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As the meat grilled on the wire mesh, its fragrant smell wafts through the air.

As if its drenched in sweat, its beautiful red flesh is soaking in its lustrous fatty juices, whetting the appetite of the people looking at it.

[Hagfuu, ahmm…… Awhhhh! Kaito-san, I was the one who was cooking up that meat……]

[You still have lots on your plate, you know I mean, whose money do you think is used to buy these……. Dont you even know what being reserved is……]

[Food bought with other peoples money is the tastiest!]


Right now, in front of me, Alice is wearing her usual opera mask and continues to eat meat at a terrific speed.

How did this happen As I recall, after we finished that conversation in Lilia-sans garden, Alice told me she had something she needs to talk to me about and asked me to follow her, so I followed her but…

For some reason, I ended up buying her grilled meat (yakiniku) for dinner…… How the heck did this happen

[Omnom…… I mean, look, Ive sworn my loyalty to Kaito-san…… Omn…… That means, Im your subordinate and Kaito-san is my boss. On these occasions, the boss should be treating his subordinates!]

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……You f*cking b*tch. She started saying things that sounded quite convenient. For her, that is.

I was quite surprised but…… Well, Im sure most of her money is gone again anyway, and shes helped me with all sorts of stuff and I asked for her help just now…… I guess treating her is fine.

[……Even so, there are yakiniku restaurants in this world huh~~ I guess this was also passed down by one of the people who held the role of Hero back then]

[Yes, they were partly why these restaurants exist. Of course, the culture of eating grilled meat already existed in this world, but thanks to the introduction of the previous holder of the role of Hero of the sauce, it became something major for the populace.]

[Heehhh…… So this world really is quite influenced by the world I was in, right]

[……Hmmm. ]

Hearing my question, Alice stops her hands from eating meat for a moment before she thinks about it for a bit.

[The world that Kaito-san was in and this world…… With the difference between science and magic, our worlds have tread upon different histories, and it may be hard to say which one is more developed…… But when it comes to food culture, the world Kaito-san came from was far more advanced than here.]


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Its true that the magic and magic tools in this world can do things that are impossible with science, and since our cultures and histories are different to begin with, it would be impossible to decide which world is better, and there is no point in deciding that anyway.

But when it comes to food, the world I lived in seems to be superior, as especially regarding the food culture, it was greatly influenced by the previous people that held the role of Hero.

[Well, its not like everything the previous people who held the role of Hero passed down became popular though. I think they also tried spreading that white rice food That is, how should I say this…… For us who are used to eating bread, eating that as the main dish feels uncomfortable.]

[I see, I certainly felt uncomfortable when I was just eating bread all the time, so maybe its a difference in environment……]

[Yes, well, the people who play the role of Hero are very happy with eating white rice, so we grow a small amount of them in each country. Its a status symbol for a country to make a good impression on those people who hold the role of Hero.]

[Unnn…… I know exactly how they feel.]

It certainly makes me want to eat rice. When Neun-san gave me that rice before, I was deeply moved…… and Im still feeling grateful to her as I eat rice.

Then, after hearing Alices words, I suddenly remembered about someone.

[Speaking of which, Alice…… Theres something Id like to ask you.]

[What is it]

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[Mitsunaga -kun…… The child who now holds the role of Hero, do you know how hes doing right now]

Alice is the Phantasmal King who holds all the information in the world, so she may know any information about Mitsunaga-kun.

Hes close with Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san, and hes also someone from the same world. Ive met some good people and Im having lots of fun with them now but…… What about Mitsunaga-kun

I knew it would be difficult to be alone in a place with a different culture, so Im a little worried about him.

[……Youre really kind, arent you, Kaito-san Yes, well, if its something like that…… Ill get the latest information for you.]


Hearing my words, a smile appears on her lips, and Alice snaps her fingers.

Thereupon, the woman who was serving us comes up to our table and places a stack of papers that she took out of nowhere on the table.

[Here you go.]

[Thanks for the help.]

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The waitress just slightly bowed and went back to work as if nothing had happened, while Alice flipped through the stack of papers she had received.

[……Hey, Alice. That person just now……]

[Eh Yes, shes my subordinate. Well, my subordinates are in most places, so this way, I can get the latest information right away.]

[……Does that mean she also know who Alice is]

[Ahh~ No, Ive given all of my subordinates a magic tool that only responds to my magic power, so if I were to give them instructions, theyll know where I am.]

The Phantasmal Kings subordinates exist in every part of the world…… I think I felt a part of Alices power as I realized once again the meaning of those words.

However, Alices behaviour doesnt particularly change, and after she flipped through the documents for a while, she then put the papers away somewhere and turned towards me.

