipped by many World Creators, and it seems that if she were to call out to them, they would gather to her in almost the same scale as before. She recognizes her resurrection as herself, being reborn anew, and has no intention of returning to her past position.]

Serious-senpai : [Speaking of which, she inwardly said that she's going to be in a position deserving her Absolute self, but she didn't really say anything about restoring her former glory at all, seemingly as if she's wishing for a new life.]-

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