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I was very happy to reach 1,000,000 page views, so as a special extra chapter, Ill be posting the story of the heroines that arrived until this chapter.

There are 5 stories in total, and the order will be Kuromueina ⇒ Isis ⇒ Sieglinde ⇒ Lilia ⇒ Alice.

This times chapter is dedicated to our beloved mother bird, Kuromueina.

Waking up from my sleep, I open my eyes.

I wonder if the faintly delicious scent wafting through the air is from breakfast…… Feeling hungry even as my heads still slightly fuzzy from sleep, I call out to the person attached to my body.

[Hey, Kuro…… Its morning already.]

[Mnnyyuuu…… Just “5 more years”……]

[Isnt that too long for a sleep!]

Reflexively throwing my tsukkomi, Kuro slowly raises her upper body, sleepily rubbing her eyes.

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My heart slightly throbbing after I caught a glimpse of the white skin peeking through the crevices of her lovely nightgown, I amazedly muttered.

[……Even though you have a body that doesnt need sleep, why are you acting like a sleepyhead in the morning……]

[……Because Kaito-kun didnt let me sleep last night.]

[……This is a family-friendly novel, lets not talk about that here.]

When Kuro started talking about dangerous remarks because shes still sleepy, I threw my tsukkomi again before I pulled her hand, even as she still looked sleepy, out of the bedroom.

When we came down to the living room, it seemed that Ein-san had prepared breakfast for us as usual, and I can already smell the scent of miso soup in the air.

[Good morning. Kuromu-sama, Kaito-sama.]

[Good morning. Ein-san.]

[Ein…… Morning~~]

When we show up, Ein-san sets out breakfast on the table in the blink of an eye.

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Miso soup and egg rolls, grilled fish and white rice……. She really has integrated Japanese cuisine into her own skillset.

Kuro and Eina-san followed me from another world, and it seems quite a bit of time has passed and the two of them are getting used to my world in their own ways.

As we sat down and began to eat our breakfast, Kuro seemed to have finally woken up and returned to her normal routine.

She stares at me as I reach for my chopsticks and takes an egg roll, before she turns to me and adorably opens her mouth.



[Nom…… Hmmm, Eins cooking was delicious as always.]

[Im unworthy of your praise.]

Taking a bite of the egg roll I held out to her, a big smile could be seen on Kuros face.

As usual, her actions are adorable, and I cant help but smile when I see them.

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[Speaking of which, Kuromueina-sama and Kaito-sama are going out today, right]

[Unnn! Were going on a date!]

[Well be back in the evening or so, so I think well be home by dinner.]

[Understood. Ill be ready and wait here.]

The politely bowing Ein-san, has really been a great help since I returned to this world…… No, errr…… It also brought me lots of troubles but…….

For example, the house were living in now…… Theyre originally living in a mansion, so after Ein-san said “she couldnt let Kuromu-sama live in such a small place”, the next day, she got a piece of land from somewhere and built a mansion on it in one night…… Seriously, what the heck is this person doing……

By the way, the construction of the mansion in just one night was broadcasted by the media, making a ruckus about how this is a modern-day overnight castle.

But the next day, they publicly apologized for some reason, saying that it was just misinformation…… Im sure Ein-san did something about them, but I was too scared to ask.

Anyway, today is the first date I will be having with Kuro in a long time, so lets just enjoy it without thinking about anything weird.

[Hmmm. These otomobils really are mysterious. Its amazing how this bundle of iron can move.]

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[Hey, idiot. “Dont lift the car with one hand”……]

Running towards Kuro in the garage, who is looking at the car she lifted up with interest, which is a car that isnt a reasonable size for my age.

Hearing my words, Kuro puts down the car, opens the door and sits in the passenger seat.

(T/N: The passenger seat here is the seat beside the driver, not those seats behind the driver. The shotgun seat, per se.)

Currently, Kuro is wearing a white camisole dress, shorts, and a black sleeveless jacket…… I think its called a down vest Anyway, thats what she was wearing, and its a cute, lively outfit.

[Make sure your seatbelt is on.]


Following what I said, Kuro put on her seatbelt…… Unnn, weve already gone out with a car a fair amount of times, and Kuro has already gotten used to it.

The first day she rode a car, she didnt know how much force to exert, and I also didnt know what to do when the seatbelt was torn off……

[Alright then, lets go……]

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[Ahh, Kaito-kun, wait!]


[Wheres my goodbye kiss]


Isnt that something you only do when Im the only one going out Rather, what the heck are you suddenly talking about

She probably picked up some strange information from the TV again, but regarding this one, Im troubled…… After being exposed to Kuros gaze as she stares at me expectantly, after a moment of silence, I gave up and unbuckled my seatbelt.

Seeing my movement, Kuro gently closes her eyes and holds out her chin slightly forward.

[……Hnnn, chuuu……]

Touching Kuros soft, charming sweet lips with my own, I feel the heat gather on my face as I hug her small shoulders.

We continue to kiss each other for a while, connecting our warmth with each other, and then, I sit back down in the drivers seat.

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[……Well then, lets get going.]


Feeling embarrassed as I looked at Kuro nodding with a big smile on her face, we departed.

My home is located in an area filled with greenery a bit far from the city, so I guess it would take about 30 to 40 minutes to get to our destination.

[Hey, hey, Kaito-kun. Where are we going today]

[You sound like youre having fun.]

[I am having fun. Every day is just filled with so much fun…… Since I came to this world, Ive always been surprised by all the new stuff I see like the otomobil and the TV, but its really fun because Kaito-kun is with me.]

[……Thats true, its kinda like the opposite of what it was like when we first met.]

[Ahaha, thats right.]

When I was summoned to a different world where I knew nothing at all, I remember being surprised by everything I saw and heard, and Kuro had been there to teach me lots of things.