[It looks like hes staying in the eastern part of the Archlesia Empire right now.]

[……How is he doing]

[Yes, it seems that he was quite brazen in the beginning.]

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Hearing Alices words as she told me that as if she wasnt interested, I remembered what Yuzuki-san had said about him “getting cocky”.

Mi- Mitsunaga-kun…… Is he alright

Perhaps sensing my concern, Alice lightly sighed before she spoke.

[When he was first invited to the royal palace, its as if he really feels like hes the king…… and I heard that hes being egotistical all the time.]


[Even asking if there are no slaves here…… Geez, from what era is he from]


Mitsunaga-kun…… No, well, its true that slaves are staples in isekai light novels….. But theres no such thing as slaves in this world, and if you make a statement like that, no one would look at him kindly……

No, but well, I guess asking something like that should be fine to some extent He was invited as a guest of honor to play the role of Hero, and Im sure he felt like he was the protagonist of a light novel, so perhaps, he thought he could do what he wanted.

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[Well, I heard that the kingdom only warned him with a bitter smile on their faces at first, but their relationship hasnt been mended for a while.]

[I- I see…… And]

[Shortly before the Sacred Tree Festival, in a city in the Symphonia Kingdom…… The Second Princess, who was accompanying them at that time, finally snapped…… Duchess Albert directly slapped him in the face.]

[Eeeehhhh! W- Wait a minute……. Lilia-san really did that……. If she really did that, Mitsunaga-kun would have died……]

[……I think I have some idea…… of how Kaito-san perceives Duchess Albert in your mind.]

Because Lilia-sans slap would be…… No, it was perhaps actually not done by Lilia-san personally, since were talking about being directly slapped, right

If I get seriously slapped by Lilia-san…… My head would probably fly away. Im not metaphorically speaking here, but my head would literally fly away……

After receiving such a blow, Mitsunaga-kun……

[Well, that certainly slapped away his pompous attitude. I think everyone would see some improvement in his behavior.]

[……I- I see…… Thats good.]

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[Then, I think it was just three days ago…… It seems that the person who holds the role of Hero proposed to the Second Princess]

[How come!]

[No, it seems like he has been spoiled all his life…… He was talking about how it was a bolt of lightning that suddenly came or how it felt like fate.]


Mi- Mitsunaga-kun! Could it be hes a masochist……

N- No, lets leave it at that for now. Everyone has their own hobbies and tastes, and its not something I should be talking about.

Im more interested in the results though.

[So, how did it go]

[Yes, it seems that in response to that confession the Second Princess…… gave him another slap in the face.]


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[Well, I have also received information that they were touring the cities they visited together today…… so it doesnt sound like theyre on bad terms anymore.]

What the heck is with that situation! No, Im really curious about it but…… W- Well, does that mean Mitsunaga-kun is doing well too

For now though, Ive heard what I wanted to ask…… No, Ive got more questions Id like to ask about other things, but it would boorish to intrude in someone elses love life, so Im not going to ask anymore.

[……Anyway, thanks. Alice.]

[No, no.]

[Speaking of which, I think its already quite late…… but I thought you wanted to talk to me about something.]

[……Ahh~~ youre right. What should I do Hmmm.]

I ask, remembering why we went here in the first place, but Alice crosses her arms and looking as if shes finding difficulty to think of how to say something.

[……Lets talk about that some other time. Its no use being in a hurry, and lots of things had happened to Kaito-san today……]

[……Unnn Well, if Alice is fine with that……]

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[Yes…… Well then, with that said. Can I ask for more servings!]

[……Suit yourself.]

[Yes! As expected of Kaito-san, youre so dreamy! I love you!!!]


Looking at Alice whos already completely returned to her usual tone, wondering where the earlier Alice went to earlier, I let out a big sigh.

[……Why is an idiot like this one of the Six Kings]

[Oiiiii~~, Kaito-san You spoke out your inner thoughts out loud, you know Its all whole wide and fully opened, spoken with your ikemen voice, you know!]

Shes boisterous and irritating…… Shes really like what Chronois-san said.

And such a person is one of the strongest beings in the world… Shes really quite the eccentric.

Dear Mom, Dad——- I was able to hear about Mitsunaga-kuns present circumstances from Alice. For the time being though, Im glad to hear that hes in good spirits. And even though Alice is still the same eccentric and strange person she is…… For some reason, Im enjoying being with her, so perhaps—– I might also be an eccentric person.

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It might be a bit early for me to say this, but isnt that a yakiniku date

And also, this might be a bit earlier than planned, but heres an update on Mitsunaga-kun.

Now then, next chapter…… The most awaited chapter by your almighty God! The date with the God of Creation!!!

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