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The meeting with Funf-san proceeded with a harmonious atmosphere. The conversation was lively, as Funf-san herself is a very kind person.

After Funf-san and Sieg-san talked about their training schedule, we started to chat about other things. The main topic of conversation though was about Dr. Vier, the mutual acquaintance between us three.

[Vee has always been a terrible fighter, so I was pretty nervous when I heard what happened about a thousand years ago.]

[Eh But isn't Dr. Vier one of the peak Count-ranks]

I'm pretty sure that Dr. Vier, being a peak Count-rank…… I assumed that she had strength on the level of a Six Kings' executive, but from the way Funf-san speaks, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Glancing towards Sieg-san, I saw that she too had a wondering expression on her face.

[Vee certainly is a peak Count-rank, but her combat ability…… or rather, her offensive ability is near the bottom-tier within the Count-ranks. After all, Vee is "only able to use Elementary-level Magic".]

[Is that so]

[Unnn. Of course, her spells had power comparable to the size of magic power used in it, but even if that's so, it isn't at a level where it can properly deal damage to those of the same rank or higher. Well, that said, her Recovery and Support Magic is amazing, so I feel like Vee is only strong when she fights with someone else.]

The contents of her words were surprising, but at the same time, it was somewhat convincing. In the past, a thousand years ago, if I were told that no matter how strong Neun-san and her party were, they wouldn't be able to beat peak Count-rank opponents, thinking of the Six Kings' executives I've seen, I have to nod my head.

However, I see. If Dr. Vier was completely specialized in supporting others and had lacking offensive abilities, it would make sense how the Hero Party could fight against her.

[……In short, you're saying that Dr. Vier is a Support Specialist and not strong in battle]

Seemingly coming to the same conclusion as me, Sieg-san asked, to which Funf-san happily smiled.

[That's what you would think, right However, that's a big misunderstanding. Actually, there are only a handful of people in the Six Kings' camps who could beat Vee in a "serious one-on-one fight".]

[ [ Eh ] ]

[Incidentally, I have no chance of winning against Vee either. If we have to fight until one of us runs out of energy, I will 100% lose.]

What does that mean What I had imagined from what I had just heard and what Funf-san had just told me isn't matching up.

[The secret of her strength is her "overwhelming Magic Power Recovery Speed". Among the Six Kings, her magic power recovery speed is close to Lillywood-sama. Anyhow, she recovers magic power at an extraordinary rate, so even if she empties out of her magic power, it will be fully recovered in less than a minute.]

[…..That is quite……]


I know that the magic power recovery speed varies from person to person, but I never thought it would be that fast. Speaking of my magic power recovery speed, I'd say it takes about a full day to recover all of my magic power.

[Vee's magic is almost inexhaustible, and she has the ability to specialize in Support and Recovery Magic. She is also extremely strong against seals and other underhanded tricks, so there are only a handful of people who can completely defeat her. Even if faced against the Six Kings, depending on the compatibility, they might not have a chance to win once in an all-out battle with Vee.]

[In other words, Dr. Vier is quite durable, or rather, she'd just rise up again no matter how you defeat her huh]

[That's exactly how it is. That's why, if Vee fights seriously, it's almost certain that you'll end up in a muddy endurance battle. It was a long time ago, but when Sechs and Vee had a serious mock battle once, faced with a Vee that had fully-recovered magic power and vitality, Sechs gave up after fighting for 18 days.]

I see, depending on their affinity, their battle might certainly come to a stalemate. Even though her offensive abilities are low, she is still at the level of a Count-rank, having inexhaustible magic power, good at Recovery Magic, and has inexhaustible vitality.

In addition, sealing techniques, which should be effective against such opponents, are almost ineffective due to the fact that she's good at Support Magic…… She would certainly be strong.

[……If I had to guess, I'd say that when Neun defeated Vee, if Kuromu-sama hadn't appeared afterwards, Vee would have been completely recovered in a few dozen seconds. Vee herself admitted defeat, but if they had really fought until one side was wiped out, Neun and her party wouldn't have stood a chance.]

[……How should I say this…… Peak Count-ranks really are quite outrageous.]

[Well, in the first place, Vee doesn't like fighting, and since she can only learn Elementary-level Magic, she basically focuses on helping others. She's not as good as Lillywood-sama because their maximum magic power is just too different, but she can use her magic power recovery speed to supply magic power to others. Thus, she can only show her true potential when she's battling with someone. Even in the battle against the God Realm, even though Sister Ein was there with us, the reason we were able to fight against the enhanced God of Time and Space was that Vee supplied us with magic power and we were able to perform a lot of big moves.]

I found out about Dr. Vier's abilities in an unexpected way, but more than that…… Hating to fight and not learning how to use powerful offensive magic, I felt that it was typical of the kind Dr. Vier.


Vier is an endurance monster that can be said to always be under overwhelming regeneration of both magic power and vitality. Anyhow, no matter how many times you defeat her, she always stands back up in a fully recovered state after a short while, so Sechs and the others have been traumatized by their battle with Vier.

However, she is essentially a Support, and is good at providing, well, support to others, including supplying them with magic power. She has an especially good affinity with Fun, who has a wide range of high firepower techniques that consume a lot of magic, so they were really strong battling together.

As expected though, the amount of magic power she has is just too different, so she couldn't supply magic power to any of the Six Kings.

(※ Lillywood has unlimited magic power and can supply magic power to multiple targets of the Six Kings level at the same time, so you could say that Vier is a budget Lillywood.)-

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