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In this world though, Kuro knows less about anything than I do, so Im the one teaching her about all sorts of things.

Explaining stuff to Kuro, who asks me about various things with great interest is somehow fun…… and became one of the happiness of my life.

[I heard of a good crepe shop today, so lets go there. And after that, we can walk around while eating]

[Crepe I know what crepes are! Its that sweet stuff wrapped in a thin wrapper, right Im pretty sure it would be fluffy and delicious!]

[……Fufufu, youll probably be surprised after you eat one.]

[Surprised Of the crepe]

Smiling at Kuro, who curiously tilted her head, I drove the car towards our destination.

[Fuwwaaaahhhh…… A- Amazing…… This is amazing! Kaito-kun! There are so many crepes to choose from!]

[See, its surprising, right]

[Unnn! Uwaahh, where should I eat first…… This one looks good, and that one looks good too…… Hmmm.]

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Kuro stares at the food samples in the crepe shop with glittering eyes.

The way she looks at them looks as adorable as a child, and I can tell that shes really enjoying herself.

Kuro looks troubled for a while, before she turns towards me and nods as if shes decided on what to order.

[……Ill have this chocolate cream!]

[Fumu, Kuro, incidentally, which was the second one you wanted to eat]

[Unnn I guess it would be that one with the strawberry sauce]

Hearing Kuros request, I ordered a chocolate cream crepe and strawberry sauce crepe from the clerk.

The front of the crepe shop seems to be a park, so as we held our crepes in one hand, we walked along the park with our free hand intertwining with each other.

[Uwaahh, yummy! Kaito-kun, this is so tasty!]

[Kuro, you really like chocolate huh]

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[Unnn. Chocolates are really delicious! Theyre sweet and they melt in my mouth……]

[Ahaha, then, how about we go eat some from a chocolate fountain next time]

[Chocolate fountain]

Even though Kuro is in this world, she still eats baby castellas everyday, and recently, shes been loving chocolates as well, and has been eating baby castellas with chocolate frequently.

The chocolate itself was passed down to Kuros previous world by someone who had the role of Hero back then……. but according to Kuro, the chocolates here are much tastier.

[The chocolate fountain is…… errr, like a waterfall of chocolate, I guess You could then dip fruits and other food in it and eat them.]

[A cho- cho- chocolate waterfall! Theres a stream of chocolate somewhere in this world!]

[Ah, no, not really like that…… but its something like that, I guess Well, youll just have to wait for it and see for yourself.]

[Fueehhh~~ This world is really awesome. Especially the food, was it in that supermarket I was surprised to see a whole lot of sweets lined up.]

Kuros tension is very high, and she speaks while expression frequently changes.

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The warmth of her hand, and seeing Kuro enjoying herself…… I suppose this is what happiness is… or so thats slightly how I think it is, I held out the crepe in my hand to Kuro.

[Here, you also want to eat this too, right]

[Eh Is that alright]


[Thank you, Kaito-kun. Ill just take a bite then.]


[Ahhmm, nomnom.]

Smiling like a blooming flower, Kuro took a bite of the crepe I held in my hand.

She then offered her own crepe to me in return, so I also took a bite of her crepe.

Feeling the time flowing peacefully, Kuro and I went around the city, eating here and there.

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[Uuuuhhh…… I think I ate a little too much……]

[Ahaha, are you alright, Kaito-kun]

Coming back home after we eat all sorts of stuff and finishing the delicious dinner that Ein-san prepared for us…… combined with the amount of food I had eaten, I wanna tap out from eating too much.

Seeing me like that while my head is on her lap, Kuro gently patted my head and chuckled.

[Hmmm. Even though Ive gotten used to it somewhat, this position is still embarrassing……]

[Really But I like giving Kaito-kun lap pillows though.]

[Is that so]

Kuro was sitting on the sofa and giving me a lap pillow…… I remember being in this position many times before, but I still feel embarrassed.

Calmly smiling at me, Kuro speaks to me in a gentle tone.

[Feeling Kaito-kuns warmth while I pat your head…… Knowing that Kaito-kun is with me makes me happy.]

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[……Kaito-kun. I love you. I hope youll stay with me even in the future.]


Sometimes as innocent as a child, sometimes as gentle as the holy mother…… Shes the one I love more than anyone else.

When I gently move my gaze, I see a picture frame in the living room.

With the small church in the background, Kuro is standing next to me, dressed in a pure white dress with a happy smile on her face.

The ring shining on Kuros left hand is the symbol of these days filled with happiness……

Things might get noisy, but its filled with fun, things might turn into a disaster, but still feeling fortunate…… Walking alongside Kuro, Im obviously convinced…… That the future were treading upon together is filled with happiness.

Did I just hear Serious-senpai mutter something in the Intermission Chapter I see, die.

The most up-to-date novels are published on lightno_velworld.com

Or rather, Kaito, go explode!

He owns his own home and car, even having his own omnipotent maid who can do anything, and an older wife who looks like a beautiful girl…… Hes a winner…… Hes a freaking winner in life.

I was supposed to be writing this as a thank you for 1 million page views, but by the time I finished it, it had already reached 4 million page views……

The extra chapters will be posted in addition to the regular updates, so I think the next extra chapter will be in a few chapters……

Additional Information for this extra chapter.Kaito and Kuromueina are already married.Kaito returns to his world after a year, while Kuromueina follows him along with Ein.Kuromueina is affectionate (dere). Shes hecking affectionate.Its a “What if” chapter, so Isis and the others, who would definitely follow along in this situation, arent here.Theyre just flirting here, and its sweet. Its diabetic-level sweet.Serious-senpai is dead.

T/N: I would like an extra hand for me to farm lotto tickets and shop materials, thank you very much.


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