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I'm not going to complain in regards to me and Eden-san going out together…… No, I am very anxious, but since the situation is already like this, I won't bother complaining now.

However, there's something else that's bothering me. That is, how long will Eden-san last

By the time we talked about the two of us going out together, Eden-san was already in her Phase 2. From what I've experienced so far, she's at a stage where she'll probably go berserk in another 5 to 10 minutes.

If that's the case, won't Eden-san start rampaging before we reach our destination and call it a night

As I thought about this, I looked at Eden-san…… and saw that her expression had changed to a deep smile. She's now in Phase 3. This means that she's almost at the point where she'd go on a rampage.

I reflexively tried to imbue magic power to the necklace around my neck to send a signal to Kuro, but before I could do that, Eden-san did something differently than before.

[……My apologies. Please excuse me for a moment.]


After saying those few words, Eden-san disappeared and returned within a few seconds. When I tilted my head at her strange actions, Eden-san returned with a different, calmer smile on her lips.

[Thank you for your patience. Let's get going, my child.]


Eh Why The deep smile on her face is gone, she isn't talking so fast, and she's calling me "my child"…… She's back to Phase 0!

W- What's going on here This has never happened before…… Is it possible she could suppress her own rampages

[……E- Eden-san What happened just now]

[I felt like I was going to explode with all the love I have for my child, so I created a space with a different flow of time, where I "passed a few days" and cooled down before coming back.]

[……I- I see……]

She prepared countermeasures for her rampages! I-  see…… Perhaps, Eden-san also knew that if she were to go out of control here, this outing would be over. That's why she restrained herself from going out of control by cooling down while she still had some reason left.

H- How should I say this…… I can see how serious Eden-san is about this outing. I can see it but……

[Ummm, Eden-san In the first place, couldn't you just endure so as you don't ram…… explode from love]

[That's impossible.]

[……Then, it can't be helped.]

I see, so it's fundamentally impossible for her to not rampage huh. Since an omniscient and omnipotent God asserts that it's impossible, I guess it's something that even someone omniscient and omnipotent can't do anything about.

Then, it can't be helped…… Let's give up on the idea of hoping Eden-san would go out of control. But still, I'm grateful that she's trying to control her own rampages, making me feel safer.

……is what I naively thought a while ago, making me wish I could punch the me of the past for thinking such a thing.

After that, Eden-san and I left for our destination, but she said it wasn't elegant to go by teleportation, so we flew in the sky.

In the meantime, Eden-san's state progressed to Phase 2 again.

This time, Eden-san herself seemed to have noticed that she entered her Phase 2, and disappeared for a few seconds to cool down again, before coming back…… "with a deep smile on her face, her eyes muddy with madness".

[Thank you for waiting, my beloved child.]

[……Eden-san, please go and immediately cool down again.]

[Hmmm If that's what my beloved child says……]

Even if she cools herself down, she doesn't always go back to Phase 0 and also has the possibility that she'd grow even worse! Moreover, isn't she already on her Phase 4 now! That's dangerous…… If I had been even a little bit late in telling her to go cool herself down again, she would definitely have gone on a rampage.

[My beloved child, is this alright]

[Ahh~~ Let's see. I think that should do……]

This time, she was on her Phase 1…… Could it be that the result was randomly switched everytime she calms herself down L- Let's not lose heart…… I just have to make sure that if she's on her Phase 3 or 4, I need to make Eden-san cool herself down immediately, else it will be dangerous.

In any case, if I don't keep my senses sharp and accurately judge her state from the moment she returns, perhaps, the Eden-san that awaits me would be a rampaging one.

To be honest, I thought that I should just let her go on a rampage and end the situation here…… but Eden-san is making an effort to take care of this herself, even though it may be imperfect…… In other words, considering how much she really wants to go out with me, I want to help her somehow.

Well, I can't help her if she's already in a rampaging state at the beginning, but otherwise, I should be able to handle the situation if I notice it quickly enough.

Anyway, if Eden-san disappears and comes back, then I need to be careful. I would need to immediately check her lips…… if she had a deep smile on her face.

If she only had a small smile, she should be between Phases 0 and 2, so although it's not absolute, there should be a certain amount of time before she goes out of control. However, when she has a deep smile, if I'm not careful, she would be in danger of going on a rampage immediately, so I need to make a quick decision.

……Even if she were to recommend a place to me, would I even have the composure to look at the scenery

Serious-senpai : [……That's strange The two of them are supposed to be going for a stroll together, but why do the protagonist's inner thoughts look more serious than ever, as if he gambling with his life]

: [……From what I see though, it isn't his life that he's gambling, but his chastity instead.]

Serious-senpai : [……I mean, was she able to control herself on her own]

: [No, I think she's probably forcing herself to endure quite a bit. I have a feeling that perhaps, with each repetition, she won't return to Phase 1 or 2 anymore, but only to Phase 3 or 4.]

Serious-senpai : [……The heck is that, it sounds as if everytime she repeats that process, her resistance goes up, making it harder for that way to work……]-

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